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  1. What did you see on the road today?

    here's an expensive whoops...audi v10 R8. approx. 220 g's in Canada. back end was all smacked up, must have spun cause the front was heavily damaged too.. couple chargers and a trans am at a local hot rod shop not into old, old cars at all, but some pretty slick paint on this rod that pulled up to the lights yesterday...
  2. What Pleased You Today!

    wit the big hrs at work, decided to plate the crew earlier than usual and put it back on the road. used to drive it in the winter when the city sanded the roads, last few yrs they been salting and using brine. was reading in the paper the last snowfall we had our city laid down 350 tons of salt in 3 days....i'll wait till it's washed away thank you...my 33 yr old truck don't have a 65 stage zinc-chromium-galvanized super primer rust resistant sheet metal... also threw my new diff covers on...well, I drank a beer and took pics, got my budding 14 yr old mechanic son to change them....I just threw the odd word or direction at him... out wit the old...ya, I know, chrome...my wife loves shiny stuff and buys a lot for my vehicles. I don't want to stop or discourage her from buying me parts, so I always install whatever she buys....even if i'm not crazy 'bout it....in time (like the diff covers) it will get changed and in wit the new... (.303 bulletproof covers) yeah, more wife chrome... also put in a new starter, old one was starting to drag...after sucking gear oil for a couple hrs, son was done, so I ended up doing it. I put a mini starter in my '90 stepper a few yrs ago, been happy with it, so tried a mini in the crew. was kinda skeptical this thing would crank the b.block, stepper just has a 350. it's even lighter than the one in my stepper. this one comes in at 7 lbs, while the other one was 9 lbs, and the stocker at 31 lbs...technology...pretty amazing out for a test drive...after 5 months of storage. good to have it back on the road
  3. What did you see on the road today?

    this was today, he was doing about 70mph this was last sunday
  4. Highway thru Hell

    not a lot happening at the JD yard. few days ago one of Jamie's Coastline flatdecks showed up with a scrunched pickup, and the hybrid KW tow truck is back the dodge yeah, boring.... today at work however... Jamie's brother Jason owns Aggressive towing, his trucks have been on HTH numerous times, prob the most famous was when his and Jamie's rotators had a fully loaded semi suspended over the mountain in mid-air...there was a dump truck with a pup trailer at our job today, had a huge rock jammed in there somewhere, cause when the girl (driver) went to transfer the pup to the truck, it lifted off the rails and jammed sideways, she tried everything, but no luck. Aggressive's 50 ton rotator to the rescue... being driven by, i'm sure you seen him on HTH multiple times, Chris Mervyn that's the girl, blonde hair behind vis-vest with white hard hat man it's a pretty sweet wrecker hookin' up... real careful, box is fully loaded with aggregate... a little boom magic... and there it is, that tough girl trucker is working again....Chris was on site for about 8-10 mins, then gone, fast, efficient, and a good operator passed this 35 tonner with a Freightliner on the way home
  5. Highway thru Hell

    naw, all good Bruce. don't speed up there, got 4x4, BF M/T's and chains and a 5 spd. plus we actually use a lot of the side roads and logging roads, more laid back and less crowded than the freeway . was quite the pile up....happened just before the "cut". most likely everyone speeding up to climb the 8% hill just before the cut belive it or not there has been about 5 or 6 more accidents on the Coke since this. not as spectacular, mostly single vehicles going off the road or spinning out. trucks, because of their size, look much more impressive when they do it...
  6. Another sad day

    sorry to hear that Ray. pets are a way of life there's a big hole in your life. just that emptiness around the house now.....it's never easy... my old dawg turned 12 last month, and i'm dreading the day you just had Ray, he's also my last dawg out of our pack ......aw man, I hate this time of pet ownership...... it truly never is easy...
  7. My Little Cinnamon

    wow, that's a hard luck way to get some extra attention... how old is Cinnamon? and what happened to your other dog? worst I ever had was Dieseldawg ripping his ear wide open chasing Spike (our departed chihuahua) under the quad trailer.....not as severe as a leg...ouch but puppy chows are very resilient...once she gets used to hopping, I bet she'll be fine
  8. How long can you keep 1:1 car tires?

    sorry, could not care about tire "dates", with peteski on this. we never seemed to hear about tire dates until the explorer/firestone fiasco. have seen and have had countless old tires that perform admirably. as I have had my crewcab down to a bare frame twice, i'm quite in tune with every part on my truck and what kind of shape everything is in...everything on it is my call, not some "recommendations". and like I said, when you pay 4g's for a set of tires, you want your moneys worth. even when my swamps hit 10%, there is still 3 times more rubber on them than a new stock tire.... these are from '04...like I care...yrs of life left BF M/T's. 'bout the 6 or 7th set of BF's I owned on my vehicles, long life, hard wearing, well made tires. bought in '99, other then some rough edges from off road, easily good for another season
  9. How long can you keep 1:1 car tires?

