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  1. Thanks for the comments guys. I've always wanted to drive an FD, heck I've always wanted to drive a rotary for starters. I have yet to find the person who's willing to let a 19 year old take control of a not-so-cheap car but I will let you know when I find them. Who knows maybe I can see if Jay Leno wants to adopt.
  2. Well I decided to have a massive cleaning party and unearth my workbench. Once the smoke cleared I knew that I wanted a (Relativly) simple build so I pulled an Aoshima RX-7 FD of the shelf and set to work. So far I've got most of the chassis completed and the wheels taken care of, as for the paint she's going to be HOK Ultra orange pearl. Maybe I'll tint the windows if I can find a good way to do that (Tried using the dye pots at work with no luck ). Anyway I have no clue when I'll finish it but at least I've started something. I'm really proud of these rims,it just goes to show how a little creativity can make something box stock just pop. And here's the chassis with some Tamiya pastels applied. I used the silly putty method for the first time and it worked great!
  3. Nah man,this months cover features a totally groundbreaking and original resto-rod built by one man in his garage that will make a huge impact in the automotive community for years to come.
  4. I think your missing my point,I made a comparison to show you how absurd it is to compare things that are totally different. You might even call it "Compare-ception"
  5. You can compare the two all day long but at the end of the day your still just some crazy guy at the supermarket who's been staring at oranges and apples for hours on end. As for "Things do not need to be alike for a comparison to be made. " this is very true but is often an unbalanced way to look at things,for example let's compare a stock 70's Chevy pickup to a stock Ferrari Laferrari. Do a track test,dyno test, and then compare the comfort of driving each vehicle. The Chevy doesn't stand a chance as it was never made to be compared to anything more that 60's-70's Ford,Dodge, or a few other period trucks. You can compare whatever you want but that doesn't make it logical.
  6. For the AE 86 I'm talking about legitimate 86's and not the AE 88 (The detuned North American counterpart). As for 240's I have a hard time believing that they are as they came from the factory without mods of any type, it is hands down one of the most commonly modified Japanese cars out there.
  7. An even more interesting exercise is how many cars are still left stock? For example try finding a stock Willys,AE 86, or a 240SX (Manual). While you can still find modified ones OK trying to find a stock one is next to impossible.
  8. Coming from someone who rides this is an absolutely terrifying story,while I'm sure the rider could have done nothing in such a short time (Sounds like it had to have nearly perfect timing to do so much damage) this should serve as a reminder to always be aware of your surroundings no matter what type of motor vehicle you are operating. Kudos to you for jumping in there and putting that training to use.
  9. I honestly don't know how to feel about it but I kinda wanna see more.
  10. He's a pretty cool guy,btw what's your mother's maiden name?
  11. Trust me,all of the current custom cultures have plenty of imagination and creativity in them. You just have to stop looking for it the way that it existed 50-60 years ago. If you don't believe me have a quick read of this short article,Much like hot rodding custom culture never died It's just adapted over the years.
  12. Times change,availability of materials and style fluctuate a lot over 60 years. Think about it,back in say 1962 you could get any 50's car in good shape because it was only a few years old and they were cheap at the time wheares now if you wanted to get a 50's car be prepared to shell out a good sum of money AND do a restoration on it. As for the "what could you steal off of cars today" I'm a little lost by that question? Are you asking what design elements could you take away from the build or are you asking what can you rip off and run with? If it's the design elements then it would also depend on what sub culture of custom cars you are talking about; we have Euro,Japanese,muscle,resto mods,off roading,ect,ect. Speaking for myself I'm pretty glad that we don't have too many cars that were produced after a week long acid trip anymore,I mean how else can you explain something like this? Or like this. I mean seriously some of these guys had to be on something, maybe too much bondo dust and paint fumes?
  13. I hate to bust your bubble but it is clearly labeled on the package as a Liberty Walk design. Here's a real life one.
  14. I've seen the way he treats others and how quick he is to do a complete 180 on guys just to get another inch up the ladder. He's by no means an individual I would trust with my money to have a model produced,that and he also doesn't seem to realize how "out there" his numbers are. Also isn't the kit only desirable because it's rare as hens teeth? So if he somehow did get the funding who's to say it would be competitive in today's market,It just looks like some disproportionate childrens toy.
  15. I ordered some Work Miesters around this time last year,besides taking a few weeks to get here from Hong Kong they were great. Decent quality resin but the tires are not that great.
  16. Keep your eyes on some of the resin guys from Asia as they love producing body kits,I wouldn't be the least bit surprised if they made a transkit of this body kit. http://www.eightyone81.com/ Tends to have a lot of RB/LW kits.
  17. They already have a liberty walk kit out for the Challenger in scale? That was pretty fast.
  18. That's pretty cool,but wouldn't with the weight of the train it keep going after impact and not come to a dead stop?
  19. I'm pretty sure this has been said multiple times over the last two years.
  20. All my post-apocalyptic needs have been answered, all that I need now is some big gun to throw in the bed.
  21. A rare sight around middle TN,I'd love to see it parked somewhere so I could talk to the guy about it.
  22. Very cool,I picked up one of these a few months ago and had never seen one completed before.Guess I need to start mine some time.
  23. Welcome to the forum, just a heads up there aren't many import guys like me and you around here but the ones here are all pretty swell guys (Also pay no attention to the import hating knuckle heads around here, they are all just caught up in some nostalgia trip ). As for good brands since your into Japanese subject matter your best bets are going to be Aoshima,Fujimi, and Tamiya when you have a chance give HobbyLinkJapan (WWW.HLJ.COM) a quick look and check out what they have. Revell has some import kits but they tend to either be of lower quality or are out of production and hard to come across.
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