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  1. dieseldawg142 added a post in a topic Chevy 1500HD   

    thanks guys!
    mike, since the closest hobby shop closed (50+ mile round trip...) been on rations with my styrene...lol...literally... a 8 buck pack on fleabay costs 25.99 to ship (?!!?) and as much as i cant stand going to the big city (hour and a half each way...) might have to plan an expedition down there, so to answer your question, no, just some side steps 
    most of the chassis done. coils and shocks on this one, no coil overs, built a coil over truck last yr, just doing something different. hydro steering, dual shocks, amplifier wire coils, pop can gas tank straps

    interior. pretty basic, pretty much stock 

  2. dieseldawg142 added a post in a topic What Irked You Today?   

    more animal mayhem...
    ticked off 12 yr old puppy...
    just walked down to the post office, could'nt bring dawg cause his leash and collar are in wifey's truck, which is at work.
    dawg  was dis-pleased, he showed me........(k-9 mentality...lol)

  3. dieseldawg142 added a post in a topic What Irked You Today?   

    what's that old saying,
    "if your gonna do something... do it right....."  
  4. dieseldawg142 added a post in a topic What Irked You Today?   

    Food prob.  Access to, or a complete lack of. i feel your pain 
    two yrs ago i had a war with some rats and mice. my old neighbor had an apple tree that he never, ever cleaned up. there was like literally a foot of rotten apples on the ground around it just sucking in the rodents from everywhere... Then they discovered my dogs food bowls in the garage. too bad it took me a few months to realize i had a prob and the critters had done their damage.
    they chewed a hole in my quad battery and the acid evaporated out, hope it also evaporated the rodent...and they chewed the air box lid on my kid's quad... so they could stuff the air box full of our dogs dry kibbles they had pilfered....

    seeing how i got dogs, poison was out of the question. and the neighbors were complaining about the noise shot-gunning them, so i took a rubber maid tub, filled it with water and laid a broom handle across it. on the broom handle i had a pop can that i cut the ends off and slipped over the broom, and smeared some peanut butter on it. they would go for the pb and the can would spin dumping them in the water.....worked real good 'till wife came out one morning and found 3 "poor little mice" in it. you have to understand my wife has had pretty much every kind of small critter pet there is, mice, rats, hamsters, gerbils, sugar glider, and currently a couple of skinny pigs, so that ended my water days. Then i started using snap traps...

    the big hole is where they chewed their way in, then they chewed another hole threw the wall into another room in my garage...they actually chewed 6 holes that i found in my garage walls...grrrr...
    i must have had ninja rodents, cause the traps would be tripped and the food gone, even twist-tied the food to the trap and they still got it. so i just laid a minefield down, worked not bad, then i added about  a dozen more of the bigger rat snappers to the minefield, then i got good results. ten in one week including a mouse that pretty much got cut in half in one of the big rat snappers. i put the dogs dry food in a rodent proof tub and it now sits in the house. and after feeding my dogs in the garage for over 23 yrs, i now feed them inside, sloopy, drooly, mess that they are... and for the last yr and a half we have been good.
  5. dieseldawg142 added a post in a topic MPC 75 Datsun Pickup 3d printed Camper Shell   

    yes Mike, a Blazer Chalet or GMC Casa Grande camper would be super cool.
    i'd buy a bunch...

  6. dieseldawg142 added a post in a topic Highway thru Hell   

    ya, no one is really interested in wrecked trucks being towed down the freeway. BORRRING
    all i have seen so far is no official statement from Discovery about the show, but i do know it has not been re-newed yet....nor have i seen any movie crews. Going to Hope again tomorrow, will look, but not holding my breath. Just hope they put all 6 seasons on dvd....
    and actually the "no big surprise" is that Cary got a job plowing for VSA, because of his dad most likely, not the other way around. Al has been on the Coke way before HTH, and he has done some incredible stuff. he has made local news quite often. He was legendary long before HTH, the show just added to his lustre...lol. Like James once said, "the most popular guy on the show does'nt even drive a red truck"
    He stands on his reputation with no help from no one, when Al says it will get done, come hell or high water, he will get it done, and people know that.
    And it's actually the government, Ministry of Transportation that requests Al on protocol, it has nothing to do with VSA.
    MoT owns the road and hire's VSA to maintain it. MoT requests Al because they know he will keep the Smasher open no matter what.
    Cary has actually been driving this truck, 'till he swiped his dad's Kenworth....lol

