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  1. I'm a little confused as to where you got the idea that I support street racing,I mentioned Street Outlaws without even saying the name and I'm assuming that triggered you? Not a single person in this thread has said "Street racing is totally fine". Either way the reason I mentioned it was because while it may be another piece of TV-executive produced drivel it has one thing that most NHRA shows don't and that's viewership.:unsure: If they want to increase viewership they need to change something, either add fake drama or make it relatable to more viewers. I'd rather them not make it another reality TV pukefest so I'd be in favor of making it more down to earth. Why not have a show where two teams are both given the same car and a budget of 10K to spend on the car,at the end of each episode they compete and the winner is put against next weeks winner. I can tell you that I'd be more inclined to watch cars race that don't cost more than three houses and have actually soul put into them. With what they currently put on it's more or less "Left or right,which highly engineered billboard is going to be slightly faster than the other" it's something I'm sure could only be improved by the viewers consumption of liquor.:wacko:

  2. NHRA does not build tracks. They are a sactioning body with rules and saftey to make racing safe. NHRA is much more than what is seen on TV with the pro catagories. If people are only gonna comment on what they see on TV, I'd consider that very ignorant. You want to a little thing called Google. Search the divisional races, search SCEDA, or NMCA,  or any of the others that put on safe races, that are in no way shoving anything in your face but safety. If safety isn't your thing, then fine. But I'm gonna do what I want to do, safely. I'm not ever gonna risk the public or my own life, PERIOD! 

    Considering how the OP started this thread about their current and possible future TV program I think that all comments about TV are relevant. I have yet to say anything about unsafe programming being superior,if you were to "do a google" yourself you'd find that the people that make the shows I've mentioned are far from the cast of Jackass or Nitro Circus. No reason to get all uppity over something you don't understand.  

  3. It's the whole illegal street racing thing that NHRA is against. That was the whole point when Wally Parks founded the NHRA and the SCTA. It was to get people on to the track and off the streets. I have not, and will not watch any episode of street outlaws. Too many people die doing what they are supposedly doing and promoting. That whole show is fake. I don't care who this pisses off. I'm a firm believer in racing on a track, with safety and responsibilty. The way i see it, if dumb enough to race on the street, you shouldnt be driving. You are a risk, hazard and a threat to the lives of the public. I've been racing the NHRA street legal stuff for over 15 years and will NEVER race my car on any street. My Camaro is street legal, it was my daily driver for a few years after high school. Every once in awhile some hockey puck would try to get me to race them and I never did. If you find that show entertaining, power to ya. I DO NOT! I will continue to support the NHRA and all the sactioning bodies that promote racing on a track.

    i could care less where theyre racing Grudge racing is more entertaining than that sanctioned BLAH_BLAH_BLAH_BLAH espn and nhra is shoving down people throats


    Yup, people love a good competition between two angry parties (Even if the anger is fake like it usually is). For example look at how many people are getting riled up for the "Build off" between Gas Monkey Garage and RoadKill. Both sides have intentionally called each other names to drum up a crowd.

  4. Well that makes me glad the old cars are abundant,cheap to maintain,user friendly, have excellent part availability and are issue free,oh wait.....  I'd hate to have an old car as a daily unless I had the money to make it like a new car (Would probably come out to about the same amount as purchasing a decent car made in the last ten years). Now as for a weekend car/project car that's a different story,but I'd hate to have to rely on something daily that's fifty years old and is pretty original.

  5. I'm personally not a big fan of the NHRA,especially so after they tried to make publicity for them selves when they revoked NHRA memberships from members of a reality TV show over fake "street racing". What they need to do if they want better ratings is spool up some silly reality TV show about drag racing or they could come up with a way to help pioneer into the field of online entertainment. TV stations in general are becoming a thing of the past,YouTube just recently passed some of the cable giants in earnings if I'm not mistaken.

  6. Glad to see that my opinion has now become "A trivial thing".

    You started a thread to complain that there were too many complaints in the complaint thread? 


    Every once in awhile I'll open the "What irked me" thread and I'll just have a good laugh, It's pretty much turned into place for old guys to whine about trivial things. It's the equivalent to Facebook but minus the Ray Ban ads and "some" politics. :lol:

    Many people with your attitude toward "older" people never live long enough to become one.

    Yup,forever young at heart! I see no reason to turn into someone who get's their undies in a bunch over a funny comment.:P

  7. Fire and brimstone coming down from the skies! Rivers and seas boiling!Forty years of darkness! Earthquakes, volcanoes... The dead rising from the grave! Human sacrifice, dogs and cats living together... mass hysteria!

    Sure, it's no '59, but it is a ~30 year old Cadillac, same as the original when filmed. Just sayin...

    Exactly. Wasn't the main reason they got it in the film because it was dirt cheap? Not gonna find a usable '59 Cady for dirt cheap in 2015. I'm impressed that they stuck to the roots enough to include that as a detail.

  8. In all fairness on the 4th Chicago had a pretty bad string of shootings, Harry could know someone whom was injured or he may have been injured himself. I certainly hope this is not the case,but the timing is a little to close for comfort. :unsure:

  9. Nice little review. I'd agree with the resurgence of big scale bike kits,I'm very much looking forward to the MPC reissues and hoping that maybe we can get a new tool of another vintage Honda or any good bike that could be "Cafed". I for one would welcome a Triton with open arms, or maybe a vintage Ducati. I'm just dreaming now,time to get back to reality. -_-

  10. I think it's really simple. The Holthaus family has said that they won't, especially now, create a website. If you don't trust the feedback from folks on one of the biggest modeling websites on the Internet (many experts here I would say) or won't trust google images, then it's probably best you stop hoping for any of that to change. Don't order any.

    But one things for sure...you guys are missing out!

    Their products will be missed more than any other resin company I know.

    It's not that I don't trust people on here,it's just that every individuals perception of quallity is different. For example if I were to poll every individual about the quality of their product from ModelHaus on a scale of 1-5 most people would give 4's or 5's but say I was to do the same polling with the scale of 1-100,the results would lie between the upper seventies to perfect one hundreds. If I ask someone who's been building resin transkits for the last 30 years compared to someone who's been building six months the answers would vary.

  11. My point is,sometimes i dont know what i want before i see it. And even when i see it,i do not always know what it`s called,it`s name

    and number,let`s say a set of wheels and tires. So if i go on Modelhaus and look for it,the description is completely greek for me,because i dont know what it`s called,and there is pictures either. If no one see a problem with this i guess its just me then.

    Here is a great album: http://public.fotki.com/jsharisky/modelhaus_resin_items/

    Exactly.Being as I've never seen any of their stuff in real life or directly from their website I've never intended to purchase anything from them. Even if they did have that one part/kit I needed I would still want to see what it looks like. Besides as nice as everyone here is I don't really think I'd trust them enough with a "Ya I built one fifteen years ago and I think it was decent" to throw down $80, if I'm going to throw down the money from a full eight hours of work I don't want to regret because I didn't know what I was getting.

  12. That VW 16V is pretty interesting, I may have to find something to put that in when you release it. Any plans for a rotary? I've got a mint Monogram rx-7 I'd be willing to crack open and send you the engine from if you'd cast it. I've got more than a few builds I'd love to throw a rotary in but just not enough engines.

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