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    Acid Bubble

    Wow that paints so loud I can't hear the bug. Lol. Seriously, nice work and definitely different.
  2. That is awesome!!! I'd type more but I'm too busy drooling. Lol
  3. Looking good so far, keep going! I like the look with the chop too seems like a lot of 50 Chevy trucks on the forum right now I'm glad to see someone doing something like this. I did one a while back with a military theme using the straight 6. Frame was Z'd in back n front suspension kicked out in front of the rails. Now I'm thinking I should have chopped it.
  4. Wow! Nice to see a Willys that's not the same old thing. Really cool. Good job
  5. Very very nice. I'm digging it. Good work
  6. Wow! Very nice. Wouldn't have picked that color but it sure works well. Nice quality and detailing too. Good work
  7. I think this is just another stupid political correctness thing with the flag. I would probably have to watch another DOH movie if they made i but It does seem that all these remakes are more like a parody. As long as they keep the daisey dukes. Lol Anything with Ashton kritcher is a no go though. Can't stand him. Won't watch him.
  8. Greg I've only got experience with one ProModeler kit from Revell which I bought off EBay and I've yet to even build it. I got it because it was a subject I wanted. I can tell you that this kit comes with stock as well as custom parts (not that unusual) but has a very thorough 15 page instruction book which has tips and pics of an actual vehicle for reference as well as the history and specifications of the real car. I think these would be great for the more serious modeler trying to get more accurate builds but if prices are similar id buy them. Here are some pics for you. Hope this helps
  9. Very nice. I can't remember the last time I saw a stock model t either. Lol
  10. We've got paint! Woohoo! Finally got some relief from the heat too.
  11. I ran across this pic and thought this might be a fun topic. Post the oldest pic you can find of you with a car. We all have them so dig them out. Give a little background on the pic if you can. Let's have some fun. Here's mine. I was two years old and it was taken at my grandmothers house in San Leandro, California. I am the already car crazy nut behind the wheel. I'm guessing the bug must be a 65 or so. ?
  12. Bit of an update- No progress on the Fury since we've had several weeks of 100+ weather I haven't been able to paint it. I did break the 68 Caddy down and run it through the paint stripper. No pics of that but I'm going to do it factory stock as a memorial to my wife's late uncle Jimmy. He was the nicest guy you could ever meet and had a pale yellow one with black interior and top that he'd had since new. Im gonna pop over to Acmes license plate site and whip up some "JIMMY" plates too. He and the car are both gone now so this will be a nice remembrance for my shelf. Gonna be something like this.
  13. Thanks for the info on the photobucket app. I've been meaning to give that a shot. Nice work on this build. I'm looking forward to seeing how this turns out
  14. Absolutely loving this build. Nice work going on here
  15. Lookin good. Can't wait to see more. Those flames look great too. Keep it comong
  16. Very nice. I like it and you did a good job. Good work
  17. Nice build. I see quite a few late model retired PD cruisers locally that look very similar to this. Lol
  18. Nice direction on this one. I've been wanting to get another ecto for a hot rod hearse ever since I built the polar lights kit. Does this kit come with the doors n hood opened up or is that your handiwork? And how do you post pics from your cell phone? I have an iPhone but haven't been able to figure that one out yet. Keep it coming
  19. I'm enjoying this build. Cool concept. Looking forward to more updates
  20. Turned out great. Nice job
  21. Okay. I repeat. Emodel? Anybody got a link for those of us in the dark?
  22. Well since I've got more models than I could build in a couple years and ive yet to actually build a model that I've bought from eBay. I guess the answer is just keep building. Lol
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