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  1. My K-mart has had a plentifull selection of kits ant good prices but my K-Mart is also in what some people may call the "Ghetto" side of town,So I don't visit much.
  2. I am making a 29 ford rat rod and need to wrap the pipes in heat wrap but cant find or think of a good idea.Any help will be greatly apreciated.
  3. Man I wish I knew some of those brown suited elves.
  4. I wish I would of gotten one of these,My LHS might get one in and they said they would call me if one came in.
  5. Now someone here got it wroung earlier,something about planting a seed and getting a car.No you plant the badges for the car,Duh.
  6. I have been testing the tow bed with other trucks and it almost perfectly fits my 65 Chevy stepside.And it looks nice.On another note I also scored Revells Kurtis Midget racer and I am overwhelmed with detailing joy for a box stock revell kit.Also Realize that this was posted about 2 or 3 minutes after I opened the box and saw that sad engine bay,also the news of revells 77 GMC with snowplow that has a nice engine bay didn't help the matter.All is well now and I can kitbash to my hearts content.
  7. Man those cookies must have been a pain to make out of styrine.Lol,just kidding.I love the Dodge the most.
  8. Oh hey I have that issue of HOT ROD,Nice build there.My favorite song by them is "Run To The Hills"
  9. Well see I got TWO of these for an early Christmas family party,When I got both I was estatic with joy.Now Im thinking about making a new engine bay from scratch,Any idea how hard that would be?Also note that im just now getting into scratch building.
  10. Hey Most the times GMC parts will fit a Chevy.Or vice-virsa
  11. Well I didn't know it was a re issue,Still It looked like a nice and interesting new subject.
  12. What looked like a cool kit was their new 77 GMC wrecker,It's all fine and dandy except for one thing.The engine bay.It is the saddest engine bay I have ever seen.There is a block that you attach a carb too and thats it.Excuse me for my grammer skills but im rage typing right now.Also this is a big surprise to me aswell because of revell's usual quality of their kits.
  13. Hold on doc,gotta pick my jaw up off the ground after seing that merc.Man....So amazing.
  14. I went down stairs this morning and found A few presents wrapped shaped like revell of Germany's Austin Heally box, 3 revell sized boxes hopefully the 77 wrecker,50 chevrolet texico pickup and one of the Kurtis Kraft midgets with trailer. This is looking to be a great Christmas.
  15. I may be 15 but I'm stocking up on kits for that golden word "Retirement" I here all these stories from vets or other people saying that it is the most boring thing they have everdone.Thats gonna change for me.
  16. I just want me an American Racing Javelin.
  17. Hey if you need any help I can take some of those off your hands. I have the same problem two I started modeling in march of 09 and I have 40 kits.I have more model and paint stock than my local hobbytown.
  18. Thanks guys for the tips,And also Im 15 so I couldn't really build kits with my late uncle in the 60's.LOL.
  19. I found this nice helpful site by Alex Kustov http://www.italianhorses.net/Tutorials/tutorials.htm some GREAT tips and tricks that make your ride stand out.
  20. Thanks guys.Im sorry to hear about your cousin George.
  21. My uncle told me about one of my other uncles who died at a young age in a car crash in the 60's at age 16.He also told me that he liked to build model cars and that once he died all of his kit's, suppys, and other model stuff was boxed up and put in the attic in the late 60's,They have been there untouched for almost 50 years.Sadly the owner of the house my great grandmother passed away in 2001 and the house is owned by some other family member.The house still stands today and the last time I was in it was when I was around 4 or 5.After hearing the story I have been jumping at the bits to go there and save some old kits from rotting away but I don't know if the family member that owns it would let me take and restore/build up the kits in the attic because he like to hang onto things.Mabey I can talk to him about it and save the kits in the spring.Any tips or stories like it?
  22. If you have a garage sell call me up.Lol.
  23. It's kinda upside down.lol.Other than that from what I can see it looks nice.
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