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  1. Be careful

    Heh! Models, guns and guitars! Those fish would drown me for real!
  2. Flintstone '29 Ford Tudor

    Flintstone's website says to use the AMT or MPC kit
  3. Cheap and easy "braided hose"

    Great input, there! What looks terrible and, in your opinion, what would be better?
  4. What Pleased You Today!

    Keeping each other in business!
  5. Yep! What they said! 550 count sports card boxes and your gentle packing tissue of choice!
  6. Sorry, Not in my book

    Yep! http://jimmyflintstonestudios.com/?product=nb309-1957-chevy-nomad-wagon-rat-rod
  7. Hobby Towns cutting back on models?

    Must be true; I read it on the Interwebs.
  8. Best '32 Deuce two door kits

    As in: "At my local Hobby Lobby with a 40% off coupon?" No As in: "At the next model car swap meet?" Betcha!
  9. Don't like Show Cars ? Some have great bones

    As a parts source or as cars? Me; I don't hate what I call "thingie" show cars but they're not on my "gotta have it" list, either. Sometimes. like Greg said, they have very useful parts.
  10. Paint booth question

    So it fits in the picture?
  11. I was going to say that it wouldn't be too difficult to fabricate a tall cowl-induction scoop and this hood (looks to be stock height) would make it even easier.
  12. WTH! Someone paid $2600 for a pre-built model. Why?

    I've looked this auction over and over. Looks to me like a perfect storm. Buyer '1' (the second highest bidder) put in an absurdly high bid early on to assure he would win (I'm sure he didn't anticipate anyone bidding against him to go above, say $100-$150). Bidder '2' (the winner?) came in and sniped at the last minute with an even MORE absurdly high bid. The language from his computer desk would have been paint-peeling when he realized that he had 'won'. He's now on the hook for $2600 and change. I've been waiting to see this for years. That model will be back up at auction soon, because of non-paying bidders
  13. Stupid Is the New Smart

    I noticed that, too. The sim looks NOTHING like the actual video but, hey, let's not let facts interfere with whatever is the 'agenda of the day', right?
  14. But there was a resin conversion by AAM.
  15. What's the One Part You Hoard?

    Um ... Parts! Anything that seems like it be useful in the future.