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  1. plastiktruck added a post in a topic AMT Ecto 1A to be re-released?   

    Hallo Zusammen, es gibt für das Kit auch Photoätzteile die ich mir auch schon besorgt habe. Hier zu bekommen
  2. plastiktruck added a post in a topic Czech Truck Model News   

    Interesting news. The side lights are suitable for the new Volvo VN from the Italeri I have set to. Since it was so, this time adapted an original. Looking forward when the parts are on the market.
  3. plastiktruck added a post in a topic London Taxi - Revell   

    The kit has been taken in cooperation with the Japanese company IMAI.
  4. plastiktruck added a post in a topic London Taxi - Revell   

    Revell has actually brought the Trabant only because even 20 years down the Wall and the new kit was lasered and allegedly had a motor, which the old kit came in the 1990 years out much better strength properties.
    When the taxi I would argue, because it was just about the right model to sell London bus to the old Imai was therefore hergenommen kit for it.
    Revell on the topic, there are different opinions about the quality inDeutschland. Much better than buying kits Italeri Revell since the quality is better. There are only two of the model is not always the same. 'm Curious if the Internatinal Revell Lonestar brings as is done, because I've already built the Moebius.
    What am I supposed to measure accurately because of scale, etc.?
  5. plastiktruck added a post in a topic London Taxi - Revell   

    I would say there is, according to instructions of the air filter. see here http://www.revell.de/manual/07093.PDF
  6. plastiktruck added a post in a topic Diorama workshop / house with courtyard   

    The walls are made of resin and get here (http://www.scaleprod...e704ccb9a32896d) besides tiles were made ​​of clay plain tile red Z-13 1:22.5 scale (about 200 pieces) and sandstone-block-M-01 8 x 8 x 16 mm (about 850 stones) from bloxx (http://www.bloxxs.de/start.htm) and paper plants Fredericux Rex (http://www.fredericu...ne-Gelaendebau/ # 2), and coffee stirrers, and pigments were aged using AK Interactive weatering colors.
    The lawn tractor is 1:32 scale by Siku.
  7. plastiktruck added a post in a topic Diorama workshop / house with courtyard   

    and this time it will look like in the future when presenting.

  8. plastiktruck added a topic in Under Glass   

    Diorama workshop / house with courtyard
    Hi all,

    Here I want to show you now my final diorama of my garage / house with a yard. Who has not pursued the building report can read here. Otherwise, even with two little things come onto the diorama but I do think you will find them. But now to the pictures

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  9. plastiktruck added a topic in Car Kit News & Reviews   

    London Taxi - Revell
    Manufacturer : Revell
    Model: London Taxi
    Model No.:. 07 093
    Scale: 1 / 24
    moldings: 5 Degussa including 1 clear part and a chrome + body
    Price: € 22.99
    Production Year: 2011
    Availability: dealer
    - Separate chassis
    - One-piece body with fine surface details
    - Movable bonnet
    - Metal axle and wheels turn
    - Interior dashboard and with typical partition
    - Reproduction of engine
    - Various chrome parts, including bumpers and grille
    - Hoses for the engine compartment
    - Authentic decals with typical characteristics

    engine imitation

    Plan and Decals:

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  10. plastiktruck added a topic in On the Workbench: Big Rigs   

    Dodge L 700 with Flatbed Trailer
    Hi all,
    This is the kit of the Dodge flatbed trailer with 700 L of Lindberg. This model was largely OOB be built only on this model I tried out various aging techniques that I have so generally regarded in the recent past me. The model should look like at the end:

    Therefore, the model is also a Weing differently constructed from the unfortunately not so great blueprint for the corresponding aging properly blend into the project..

    designed the model for my junkyard is dio.

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  11. plastiktruck added a post in a topic 1940 Ford Coupe   

    Thank you, nice that you like the model
  12. plastiktruck added a post in a topic GMC " Fall Guy "   

    Thank you, nice that you like the model
  13. plastiktruck added a post in a topic Caterpillar D8H Bulldozer   

    Thank you, nice that you like the model
  14. plastiktruck added a topic in On the Workbench: Big Rigs   

    Caterpillar D8H Bulldozer
    Hello together,
    Here I would like to show you even a model that is ready for more than 5 years. After painting the model was aged accordingly and was involved in a diorama, as if the vehicle is parked for 10 years somewhere in one corner and was not moved. Here is the current state. Was aged with oil paint pigments and AK tested interactively Weatheringfarben rust and various methods. The substrate was designed with the real world on real grass that has been glued and dried chopped. The tree trunks are small maple trees which are considered weeds in flower bed every place. Otherwise, according to yet aged parts like wheels, grilles, head, etc. were applied to the Dio and integrated accordingly. But now to the pictures.

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  15. plastiktruck added a post in a topic 1940 Ford Coupe   

    The flames and the NO FEAR were transferred to Revell masking foil and up-painted then. The hood was cut out, bonded advanced with lattice by pan spraying protection and. Exactly the same the lateral lattices were fit in

    The model is from the combination set of Lindberg as the Dodge L 700 with Flatbedtraile ris contained