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  1. I've looked this auction over and over.  Looks to me like a perfect storm.  Buyer '1' (the second highest bidder) put in an absurdly high bid early on to assure he would win (I'm sure he didn't anticipate anyone bidding against him to go above, say $100-$150).  Bidder '2' (the winner?) came in and sniped at the last minute with an even MORE absurdly high bid.  The language from his computer desk would have been paint-peeling when he realized that he had 'won'. He's now on the hook for $2600 and change.  I've been waiting to see this for years.  That model will be back up at auction soon, because of non-paying bidders

  2. 1 hour ago, Ace-Garageguy said:

    That failure "simulation" looks NOTHING like what actually happened.

    Compare it to the actual video. Wear your critical-thinking hats while doing so.

    The thing did NOT bend in the middle as shown in the "simulation".


    It buckled at the TOP of the FIRST inverted V of the truss web, and subsequently bent / broke at the LOWER RH. END OF THE FIRST INVERTED V.

    This so-called "simulation" places elements and failures in the wrong locations relative to each other.

    I noticed that, too.  The sim looks NOTHING like the actual video but, hey, let's not let facts interfere with whatever is the 'agenda of the day', right?


  3. 7 hours ago, unclescott58 said:

    In 1967 the Malibu, SS-396, and Custom El Camino shared the same seats and door panels. The exception there is the SS-396 and Custom El Camino came with vinyl upholstery. The Malibus came with cloth. Except for the convertibles and wagons. Which came with vinyl, like the SS-396 and Custom El Camino.  


    I'm not so sure about the Malibus coming (only?) with cloth seats.  My first car was a Malibu with a 250 six-cylinder and a powerglide; the interior was all vinyl.  I remember doing the Armor All treatment to the interior and then trying to NOT slide across the bench when going around corners.

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