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  1. dieseldawg142 added a post in a topic Crossing the tracks   

    the guy in that house DID go to jail. he's no angel, that camera is there for his "business security" aka-dope dealer. 3 or 4 months ago police finally shut that street down, 4 crackhouses all together, right beside a high school.....nice.
    belive me, that video is NOT representive of my town. i'm sure every town has at least one bad area, and then you got dope dealers putting this kind of stupid stuff out there, knowing full well his "business" is responsible for a lot of this bs.... 
    as to the p poor driving....what can i say....dont give me a lot of hope for the youth of today.... that brownish silver building is the 2 yr old 10 mil $ new school that looks like it's been there 50 yrs now...(after 2)
    Bill, dont know, lived in this burg for 40 yrs....find myself saying "use to" a lot when describing my town now. and american or canadian, stupid dont recognize borders...
    Kevin, this is canaDUH! just try to get a handgun up here....legally that is. might as well as ask for a thermo-nuclear permit while your at it. our gov "lets" us own rifles, but let anyone even see you with a rifle (in your yard, on the street, at the mall....) and even if you have your mandatory trigger lock on, breech zip-tied open, clips out without bullets (they must be carried in seperate containers, none in your clips) still expect a nice, warm, swat reception....but they dont say much about bats, chains, knives.....
  2. dieseldawg142 added a post in a topic Crossing the tracks   

    are you talking about this video Joe?
    very simple answer to that. 
    that road & parking lot you see is the entrance & student parking for the high school-95% of what you see is young "new motorists" our goverment has seen fit to release on the unsuspecting public. 
    how do i know this?  my house is on the other side of the school, our road is just as bad, every student coming & going figures they have to wake everyone up & paint the roads black....
    and most of the train strikes here were not suicide (although that has happened here) they shunt trains here all the time, same thing, one is barely moving, people jump around it & right into the train on the other tracks doing 45
  3. dieseldawg142 added a post in a topic Crossing the tracks   

    we have a double track passing threw our town, in the last 5 yrs, at least 6 or 7 pedestrians have been picked off by trains. wife's girlfriend is a local reporter, last lady who got hit, police told wife's reporter friend, "you dont want to go down there, it's not nice..." i can just imagine,  a train doing 45 mph hitting a person....
    and i have to agree with Harry about people not paying attention. last x-mas wifey bought me a cheapo media-sonic dash cam. it's incredible what you see on there that you did'nt see while you were driving. A five min trip to the malls and i can count about 20 traffic violations & usually 2 or 3 close calls between other motorists, AND even though we have cell phone laws while driving, BC'er's seem to figure the fine is worth the phone call.....
  4. dieseldawg142 added a post in a topic What Pleased You Today!   

    are you kidding? canada is the land of "we will tax you to death 'till we get every cent out of you"
    they revised the child & family tax benefits, did'nt lower them....
  5. dieseldawg142 added a post in a topic Let's See Some Glue Bombs!   

    what was left of a mud mudder blazer when i got it

    this.....                                                                                                                                    ............to this

    and these....

    ...into this pair

  6. dieseldawg142 added a post in a topic Let's See Some Glue Bombs!   

    bought this Sneaky Pete glue bomb off fleabay, seller said a few parts were off, that's an understatement...then after the p.o. got it, it turned into a self-destruct bomb....

    so, i added some junk & spare parts to it....

    truck 2 in the fleet now...

  7. dieseldawg142 added a post in a topic What Irked You Today?   

    what irks me? people with more money than brains....they sure make my job hard....
    spent the last week slogging away fighting this mess of a job. place was completely rotten, and STANK! smelled big time of cat "p". Was a very hard 5 days at the grind
    asked the owner why he let it get so bad, said he did'nt know why, was'nt too concerned about it (??? ) prob would have spent less bulldozing it & starting new....(place sits on 25 acre's)
    4 roofs & none of them worked, was a LOUSY, MESSY, BACKBREAKING  tear....re-decked 90% of the place & about 70% of the trusses. house was hand built by an old dead guy 60 yrs ago, and, you cant help but notice the shape of the house...so nothing was even close to "normal", had to on-site build custom trusses....

    we been calling it the "doughnut house", round with a hole in the middle....going up next week to finish off the metal, had to Pittsburgh up some round flashings for this place

  8. dieseldawg142 added a post in a topic 1 ton Chevy crewcab dually   

    thanks Gator, Jose!
    really thought i had a T400 in the parts box, but if it's there, i cant find it...so, now it's getting a 700r4. did'nt have a 700 either, but i been modifying a T350 to resemble one

    built the blue truck long, long time ago, must have used thermo-nuclear paint. a week in dot 3, another week in purple, and then the roof basically gave out....just roughed up to check dimensions

  9. dieseldawg142 added a post in a topic Build Order   

    body last.
    making your own suspensions means a lot of off & on with the body to make sure every thing is level, even, centered, fits....
  10. dieseldawg142 added a post in a topic Anyone have this problem?   

    yes Skip, i know where your coming from. (i thought it was maybe cause i'm canadian....)
    4 or 5 times i have sent out stuff, free, and never hear from them again. i do not let it stop me from still helping someone from my SMALL stash  if i can though
  11. dieseldawg142 added a topic in On the Workbench: Pickups, Vans, SUVs, Light Commercial   

    1 ton Chevy crewcab dually
    been waiting to start this, finally got all i need, sweet having the re-issue-bite it fleabayers...
    will be converting to a chevy crew dually. going to model the grill on my 1:1 '85 crew, single lamps with turns underneath, and a billet grille. power will be 454, T400, NP205 t-case & D60 & 70 axles.
    rubber will be hawgs, just waiting for the blue truck to come out of the dot3, then start choppin'

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  12. dieseldawg142 added a post in a topic A couple of '50's chevys   

    panel is under glass
  13. dieseldawg142 added a topic in Under Glass: Pickups, Vans, SUVs, Light Commercial   

    '57 chevy panel
    flkintstone panel body with amt '57 cameo. spent a few hrs making basswood planks for the inside body ribs, then forgot to photo them....did'nt want it super shiny, so no clear

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  14. dieseldawg142 added a post in a topic Is it just me ...   

    dont read japanese, but i see a 1/150 in engrish on the box
    not sure if kijiji is in the US, it's just basically a little more honest Craigslist. your in luck, he ships international, and with our buck in the toilet, it would only cost you $30, plus whatever ship is. here's the ad
  15. dieseldawg142 added a post in a topic Is it just me ...   

    guy on kijiji has one for sale for $40