    one of Al's big time recovery's. some yahoo's took a Komatsu for a joyride and let it go over the edge into the water. took both his wreckers and Fat Albert (his Cat) to yard it up the hill

    look, Al had some hair back then...

    check out all the recovery pics of this and more on Al's website
    ya, maybe they should have modeled it on Quiring, he definitley has more staying power
    here, found a better pic of Mission towing's old dodge. this yanked me out back in '96 at Stave lake

  7. dieseldawg142 added a post in a topic Highway thru Hell   

    i dont know, might be the beginning of the end for HTH.
    i notice Jamie is moving away from hd wrecks and more hiway hauling now. been seeing his trucks on the freeway a lot down in the valley. so now he's becoming just a boring tow company it seems. Have'nt seen any JD trucks on the Coke yet this yr...i've heard threw my trucker neighbor that a lot of company's won't call JD cause they don't want their screw-up on tv. I remember Bill from O'Hare Towing saying the same thing in an interview once and why he did'nt re-sign for another season.
    And of course Jamie is always complaining about competition....the show makes it seem like other tow'ers are encroaching, when in fact it's not like that. Mission towing has been around since the '50's, Quiring since the '60's, even Mario's has been around for about 30 yrs. Jamie opened JD towing well after 2000, so one could arguably say he is the one encroaching on the Coke...i do belive his brother opened Aggressive in the 80's though.
    Maybe they should have modeled the show on Al Quiring instead. He truly is the King of the Coke.
    He is so good in fact, the Coquihalla hiway has a thing called protocol when heavy snow hits the hill. When this kicks in, extra plows, loaders, police and commercial vehicle insps are called in to take care of the hill. The Ministry of Transportation calls in Al Quiring on standby to take care of any spin-outs on the Smasher, irregardless of what company is on rotation. I'm sure you've seen Al's buddy Gord get a little hot under the collar when other towers try jump on the smasher, even Colin ran a little afoul of Al earlier in the season for doing that...
    And ya Dan, how do you get good employees, not everyone wants to drive old skool....was in Hope last weekend and seen Adam Gazzola in Mario's wrecker with a passenger....his pass was Ken Monkhouse, remember googly eye Ken that did off-road recoveries for Jamie? guess you got to go where the work is...thinking Adam is working the Merrit branch of Mario's, it was a Merrit truck.
    ya, it sure seems like James is going backwards Curt.
    noticing a trend in his fleet lately?....
    Ken Monkhouse in front of MR50 (army truck)

    would not surprise me if Jamie really does restore Bruce's HR50 and put it back in service. Would blend right in with the rest of the fleet...lol

    one of the few jobs where HR150 and HR117 were working together. Now both at Berg's towing.....hello Berg's? this is the producer from HTH....

  8. dieseldawg142 added a post in a topic What did you see on the road today?   

    passed this yard in the work truck today. everything is for sale...
    and on my way home, this '51 chev sedan delivery. ya, pics are kinda blah, i am driving.....

    wow....think i need to clean my windows

    this goofy looking superduty. too bad, somebody put some money into the lift and then blew it with the rim/tire combo. would not want to be following him on a gravel road. soon he will have a run in with the local 5-oh about 75% of his tires hanging past the fenders....only allowed the sidewall to stick out up here, no tread past the sheet metal 

    and this decent old f-250 turned into a flatdeck

  9. dieseldawg142 added a post in a topic 68 SWB Chevy (AMT GMC stepside kit)   

    now that is different!
    wish i paid only 60 for mine.....check out this chebby

  10. dieseldawg142 added a topic in General   


    Chevy built this for their truck anniversary
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  11. dieseldawg142 added a post in a topic What Pleased You Today!   

