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  1. Very nice, I prefer these mustangs over the new ones.
  2. That's $191 Australian + the other parts needed + another kit for the rest of the needed parts + postage, that's expensive.
  3. https://an-modeltrucks.com/shop/aussie-k200-truck-resin-kit-124/
  4. The Revell kit is the more detailed kit but you have to deal with the horrible separate roof. The instrument cluster/dash is wrong in both. @CharlieBravo & I are in the process of doing a correct dash at present that will fit both but since you are doing a RHD Aussie KW that is irrelevant for you. Jan @ CTM has excellent photo etch pieces that are easily adapted to either kit.
  5. Looks like it's part rebellion creations part cavalier. You've done a nice job on an imo poor representation of an iconic car. I was fortunate enough to go school in the same building complex when the MM2 (Road Warrior) vehicles were being constructed so as you can imagine theses vehicles, especially the Pursuit Special have had a huge impact on my life. (it was only called the "interceptor" in the 2nd movie). Now I need to go finish my Aoshima MM1&2 Pursuit Specials. Thanks for the inspiration.
  6. There's a recaster on this forum & everybody praises him & his work, I'm confused.
  7. Good luck, I've been looking also. I'm getting a friend to machine up some for me out of billet aluminium. Try Jan from Czech Truck Models, he may be able to do them.
  8. Very nice
  9. CharlieBravo & I have a mountain of pics between us including all pics from Paul's site, I'm sure one of the 2 of us can provide replacements.
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