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  1. What kit would have a good Chevy/GMC 454?

    ^^^this^^^ the monte has a nice bbc. pretty much any bbc will do, as David noted it would take a very discerning eye as most Mark IV's are pretty much externaly the same. the '84 3/4 and 1 tons had a th400 or a sm465 4 spd trans only. if you need pics, I have a 454 in my 85 K30 in the driveway... you mite want to also check out BNL resin, he has quite a collection of bbc engines and trannys if you don't want to buy an entire kit
  2. What kit would have a good Chevy/GMC 454?

    many a guy thinks otherwise... I think you mean the strongest overdrive transmission... the 80 is just a 400 with a fourth gear and electronics.
  3. 1/24 Revell '78 GMC 4x4 Pickup

    nope, I still blame revell for having some of the lousiest squares around. as noted, their wrecker is a disaster, the hot rod truck has all the snowplows short comings plus some kind of goofy frame I have never seen under a real square, the mad mudder shares all these shortcomings with the "awesome" two-way hawgs, and this new truck like the m.mudder, also has the cheap-o, cheesy way of lifting- extended spring mounts (?) bet the shocks in the new kit have a goofy added peg to them so they reach too.... cant anybody do a simple proper leaf spring? you would think with your name going on it....and after 40 plus yrs to re-arrange and change some parts racks.........I remember building the chev ice patrol back in the late '70's or maybe early '80's-amazing how nothing has improved in that time now yes I totally realize these are just toys (to me anyways...) and not to expect a lot. but buying a model when you live in Canada is extremely expensive, online is ridiculous with ship and exchange, and for me anyways, it is now a hundred mile trip to the brick and mortar store since the hobby shop 50 miles away closed last spring, so I really would like to get something even sort of half-decent for my hard earned money. as there is not a lot of greatness squares out there, beggars can't be choosy, and if my wife buys me a revel square, I will build it. won't go get one myself though. what I don't understand is how they can do such a beauty-ous job on the mid '60's chev trucks, yet do so miserably on all their squares I also stand by the deserter box is much easier to stretch than the multi-piece revell box. I have done both the mpc and the revell into long boxes, there is no comparasion for easy-ness, same with the cab, not having any floor with the revell automatically means you will be crafting more than just door panels and seats "I guess this all just points out how badly needed an all-new '73-'86 GM pickup kit is. " yes! yes! yes! 101% agreement! (hello? meng are you listening...) always hoping....all aside, I totally expect my wife to get me this new revell truck, and ya, I will build it...
  4. Revell's "new" Jeep & Snowmachine kit

    this is cool! haft to say I preferred the artic cat graphics for the sled on the chevy ice patrol better, but still cool. will be getting one of these. if someone could just tool up a 63-71 Glad grille... couple pics of my '66 J3000, pics of pics from over 35 yrs ago... i'd even settle for a nice second gen grill instead ,
  5. 1/24 Revell '78 GMC 4x4 Pickup

    oh boy, yup another prob plagued revell square. my wife has an affinity for these things. in the last 5 yrs she has got me 3 of them, including one this yr to go with the snowplow she also got me.... easy way to get rid of a bunch of the molded in- mpc deserter front clip is your friend or another way to get rid of it.... got my Christmas bonus late this yr. I ordered another revell '66 sub and two more mpc deserters. with shipping and exchange Rob, sometimes it's cheaper or better to get two kits instead of a resin cab, or if you just like making your own cabs. I know 10 yrs ago I bought a RMR crew and it was over 70 clams by the time it made it to my hands- I can buy 2 kits for that and have all the parts as well...
  6. 1/24 Revell '78 GMC 4x4 Pickup

    sure is easier, and better looking. it falls together beautifully with practically no body work, just have to add a small piece of roof
  7. 1/24 Revell '78 GMC 4x4 Pickup

    ok, i'm looking at the one I got on the bench right now. few more things revell could have fixed...nice steel bed inside, baby smooth bottom side...2 piece cab, no trim on the bottom of the rear winda....nice, clean smooth firewall with zero detail, but I do like the dual batts, but don't like that their molded in, nuthin for steering, not even a rudimentary stick from the firewall to the frame....yup, has not changed much since the ones I built as a kid....
  8. 1/24 Revell '78 GMC 4x4 Pickup

