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  1. miguelitochamoy added a post in a topic 2005-2010 Mustang   

    Yeah Sorry as it was already pointed out mine is a V6... But I will dress it as a V8 when finished..... what a poser!!!!! . Oh well I guess I don't really need the extra power just the look LOL . Wow that paint job looks kick-butt. I know who am I going to be learning from .

    Well the Charger was a really really comfortable ride and very quiet, like cruising kind of ride. It was a V6 also, I don't buy high powered cars since I crashed my corvette with some Cops back in Alabama when I was racing them.... The little bastards didn't like that I was winning so they cut me off so I ended up touching the right side rear end while turning and off we went, they spin clockwise and I spin the opposite direction. Ohh memories, well the moral of the story.... if you can't handle the power or you can resist the temptation... don't get it. So since then I just get the slow version of the cars I like, hence my v6 choices..... But I have to have the look...... Poser!!!!!......................

    Well sorry you had to read that.... Just sharing a little of me....
  2. miguelitochamoy added a post in a topic 2005-2010 Mustang   

    you are right, the thread could get out of topic, I will keep the real stang mods in the general forum. And the charger was a 2006 with 75,000 miles on it, I got a good deal in the mustang which is a 2008 with 42,000 miles. I bought the mustang and still have $2,000 left from the sale of the charger. It was a good deal so I jumped into it.
  3. miguelitochamoy added a post in a topic 2005-2010 Mustang   

    Tks Martin, yeas I already have more mustang kits already in my hands and ready to be destroyed :
    Shelby GT500KR
    Shelby Cobra 427 S/C
    64 1/2 Mustang Convertible
    Shelby GR-350R

    And I already have many other no mustang related kits, I have 26 in total so I either learn or...... learn .

    Actually believe it or not, when I started looking for reference pictures for the mustang, I discovered that they can be customized big time and being as impulsive as I am, I sold my 2006 Charger and bought a 2008 Base mustang a week ago to customize it..... So that one is going to be a real life built that I will be doing along with the modeling . Things that I have already on order for it:
    GT Wing
    GT500 style hood scoop
    GT style fog lights and grill
    Side Window air covers
    Rear Blackout Panel
    I will either Carbon Fiber Wrap the hood and the hood scoop or install 8" stripes.
    A few other things here and there.

    I don't know if that stills qualifies for this thread but here it is how it stands right now. I might post the picture after I install all that aftermarket stuff in case you guys want to see the change.... Dont mind the ugly me in the picture .

  4. miguelitochamoy added a post in a topic 2005-2010 Mustang   

    Started painting body....

  5. miguelitochamoy added a post in a topic 2005-2010 Mustang   

    Hi guys I was kindly invited by martinfan5, (Tks.) to post the progress of a build I'm doing, I am new to the hobby and this is my first build so I am in the learning process so here it goes.... of course not as nice as some of you work but this is where I am at so far:

  6. miguelitochamoy added a post in a topic 2006 Mustang GT   

    Well, I finally started painting the body, I painted a coat of mate green and then sanded, then another coat of mate green then wet sanded again and then I had to venture a little bit further than I wanted to, I didn't like any of the greens I had for the body paint, and I didn't feel like looking online for one so...... I decided to mix my own color . Well that's what I did and this is the color I came up with . At least now I know how hard is to get this colors to blend with each other. I also got my first experiences with the airbrush.... overall a nice learning experience....
    Tks for the tips and this great sites guys.

    This was taken right after I finished the airbrushing.

  7. miguelitochamoy added a post in a topic 2006 Mustang GT   

    Thank you Olskoolrodder.

    A bit more detail work and tires rims on... Getting ready for the scary part..... body painting :-/

  8. miguelitochamoy added a post in a topic 2006 Mustang GT   

    A little more work to the interior, not really happy about the carpet but hopefully next one will turn out better than this. Also chassis and interior are one piece now.
    So this is how it looks so far:

  9. miguelitochamoy added a post in a topic 2006 Mustang GT   

    Tks guys, The thing that is taking me longer to figure out is the airbrush and paint mixing, but all the interior was airbrushed. I am really nervous about the exterior paint, I will take it really easy with that one, I am preparing all the exterior parts as mush as I can.

    This is just too much fun .

    thank you for all your input and your help,
  10. miguelitochamoy added a post in a topic 2006 Mustang GT   

    Tks guys,

    Well, yeah now that I am more into it i can see that I will not be able to apply some stuff I wanted to try. But it is being a nice learning experience.

    I just finished painting seats and engine bay with a few details here and there, I still have to finish door panels, console, give it a semi-gloss finish and I also want to put some carpet on that floor, let see how it goes. This is the little progress I have made so far.

  11. miguelitochamoy added a post in a topic 2006 Mustang GT   

    Tks guys, Yeah lots of patience, I am taking my time trying to detail as much as I can with my limited experience.... none LOL . I try to sand mold lines and I am just getting the hang of the airbrush. I need to keep my hand steadier with the brush for detailing too. But overall I am enjoying it very much.
    I am taking the advise of the wise old man from Toy Story "You can't rush art" .

    Thank you guys.
  12. miguelitochamoy added a post in a topic New to the forum... new to the hobby.   

    Thanks ......
  13. miguelitochamoy added a post in a topic 2006 Mustang GT   

    Hi, Thank you for the welcome guys. I'm going to take this first project as a "try as many things as you can thing" I will try to practice diferent techniques I've read thru the forum and learn . Thanks for the CBP tip, I didn't know that part of the forum. And I will probably bug you guys with a few questions now and then.

    Well, I painted the chasis, put a little detail on it, assembled suspension and put engine and radiator in place. So this is how it looks so far. This is not easy . But it is lots of fun .

  14. miguelitochamoy added a topic in General   

    New to the forum... new to the hobby.
    Hi guys, I just started with the hobby. TBH I didn't have idea of where to start but I found a lot of my questions answered searching this forum. I started gathering all my tools and supplies and I have finally started my first project. Here is the link.


    Thank you guys for all the info and see you around.
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  15. miguelitochamoy added a topic in On The Workbench   

    2006 Mustang GT
    Hi, I'm new to the hobby and this is going to be my first attempt, I didn't know where to start and had lots of questions but have found some answers lurking the forum and I started gathering all my tools and materials. I still have lots of question.... and I just started .
    I choosed a 2006 Mustang level 2 to start... Well lets see how it goes:

    This is My workplace

    After a few Hours painting and next day assembling, I started with the engine ... a few problems here and there mostly due to the lack of attention but.... It is ready to go .

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