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  1. Yahshu added a post in a topic Starsky and Hutch Gran Torino   

    Thank you for clearing that up, looks like if I ever get around to building mine I'll be painting the stripe, till then it will stay wrapped in it's plastic.
    Once again, very nice build.
  2. Yahshu added a post in a topic Starsky and Hutch Gran Torino   

    Very nicely done. One thing I keep noticing though with those who have built this kit, and that is the strip is being placed high on the front guards and not down on the front wheel arch as per the 1:1, is this a decal problem?
  3. Yahshu added a post in a topic S&H wheels needed   

    Now that looks better, thank you
  4. Yahshu added a post in a topic S&H wheels needed   

    gee, looks like I got to be more specific, I am after deeper dish mags like what's on the TV car rather than what's in the box
  5. Yahshu added a topic in Model Building Questions and Answers   

    S&H wheels needed
    What's the best source for correct wheels and tyres for the S&H Torino please, I would prefer not to be buying another kit just for them but if it has to be, so be it.
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  6. Yahshu added a post in a topic General Lee vs Bandits T/A   

    Nice. Question, why is the Confederate flag scrubbed on one of the pics?
  7. Yahshu added a post in a topic Last Of The V8 Interceptors   

    Very nice build, I really like your weathering, one suggestion though, the blue light needs to go, not part of the MM2 car
  8. Yahshu added a post in a topic Wraith resin model kit   

    You better believe it was pricey, I've got 1 of the 100, 1 of 6 models I kept when I sold my collection
  9. Yahshu added a post in a topic Kustom Resin   

  10. Yahshu added a post in a topic Britsh capri,American power..Its Finished....   

    Very nice. I had a friend with one of these Capri's with a V8 Rover motor in it, BLAH_BLAH_BLAH_BLAH that thing used to hammer.
  11. Yahshu added a post in a topic Two of the Craziest "Funny Cars" ever kitted by Revell....   

    Both very cool, like whaT you did with the Revellion front end. The Revellion is my Holy Grail kit, got mine completed also http://www.modelcarsmag.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=88915
  12. Yahshu added a post in a topic 1967 Dodge Dart Revellion   

    Thanks for that correction, I am aware that it is a 62', the Dodge Revellion kit was only ever released in 67'(the yr I was born)hence why I have referred to it as I have. ops, just found out it was also released in 71.
  13. Yahshu added a post in a topic 1967 Dodge Dart Revellion   

  14. Yahshu added a topic in Under Glass   

    1967 Dodge Dart Revellion
    Well here it is, I promised to post this months ago when I sold up & got out of the hobby.
    Unfortunately, I left what I had kept from the collection with my beloved half sister & her son to look after & they thought it would be nice of them to smash what models I kept, some people, tsk tsk.
    Anywho here she is after been put back together,
    1967 Dodge Dart Revellion
    Revell Kit body
    Revell Tony Nancy 22jr dragster frame, engine block, blower, scoop, seat & assorted parts
    Revell 41 Willy’s HEMI heads & valve covers
    Revell parts grill
    MAS blower belt & cogs
    Herb Deeks wire wheels
    Peter Musters rear aluminium rims with kit wheels
    Geronimo’s Mopar licence plates from the Dodge Challenger PE kit
    Tamiya’s drive figure with parts box skull & helmet
    MCG PE safety harness & speaker screens on the head & tail lights
    Futurattraction disc brakes & callipers
    Modelers AN fittings & RB Motion braided line
    Alclad candy golden yellow & candy red paint
    I should add that this was the 1st model I build as a kid, that one became a glue bomb. This is probably the last one I'll ever build.

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  15. Yahshu added a post in a topic Mopar Mod/Floral Top Decals from VRM   

    Keith Marks Decals http://public.fotki.com/mofobow/plymouth/mod_top_pattern/