    where do you want me to start? first off is the incredible amount of sink holes- never ever had a kit with so many... intake is ....goofy (wrong) no cab floor...(huh??) multi-piece box...(pia to line up) one gas cap-two tanks....(can't count at revell?) door panels smoother than a baby's butt....(smooth is good on a chopped '49 merc) half axles...??? 14 b style rear axle with half ton 6 bolt rims...? no drip rails...(never rains at revell) steering wheel and shifter...(put them in that '49 merc) call it a '77, but that is not a '77 hood on it....(who cares about yrs).... let me go look at the one on my bench right now and i'm sure I could find more. sorry, not one of revel's better ones imo I figured after all the horrible gm trucks revell has foisted on us, they could have maybe fixed a few of the glaring probs in one of these recent re-issues...dropped the ball...screwed up...whatever you would like to call it...
  9. 1/24 Revell '78 GMC 4x4 Pickup

    I would seriously look at the mpc deserter for this kind of project 426. I have made crews and long boxes, and this is not the best candidate you will pretty much have to make the entire int using this truck, but the worst part is stretching the box.as you can see in your snowplow kit the box is multiple pieces with very little bracing. it is very hard to cut up nicely for the stretch, and even after you manage to get it chopped decently, their so thin and flimsy you will most likely have a few go-arounds trying to stop it from warping (it is...it will...and you'll have to...)
  10. 1/24 Revell '78 GMC 4x4 Pickup

    yup, yup, and yup as a big fan of sq bodies, this is just another re-issued letdown from revell. don't understand how they can have some good models and so horribly screw up the chev/gm trucks..... whole hearted agreement, the mpc deserter is worlds above this, even with it's flaws. as mike says, the front end is the only half decent thing about this kit, and the tailgate is pretty nice, but that's hard to make up for everything else. I built one yrs ago and swore I would not do another.....until my wife got me the snowplow last Christmas, and am now going threw the same thing again.... not one of revell's finer ones imo also
  11. Great Traders List

    had a great smooth trade with gardnerpag44, Paul thanks again!
  12. Crew cab & Dually build pics

    a few dually's and a crew and dually wip
  13. Crew cab & Dually build pics

    welcome to the truck world Peppershaker! crews are the ultimate pickup, have had mine over 15 yrs...love 'em some crew's
  14. Highway thru Hell

    on my way up the Coquihalla went past Mario's yard (bout 3 blocks from Jamie) looks like Adam Gazzola and the boys are really keeping house compared to Jamie's yard... been seeing this truck around a lot lately.... and at the cardlock where we fuel up then today I ran into this up at the top of the "Smasher" hmmmm, Chilliwack on the truck but no number.... when I got home, looked it up, Jamie's got more competition.....looks like Reliable is going to be setting up a yard out here too also passed this guy coming home and the Freightliner flatdeck was getting ready to head out at the Chwk yard don't know who's truck or where from- they just look sweeeeet, specially the 800
  15. Highway thru Hell

    well, ya can't accuse Mo of being a trailer queen.... was up the Coquihalla today, took a spin by Jamie's yard in Hope, he got some cool t-shirts back in stock that I would like was pulling over about a block from Jamie's place to let my dawg out for a "p" when Brandon went by in a "incident response" truck (one of the 'yota's...) no sooner had I parked then James and his wife went by in Jamie's "fairly" still new tundra. I hope that don't mean...... ....yup, no one around.... but remember Bruce's old wrecker HR50, Jamie posted a pic of it inside, with wheels on it now, but notice no stacks... kind of hard to see threw the privacy strips, but there is Bruce's Peterbilt now parked outside, and if you look closely, you can see it now has stacks again- first time in about 2- 2 1/2 yrs. you can see the tips of them poking just above the fence Jamie also got himself a "plow" for the Hope yard....his wife posted this of him and Paris trying to dig out the yard.... and remember this.... from what I hear it will be a long distance tow truck, built for hiway towing with fuel economy in mind, pretty much along the lines of this.... guess won't be seeing it yank trucks up the smasher in the winter....