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  1. Just something I'm playing with while I wait for my BJ & the Bear rig to build itself.
  2. I paid more for it new, mind you I am in Australia & the exchange rate always sucks.
  3. Not a problem. I've always liked the movie, yeah acting sucked but there's some cool cars. Now how do I remove this post.
  4. I have been using Tamiya photo etch fine craft saws with fantastic results, much cleaner cuts than an X-Acto blade & you can bend the saws to give you nice clean cuts on rounded corners.
  5. Let me say 1st off, I am fully aware that there is no selling on this site & that's cool. I have a Planet X Turbo Interceptor which I have had for years. It is 1 of the 100 made. It has an extra set of rims & tyres with billet aluminium rims made by myself. It has been painted but I had a malfunction with the paint job so stripping it wouldn't be a problem which I can do. Should I put it on evilbay & how much should I ask for it? Some feedback would be greatly appreciated, thank you.
  6. Looks perfect to me, very nice.
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