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  1. I've just started using Tamiya putty as I can't get Squadrons anymore. I've found tamiya shrinks a little more than i like requiring 2-3 coats sometimes.
  2. Thank you for the review, I just bought some last week & was wondering how to use it.
  3. Another outstanding build from Michelle's Garage.
  4. Started on the instrument panels, really wish Jan would come to the party on this, still awaiting word. There's still some refining to do with the dash & the instrument holes need to be enlarged a bit more.
  5. My brother & I call these cars mobile ramps because of their shape & if you drop the front wheels off & you have a ramp. Sorry for not explaining my original comment a bit better. Still a very nice build.
  6. Very cool, one of my favourite movies, only thing I can see missing is a red 58 Plymouth jammed into the side of it
  7. Yahshu

    70 amc rebel

    Very nice. It's really cool to see how far you've come in the hobby. Keep up the fantastic work.
  8. Thank you, it weighs enough Thank you. Peter's the one who I'm forever grateful to, if it wasn't for him most of this wouldn't be possible.
  9. Small update. My friend Peter cad designed all the instrument panels for the dash, he also machined the mirrors, headlight surrounds, grill & bumper. He showed me how to make the spotlights on the lathe. I have contacted Jan @ CTM to see if he will do the instrument panels, I hoping. The dash is available to be cast by? The only kit chrome left is the roof lights so if anyone knows where I might acquire some metal/aluminium lights from, please let me know or I may have to learn to cast them myself. Yes, this is the AMT kit & I have opened the doors & I now have to rebuild the interior. I may get this finished yet.
  10. Just had the panels cad designed, next glue them onto some aluminium sheet then onto cutting up a couple of CTM instrument panels for the switches, ignition switch, etc, this is where it gets expensive, hopefully Jan will contact me be I start cutting & hacking & tell me that he's going to go ahead & make the needed panels.
  11. Yahshu

    Testors New Labels

    X2 but I don't throw the cap, they stack easier.
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