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  1. Was a real car ever made or just a prototype?I have fallen In love with this and this is the first time I have seen it,Lol.Whats under the hood?A Wildcat V-8?
  2. Go all Cranky on it.Also I like it but then I hate it,Its just wierd,In a good way.
  3. It's a great kit except for the engine bay.I took a dremill to mine and built a 440 six pack for it
  4. Whats the heat wrap on the bobber made of?Medical wrap?I'm making a rat rod outa a 29' fort "T" and don't want chrome pipes.
  5. I have been dieing to pick up this kit but Im holden out for the converible.
  6. I have the same kit and have ben tinkering wuth t for the past few weeks.Whats the best way to remove the fenders?
  7. Man when I have kids I hope they get as much into models as she is.Thats pretty cool that she can look at a semi and have a smile like that,I bet that she's gonna turn out to be a nice builder.Also I think I have the Harley T-Shirt she has on, LOL.
  8. A little pricy at 25 bucks but someone has it http://www.seltd.net/ez-catalog/X344897/16/SP-002
  9. whats the first kit and where can I get one?
  10. Thanks guys.Also 4 of those cans are clear.I think I might just stock up on these.Also what's a good primer(Other that Tamiya,I breaks the bank)?
  11. I just picked up 12 at the flea market for 10 bucks.Got some nice metallic colors.I can also go back next weekend and buy a crate off 25 bottels for 20 bucks.Worth the money or do they look bad on model cars?
  12. Chevy blue?Don't ya mean Chevy red.
  13. I know how you feel about the headers.I was building a show engine for my 53 ford pickup and put the firedome headers on upside down.
  14. Ok you know there are rules about postin pic's of reals cars.Lol, just kidding.Great work on the added details
  15. I feel the same way.My LHS was marking down Photoetch and I grabed a engine detail pack.It came with no intructions and I have no clue what most of it is.
  16. I picked up some resin boards at a show for like 3 bucks,I think the caster was Minc or something that started with an M.I thew away the label a few weeks ago,Sorry.But,Revell's 37 ford pickup has a board in it.
  17. Almost forgot,At the same show I held the make'n' take.It was a great time and I look forwordto doing it next year.Also the tips and trick about how to glue in clear parts and how to use Tamiya liquid cement without staining the body.
  18. I like to share how I made my kits and how they look with kids younger than me,but you do have to be careful.At our local show there was a kid that looked about 5 or 6 CLIMBING ON THE INTEMEDIATE TABLE around my models and my friends models.I was able to explain politly to the kid that doing that is not a good idea.At the end off the day my and my friend walked away with medals and mint models, and that kid walked away ready to build his first kit.Back to the subject, I think the best way to show a model to a "Energetic" kid is to have it on a turnable display stand and explain the kit.
  19. I hate scammers,they gotta ruin everything good.
  20. Don't worry it's just the circle of life.
  21. I'm happy but my bank account is crying.Mabey if we had prices on kits like back in the 60's that would be nice.
  22. Similar story I built a 93 Ford ranger for my buddy across the street from me who just bought a Ranger this past summer.He builds airplane kits and just went off to college. While he was visiting for the holidays I gave it to him made just like his.He went to his room and put it in a case on his desk so that he can see it everyday.Storys like this just bring a smile to my face.
  23. does it have to be 1/24 or 25th scale?
  24. Ok thanks for the advice guys.I can't start till I get some projects out off the way.
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