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    Let's love it for what it is.^_^

    This one started out as a show car :o http://www.hotrod.com/cars/featured/hdrp-0704-1937-ford-patina-three-window/



    Now of course there's the fake patina, the fake worn off shop truck lettering, the fake patina applied to a fiberglass body( Yes, it's been done). You decide. ;)

    Actually, the 37 Ford in the link is a prime example of the "fake patina applied to a fiberglass body", and very well done, at that. 

  2. Also in the real world you would never plate the center section . It almost seems that there is one person one the team that's never seen real 1 - 1 cars .

    Jeff .

    While this is an Oldsmobile rear end and not a Ford 9-inch, it still has a center section like the Ford and it's been chrome plated.  There's a prototype for everything; never say never. :)

    chrome olds rear

  3. Revisionist experts ? A garage full of cars doesn't make one an expert.

    Through the years the meaning of terms change, weather through miss use or miss understanding.

    Seems simple enough, "Hubcap", covers the hub; "Wheel cover", covers the wheel.

    And the two terms have been interchangeable in popular usage for as long as I can remember and everybody seems to know what is being talked about regardless which term is being used. 

    Oh, as long as we're being pedantic; "weather" is what's happening outside, the term you're looking for is "whether", a much graver error than "hubcap/wheel cover".

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