    when you pay 3-4 grand for your tires, dates are irrelevant, I wear them till their down to the bars. BF M/T's on my daily were purchashed in '99, figure I have another yr left in them swampers and toyo's for the crew are '04 and '01. should be good for at least another 5 yrs or so.
  10. Square body Chevy/GMC need help.

    this is generally true, a 2wd will have a longer d-shaft than a 4by. but it is not written in stone either, my '77 camper special 4x4 had a two in it, but most 4by shafts usually just have a slip joint or cardan on them. I couldn't imagine a one piece on my crew....the two is over 8' long....it would only weigh like a bajillion pounds... if your going just a reg cab lb, yeah, a one would be easier to do. I used a one on my revell snow plow to 1 ton dually longbox.. this is handy for making longboxes. works for the revell box too .
  11. Square body Chevy/GMC need help.

    actually quite a few longbeds came with a 2 piece shaft. I have owned at least 7 or 8 chevy/gm longbox's with 2 piecers, even the 67-72 longbox came with a two, my '68 custom cab was a two. I have even seen, with my eyes, a factory two piece in a shortbox....one thing I've learned over the yrs with squares is never say never....at some point any combo or part you can think of was put on these trucks. there is a guy on my square site who was a plant manager for these trucks back in the '70's, besides being a wealth of info, he says if your were patient enough, knew the ordering system and had a friendly dealer, you could get just about anything you wanted on these trucks...you should hear his story how they used to align doors on the C/K's, could not stop the line, a 1000 trucks were due everyday... (think 2x4's....) my current square has a two, but it is a crew, waaay to long for a one. there is a lot of different reasons why some have 1 and some have 2, but I belive "critical speed" is the main factor. once CS is hit, a larger or thicker tube will be needed, while being heavier, it can also pose packaging problems. a two is smaller in diameter and more easily put in the truck. strength is not really a factor unless your running 1500 pounds of torque and 10 sec quarters...in fact a two is easier to tow, easier to lift and easier to lower... can see how a one can start to get tight for space, as well as heavy.....and much easier to go versatile with a two...
  12. Highway thru Hell

    don't own any kind cell phone.... drove with wife's dad quite a bit, truck driver for 50 yrs-not one single incident, 3 "million mile awards" for safety... I too see it differently-number one, don't speed like 95% of the freaks up there, and being "professional" drivers don't guarantee nothing, if that was the case, there would be no HTH....and no HTH thread with pics for people to look at....
  13. John Force crashes happen d in AZ today.Bad Omen

    used to love his after-race commentary's back in the '80's, the mile a minute ones, words just fell out of him...his enthusiasm was totally contagious... didyouseemesmokethetiresbutibackpedalledthatsumbitchandcomearoundhimwitmycastrolgtxoldsyee-HAH!
  14. Highway thru Hell

    been driving that hiway since it opened over 30 yrs ago. kinda like my job, dangerous, but there is some people on this planet that are capable of walking and talking at the same time....
  15. Highway thru Hell

    heck ya, wasn't that something...don't know if it will make the show, noticed a bunch of Mario's trucks at the scene....maybe a good thing the snow held me and the kid up on the weekend.....it's not the road or weather up there that I worry about, it's the other people that worry me....people really drive like idiots up there, this is the second multi pile up since late Jan, plus a bus wiping out, 2 months in the new year and about 15 crashes up there already.....it's almost to the point where you don't want to even take your kids or family up there.....I've shown you in video's and pic's how people drive up there, which is the biggest problem going (way to fast for conditions) and you'd be surprised how many vehicles are NOT on M/.S snowflake tires...idiots...I think i'm just grumpy tonite cause work truck got smacked into by a inattentive driver...slap head... 100% his fault, but still, good chance the damage is more expensive than the truck is worth ('06 GM crew, 380 000kms) which could mean a write-off nailed both doors and the box...that's the "inattentive" guy at the back giving me his insurance stuff was wondering why Jason's (Jamie's brother) 50 ton was in Chilliwack this morning while the coffee freaks on the crew were getting their Tim Hoarked Ons, don't see his trucks at our end of the valley nearly as much as JD, or Quiring, etc. maybe he was heading up to the multi on the Coke, some transport company's have contracts where only a certain company can hook them check this out.....