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  1. dieseldawg142 added a post in a topic antique store find :)   

    hey Chuck, scratch the Wonder Bread van, how about a Snap-On  truck?

    whoops, how did that last picture get in there.....
  2. dieseldawg142 added a post in a topic My Love/Hate Relationship with my Truck   

    not bad for a 2wd!
    any aggravation my truck causes me disappears the minute i'm behind the wheel....
  3. dieseldawg142 added a post in a topic '66 Chev 4x4   

    thanks guys!
    stretched the frame, got rid of the 2wd, & moved the crossmembers around. powerplant will be a carbed 427/T400, might go FI

    some box work

    not liking the front of the box being all open, will put a bulkhead in. Couple hrs spent on the hood paid off, sits nice & flush, no backward tilt to it..
  4. dieseldawg142 added a post in a topic chev crewcab   

    thanks for the comments guys!
    David, was going for a all stock looking body, chrome would have pulled it off better i think, but hey, i can live with the black 
  5. dieseldawg142 added a post in a topic ESCI Mercedes 230G   

    looks like a very nice, complete kit
    always liked G Wagons & 'Mogs, some of the more capable off-roaders
    G's look really cool with a small lift Dan (hint, hint)

  6. dieseldawg142 added a topic in On the Workbench: Pickups, Vans, SUVs, Light Commercial   

    '66 Chev 4x4
    '66 revell chevy and a leftover amt '60 chev box

    not a perfect match, but i can work with it...the long holes in the bedsides are the revell stake pockets shaved off, i like the holes in the amt pockets better. the '72 box is just for length references 

    not too concerned about the bed floor, it will get replaced

    the plan is mild lift with 38's. rims are not for this truck, will use spare steelies & kit hubcaps

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  7. dieseldawg142 added a post in a topic OBS Chev crewcab   

    gone to under glass

  8. dieseldawg142 added a topic in Under Glass: Pickups, Vans, SUVs, Light Commercial   

    chev crewcab
    old amt c1500 sportside & usa-1 monster truck
    49" iroks, SAS. had planned on chrome bumpers, but when i masked off the rub strips, the tape lifted a whole whack of the chrome off- so black they are, which meant blacking the mirrors cause they looked stupid with all the black....

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  9. dieseldawg142 added a post in a topic B-N-L   

    for me he's one of the few guys with decent 4x4/truck stuff. 
    have prob ordered a couple doz sets of tires from him, 40-50 axles, dozens of transfer cases, brakes, valve covers, etc,  yeah, he's prob my main go to guy....
  10. dieseldawg142 added a post in a topic OBS Chev crewcab   

    thanks Mark, Gator & Carl!
    still cranking off 120 hr paychecks, not getting much of anything else done...
    crew is slowly getting there. got most of the interior done, & started laying some paint.

    hoping to get this thing cleaned up in a couple days. got some trucks i really want to start....
    yesterday was my second day off in three weeks (and it poured...) so i decided to splurge for all my labor the last few months and got these at the hobby shop.
    love first gen blazers, and the '66 i got just because i have a spare AMT shortbox. the Revell box is close enough, so i'll make a longbox out of it

    and i've already ordered 38" swamps for both of them....
  11. dieseldawg142 added a post in a topic What Irked You Today?   

    yup, you know it Mark, looks like, smells like, and most likely is nothing but old fashioned greed!
    why has'nt my wife's premiums been "re-adjusted"? she' only a yr younger than me with more medical probs.....i may be life insurance-less right now, but i tell you, sure felt good to tell manulife to ram it, jam it & stuff it!
    if i get hurt before a new policy, we in bc pay a couple hundred a month for universal medi-care, so it's not like dire straits being insurance-less for a bit
  12. dieseldawg142 added a post in a topic Wanted 4x4 front axle f350   

    BNL resin has d60's. 
    he has the entire axle or you can buy just the center diff & add your own axle tubes so you have the drop on the proper side for a ford. i use the center diffs on almost all my 4x4's & use 1/8" styrene tubing for the axle tubes. as mentioned, leafs are pretty strait forward & easy to make, i find .030 thickness by .125 wide makes for nice size leafs, any smaller i find just looks...cheezy...
  13. dieseldawg142 added a post in a topic What Irked You Today?   

    that's another part that gets me Tom, i get a quadruple increase because of my age?  heck, i'm just a small four-nine pup heading for the big five-o....not to toot my horn but i've been roofing for 34 yrs, there's a job that will keep you in shape like it or not- just last monday we were on a 8 story apartment....with no elevator (building reno.) imagine packing 4 tons of stuff up the stairwell....my son & me also mountain climb & hike, we live quite active lives, and as mentioned, my entire medical history was some stitches at 8 or 9 yr old. and ya, i do smoke.
    my wife works in an office all day, never hikes, not active at all, does'nt smoke or really do much, has RA, had cancer, had surgery, & she only pays 22 bucks a month. she's lucky we dont have to get physicals to get life ins., she would be the one paying $158, not me! i can understand the rates going up-some. i told my wife if they jacked it to 60 or 70, maybe even 80 bucks, ok, but no way i'm quadrupling my payments....
    and her insurance is due next month & we have'nt got no "nice" re-adjusted payment letter for her, what the...? is it also because i'm a male?
    yeah....but we dont advertise it...
  14. dieseldawg142 added a post in a topic What Irked You Today?   

    hey Mark, i'm not sorry-just ticked off! mostly because i have no medical history at all in my life.
    called their help line or whatever it is, pretty sure it was off-shore cause i was having a real hard time understanding the lady's "engrish". what is so hard about canceling a policy??? then she offered me, i think (engrish thing again...) another 10% off-well hmmmm, nope! told her you already insulted me by even trying to do what you did. i'm in a pretty nice spot right now, me & wife both work & our house is paid off in 11 more months, so me & wifey got some time to shop around for another policy- they need my money more than i need their headaches... 
    like what are they thinking sending something like this out??? one of the guys at work told me his dad had to cancel when he hit 80, his prems. skyrocketed to almost $600 a month!
    what about people on fixed incomes??  where's all those adds i see on tv-"rates guaranteed to never go up"??

  15. dieseldawg142 added a post in a topic Truckers, Tell a Story About Stupid Drivers..   

    dont drive a truck, but check out the moron in this video clip, first he almost becomes a hood ornament on a guy's rig, then he almost ran over a tow truck driver. few days after this happened, a driver from Aggressive towing was picked off while doing the same thing- idiots!
    click on "big shout out to trucker"