    don't want to jump on what CrazyEd had going, but it was just too nice a morning at the automall not to share, cold, but nice...
    also pretty quiet 'till the rest of the maniacs show up...lol

    here's one you don't often see, turning this Honda dealership into a Volkswagon dealership

  12. dieseldawg142 added a post in a topic 68 SWB Chevy (AMT GMC stepside kit)   

    nice! like the short fleet
    got one myself, going to make a longbox dually
  13. dieseldawg142 added a post in a topic Highway thru Hell   

    well that came out of left field last nite, Jamie selling HR117. 
    even with my "contacts", i never heard about that, but now i think about it, have not seen HR117 in a few months....Berg's Towing in Monmouth IL seems to be acquiring a lot of Jamie's fleet, he now owns HR117 and HR150 (the rotator). imagine Collin might clear out now. James seems to have a hard time lately holding on to good operators..., Adam, Scott, Howie, Johnny....Jamie's fleet is left with one fairly modern wrecker now, HR116, but at least it's a 50 tonner
    check out Jamie's rotator now, pretty much the same livery

    coming home from work at the automall today, ran across Mighty Mo on the freeway.
    James himself behind the wheel (a shameless plug for our company...lol)

    not the greatest, threw the ladder rack on my truck

    and remember this Star from page 1.....

    well now we know what happened to it. Up by Boston Bar in the Fraser Canyon, guy went over the edge and down over a hundred feet and landed completely upside down. Walked away without a scratch.....(shake head...)
    one thing i did enjoy about last nights show was when Dylan went to Stave lake to retrive the swamped ford. that's actually a pretty common thing he had to do to get out with the ford.
    Stave lake mud is legendary, Dylan was not kidding when he said they spend a lot of time up there (and make buckets of money for it...) the level of the lake is controlled by 2 dams, so you get awesome mud flats when they lower the lake. everybody, and i mean everybody with a 4x4 try's their luck there, and it dont matter if your driving a stocker, quad, dirt bike, sidebyside or got 53" tractor tires, Stave lake has nailed everyone!! like i said, i enjoyed that segment because i too have first hand knowledge of screwing up and needing a wrecker up there
    my Stave lake stuck

    i actually got did in not by Stave's mud, but the other thing Stave is famous for- stumps...they logged one section of it for when they dammed and flooded it, but they left 2, 3, sometimes 4 foot stumps everywhere, and i snagged one hard enough to do some good damage
    my buddy tried winching me out, but i needed to go backwards first and get unhooked. his tires were no good in the muck, he stayed near the edges....

    the back up wrecker Dylan brought, the 4x4 dodge, that's what come and un-snagged me many yrs ago. a few memories seeing that thing again...cool to see it still out there yanking the mudders. only lousy shot i could find of it...
    the dodge is second wrecker from the left

    check out the mud and stumps and stucks...
  14. dieseldawg142 added a post in a topic What Pleased You Today!   

    it is a regional thing, but your in the region...lol
    separate foundation/floor pours are the traditional way and for a big chunk of the planet the best way. any soil that freezes or is unstable, clay etc, this is the way to go. as Xingu has noted, you have to get your foundation below the frost line, your foundation will be so heavy, it's not going anywhere. houses blowing away has to do with how the walls are attached to the foundation, never seen a foundation blowing down the road .... 
    a foundation/floor pour, or as it's called in the industry, a mono pour, is done pretty much for two reasons, and if your soil is acceptable to do it, and that's to save time and money.
    it does speed up construction time a good chunk, and saves money- only need a pumper truck and concrete crew once, then you can start framing right away
  15. dieseldawg142 added a post in a topic My buddy's garage   

    nope, he's going in the Correct Direction, BBC's
    my bil is a nopar guy. he has a '73 Charger, a '67 300 (we call it the batmobile...)  a '78 Warlock truck and he used to have a '69 charger, but he sold it to a movie co for the flick "Blade Trinity". if you have ever seen the movie, where they jump a charger out of the back of a semi over a mercedes, that was his.