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  1. The best deal I have gotten was at a garage sale down the street where a woman had a revell Ferrari kit,I said "How much for the kit?"She said "It's my brothers, $1.00". I fliped the kit for 15 bucks to a friend who likes to build exotics.
  2. Jeeze does no one like flea markets?
  3. They should make models out of food. :DThat would make modeling a little more rewarding.
  4. I picked up a revell hemi powered speed boat called "Hemi Hydro" that looks sweet.I also think it will look good with my 65 chevy stepside I have sitting collecting dust.Heres a pic of one.
  5. You guys have some great ideas,I'm glad I posted this tread.
  6. Austin T

    Spare Rides

    Chuck thoses are EPIC,I love rat rods
  7. I personal just get up and ride my honda when I get mad(You never see a motorcycle outside of a therapy office).But a friend of mine who makes planes often sends them into fight across the room into the target posted on his wall.
  8. I came across a Mustang Cobra II cann am at the flea Market the other day by UsAirfix,I picked it up for 5 bucks and cracked it open once I got home.Sadly it wants you to put a little motorized engine in it,Other than that it has a great body.
  9. Ok I put a '69 GTO Judge next to a 1998 NASCAR ford Taurus.........Then I said can I combine those? 10 minutes later I had a name(Judgement day), a correct fitting chassis, and a paint scheme idea.I think it will look good painted up in olive drab with tiger shark decals to finish it off.So is it a good idea or is it just wierd?
  10. I'm more of an apple pie guy.....Now im glad I am.
  11. Ah,I see you have the most important modeling tool,Mtn. Dew.Its great for the night before the show when you have to finish the model. Also helps saves time on trips to the toilet when you get finished with it.
  12. I think I gotcha beat on flea market scores.I got a 1/12th scale 1937 Cord for 20 bucks,all the trees are still in the bags.
  13. Just wanting to know,The club im in is mostly armour and planes. One of the guys in our clubs that crafted Itailian Horses moved to East TN.Thanks.
  14. Don't listen to that poser,hes jealous of not having thumbs!
  15. I have a collection of HOT ROD sitting on my shelf. Some great cars in there.Also a bunch of local mags about roding,my favorite is called "Greese Monkey"
  16. You might see some vans on the shelfs soon,AMT is rereleasing some van kits soon.I kinda want the Nirvana van.
  17. See you guys are looking at the wrong daily driving.They are talking about daily driving on the track where 650Hp is needed.
  18. Kelson I know how you feel about the AMX and the Javelin. I really want to make an "American Racing" version of both,but they are like a gold needle in a hay stack.There hard to find money eaters.
  19. Dang it,no engine.I bought it the other day and wraped it up.
  20. No! My trust with a car staying together stops at about 200 MPH.
  21. We all love in the joy of that new kit on the 25th of December.No matter how old you are there has to be atleast one kit you want for the holidays.Mine I want a big box full of spare parts(Never can have too many) and Tamiya's Lambo Contuch kit.What do you guys want?
  22. Lol, nice one. I am growing towards the VW Samba bus though.
  23. Thanks diymirage for the links.I will try my hardest to snipe both kits on ebay.
  24. I would like to find a 1/24th or 1/25th scale Honda ct trail 70 to build up like mine.About a year ago I found one on a web site but I forgot the site.If you can find one or know of one please post it.Thank you. Pic of what it look like.
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