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  1. 11 hours ago, Luc Janssens said:

    I wonder if Dave in the past contacted Revell for such a deal, and maybe passed due to the lack of return on investment.

    In the past I loaned my mint glass tree from the 62 Newport to Dave Burkett.  Several months (perhaps a year) passed and no 62 Newport, then one morning I checked the mail and there was a tiny box with my glass still in mint shape.  No explanation, no "thanks for the fish", just my glass.  What happened?  I dunno.

  2. 50 minutes ago, mikemodeler said:

    This is a Cosworth Vega- Twin cam motor, limited production. Shot this picture at the Petersen Automotive Museum this past summer.


    Yep!  Knew about the real one, owned a 75.  Comment was made referring to an "MPC Cosworth Vega".  An alleged model kit.



  3. 2 hours ago, Exotics_Builder said:

    Now, if AMT retooled the Gen 6 Camaro to a ZL1 with a correct LT4 "top end", that WOULD generate some interest.  Also would be nice if they could dig up the AMT Open Road Camper Van, the MPC Cosworth Vega and a 67 Chevy pickup.


    Yes on the van and pickup!  Cosworth Vega?  That must be a really rare piece as I've never even heard of a kit of it, never mind seen one.

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