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  1. Would love to see MCM return to print. I do miss seeing it in my mail box. With the demise of Scale Auto I did purchase the 35 years dvd rom which is pretty cool. Maybe we can get a complete MCM collection some time. Perhaps in a downloadable format vs a dvd to simplify it. I’d love to have all the back issues. Good luck in the relaunch and keep us posted on the progress. Waiting here impatiently. ??
  2. I've had a number of desks over the years. Everything from a big metal office desk to a drafting table. My most recent was a custom built unit in a spare bedroom (now the grand kids room which leaves me with nothing at the moment) ?
  3. Very nice. Always loved this car and yours turned out nice.
  4. Looks like work is coming along well. This is a pretty horrible kit to start with so you've got your work cut out for you. Keep it up.
  5. We had an 80 4 door Chevette for years. Drove the wheels off it (and 2 transmissions). Drove surprising well considering it was a egg beater on wheels. Interesting project.
  6. Wow! Very nice. I've always wanted one of these as me real driver and this looks perfect. Dear Santa...
  7. jcbigpaw

    1969 Camaro

    Nice 69. Ive been wanting to do a build up of this kit. Ive bought three. Lol. Here's a pic of my neighbors 69 Z28 you might like. It's almost the same green but has black vinyl top.
  8. Ive got to say that there is some great talent out there and if half of these get finished we are gonna have some great pics coming.
  9. How about using the silver paint and do some bomber art and all the panel lines and rivets etc. like an old bomber
  10. I love the idea. Wasn't the SSR supposed to basically be a modern take on the 50 Chevy anyway? Ill be watching. Keep up the good work
  11. One of my favorite cars from the era. Nice work on this one
  12. We've been on the dsl for years now. It works out pretty well since the router (or whatever) is at the end of our block for our neighborhood and were only three houses away. Gives us fast loads. And yet I spend most of my web time on my iPhone?
  13. Since my hobby desk is still in boxes in the garage I thought I'd find another way to amuse myself while I'm trying to get it back together. While cruising the web this game occurred to me. What follows are pics of license plates from famouse movie cars. Some are real easy and others may take a little research. See how many you can name and feel free to add more. This could be fun and entertaining or it may just die out. Lol
  14. Looking good so far. These kind of matched builds are very popular at the car shows. Keep it coming.
  15. There was an item in Hot Rod magazine a while back about the company that is building these cars as well as both 69 T/A and Judge inspired rides based on the new Camaro. Since GM still owns the Pontiac brand they could set up a special products division and use the Camaro bodies the same way. Limited editions usually sell well.
  16. Here's a link I found with some info for you on the real car http://www.rmauctions.com/CarDetails.cfm?SaleCode=rw09&CarID=r089
  17. Photobucket app is easy to use. I only launch it when I want to upload a pic and it works great. I hardly use my computer for the forum anymore. iPhone is always on. Lol
  18. As long as we are tossing things out there, when are we going to start addressing correct "scale weight" in our replicas? ?
  19. That looks awesome! Don't you dare rat it up! God that paint is beautiful. Great work
  20. The term Rat Rod is too vague. If I take a model T and built a T-bucket it's a hot rod. If I build the same vehicle but use a non traditional body and bed (say a 50 Chevy truck) it's called a rat rod even if its fully finished and "shiny"?
  21. I have used tooth paste as a first step when restoring window glass on glue bombs. It even takes small amounts of paint off. I use it as a paste between my fingers then rinse. Works very well.
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