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  1. dieseldawg142 added a post in a topic '66 Chev 4x4   

    gone to the glass...

  2. dieseldawg142 added a topic in Under Glass: Pickups, Vans, SUVs, Light Commercial   

    '66 Chevy 4x4
    revell '66 short fleet converted to 4x4. used a spare amt '60 chev box to make it a longbox, & replaced the floor with wood.
    427/T400, 205 case.
    hard color to photo & i'm not the best photographer. pictures are what they are...

    bonus pic's, had some extra wood left over...

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  3. dieseldawg142 added a post in a topic USPS Employees Nailed For Stealing Mail   

    wish you'd brought that California sun with ya!.....rain....grrrr....
    did you see a BIG green crewcab?
    been awhile since i hit Cal, back in '83 or '84, I imagine it's changed a little bit since then... 
  4. dieseldawg142 added a post in a topic USPS Employees Nailed For Stealing Mail   

    Unfortunately it's not exclusive to just the States, seems like everyone gets it now & then.
    we had our own local rash of mail theft a couple yrs ago, Canada Post employee
  5. dieseldawg142 added a post in a topic 1966 Сhevy Fleetside Pickup   

    beautiful '66!
    Yuri, you might want to change your "a" to a "u" 
  6. dieseldawg142 added a post in a topic Highway thru Hell   

    dont think we will get to see Jamie's new Pete on this season, but a friend of my dad's was on the Coquihalla last aug when that truck careened down the smasher (post 12) & made a vid of it.
    Jamie's Pete has a nice shot of it rolling down the highway at 1:34 & some other scattered shots of it throughout. sounds healthy & looks real nice...
    Jamie Davis to the rescue!
  7. dieseldawg142 added a post in a topic '80 Dodge Ramcharger   

    good lookin' dodge Jim!
    clean & simple-nice...
  8. dieseldawg142 added a post in a topic Possibly the worst thing Ive ever seen.....   

    yeah, this guy has quite the collection of "custom" models. while the execution leaves much to be desired, whoever built them gets an "A" for creativity. i actually spent some time looking at a bunch of them, and he does come up with some neat idea's, too bad he could'nt transfer them to styrene better....
  9. dieseldawg142 added a post in a topic Highway thru Hell   

    well Jamie should have a good year. i just checked & it's snowing pretty good on the Coke right now. we got 3 major storms, remnants of some Pacific typhoon, slamming us right now. about 6 inches of rain in the last 2 days, with about another 5-8 coming in the next 3 days, accompanied by winds almost as strong as what blew over that semi on the show. that happened just a few miles from my house, and it was quite a storm. being in the roofing industry, i was VERY busy after that storm...
    here's the truck the wind flipped

    and a picture from the local paper of the barn roof that blew off behind Quiring while flipping the rig upright.....wasn't the only barn roof to get ripped off, here's one we got called to....

    the storm ripped the skylight off my bathroom, dragged it 15 ft across the roof & 20 ft down to the ground, and it never got wrecked! i was able to put it back on. it also brought a lot of trees down, massive power outages.....

                                                                                                                                                      my nephew's house just barely got tagged when this tree in his front yard blew down

    really messed with the hydro

    not a whole lot at the Chilliwack yard lately. here's what looks like HR116.......              and lubing it up, prob to head up the Coquihalla

    looks like Jamie also got himself another new Tundra

    was up on the Coke a couple days ago, very light snow. seen one of Al Quiring's smaller wreckers there, and some wind turbine blades that looked to be around a hundred feet long. there was 2 of them in a pull-out, no tractors though. with that kind of length they prob wait 'till night- long loads on a windy road...going to see if i can get up there this weekend with the quad

  10. dieseldawg142 added a post in a topic A pair of wreckers   

    really nice pair of trucks Tim. i like!
    been slowly building an off-road recovery fleet myself, '72 chev with the squarebody wrecker deck, & a squarebody crew rollback so far....
  11. dieseldawg142 added a post in a topic '66 Chev 4x4   

    427/t400. susp mostly there....

  12. dieseldawg142 added a topic in General   

    just a little 'ol GMC
    100% stock, right down to the tires.
    this guy has some bowling ball size cajones, i have rode my KX up this hill, dont think i would be taking my square crew up it...
    goin' up
    comin' down
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  13. dieseldawg142 added a post in a topic What Pleased You Today!   

    yup, it does smell better out here Bill!
    i especially like the "no people around for miles" aroma...
    thanks Ed!
    we did have a red maple beside our house, but i "removed" it a few yrs ago- was leaving tons of real sticky little pods all over our vehicles. was hake to get them off, besides mussing up the paint
  14. dieseldawg142 added a post in a topic What Pleased You Today!   

    majority of the tree's around here are coniferous, so we don't get those fantastic colors you get Ed...
    did take dieseldawg on a hike to Little Douglas lake up on top of the Coquihalla yesterday. 
    prob the brightest colors we came across yesterday

    the swamp had just a little more color in it..
    got to like them colors at douglas lake though

    dawg did catch a "fall" run coho on the way home 

  15. dieseldawg142 added a post in a topic '66 Chev 4x4   

    still big hrs at work, not a lot done. put "bolts" on the bed rails & added a bulkhead

    swampers finally showed up, can get going on the susp now..