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  1. dieseldawg142 added a post in a topic Revell Chevy Silverado kit   

    all you need to build it stock is some tires.
    i have the stock '99, Dieseldawg knocked it off the dresser with his tail, was going to stock rebuild it 'till i picked up the custom one for $8, will be made into a crew now....
    most of the drop comes from the tires. the fr susp is exactly the same on both, the custom mounts the rr axle above the springs, the stock mounts below the springs. everything else is exactly the same. 
    whats left of my stocker, and the custom

    the custom version has custom rims and the stockers, as well as the stock bumpers

    the only thing diff in my two kits is the tires

    the stock rims do fit the rubberband tires, as mentioned, here's where most of the drop comes from..

  2. dieseldawg142 added a post in a topic Highway thru Hell   

    welp, here's one you won't see on the show...
    been working in Agassiz last few weeks, there's a notorious section of s-bends on a hill by Bridal Falls. been many, many accidents there, my teenage buddy of over 30 yrs ago hit standing water in his mustang there and hydo-planed over the edge and into the trees-barely survived. (there were no rails then)

    should have clued in faster when one of Jamie Davis's flatdecks went by me the other way with 3 or 4 big truck axles on it...but no big truck...
    seconds later this went by- barely got the pic...another JD flatdeck

    come around the corner-yee-ha...

    James has all his upper valley trucks rolling on this, both flatdecks, HR126, HR116, M.Mo, his dodge 1-ton....

    turned around and went down the parallel rd, it dead ends as some more people found out...this person got stuck turning around

    the rail behind Mo got churned up pretty good....

    was hoping to see them pull the trailer out, but my boss went by, seen me, busted....

    this JD excavator barely squeezed by

    using a front end loader to remove rails from under the trailer

    and look who's supervising that, Jamie himself

    if you saw last weeks show, Al Quiring's lava rock load, well a yr later and it's still there...lol

    they were fixing the rail from this morning, on my way home tonite, which.....

    ....was causing more accidents. A van rear ended a pickup, did'nt get the pic in time (Jamie Davis flatdeck), and a rig rear ended another one, did get this pic in time, the snout and grill on the middle truck is all bent....

  3. dieseldawg142 added a post in a topic What did you see on the road today?   

    couple of nice poncho's
    '66 goat rag with redlines

    and a T-37 at the grocery store. did'nt get a pic, but looked exactly like this, same color, rims, vinyl top....

  4. dieseldawg142 added a post in a topic Highway thru Hell   

    blasting mats Jeff, usually made of old tires
  5. dieseldawg142 added a post in a topic Highway thru Hell   

    Jeff, if your into heavy wreckers, check out this 80 ton NRC that Mario has...

    hey Dan, dont feel bad, it's gotten to the point on our roads that you have to call them out, wether there new Canadians or local yahoos, unfortunatley for some, their actions speak for themselves
    i think being on tv went to Brandon's young head, and like anybody, you get less dumber and more smarter (usually...) as you get older. He has been into my wife's office since, and they have had no probs at all. was not on HTH much last season, wonder if this will be his "breakout" season
    and ya, HR126, like i said, is so sexy in real life.... 
  6. dieseldawg142 added a post in a topic Highway thru Hell   

    ya, pretty much anyone can get a license now. they also have some sketchy "driver schools" around here too that should not be...
    my wife's dad retired about 10 yrs ago after trucking for close to 50 yrs. ran his trucks in both Canada (independent), and for Landstar Inway in the states. has a couple million mile accident free awards from Landstar, and is pretty much appalled at what he see's on the Coke now-a-days...even that b-train fire i just posted, my neighbor across the street with the hot rod International said it was another new Canadian who just kept slamming on his brakes, not using the gears....makes sense, trailer caught fire right over the fifth and spread from there...
    and it is good to see Jamie's stepson finally smarten-up, he really needs too.
    he was in my wife's office (goverment) 2 yrs ago, and to be nice, he was an insufferable little p**ck. he was extremely rude to my wife and her co-workers, yelled at them, swore at them, belittled other customers there, even called his own mother a  b***h on the phone. at that point my wife's supervisor asked him to leave or they were going to call the police....
    appearences can be deceiving...
    i've seen Adam GaZzola bring in a few trucks to Hodge's HD repair, right around the corner from where i work, with both the flamed rotator, and the KW with the polished bed. i have noticed Mario shifting his trucks around, specially with winter just around the corner
  7. dieseldawg142 added a post in a topic Highway thru Hell   

    another 13 hr day at work, did'nt get back to the shop till 6:30 tonite. Can never seem to get by Jamie's yard when it's open.....
    here's that white International i mentioned, same as the Army truck, but a little bigger. prob see this one sometime this season, it went out a lot last winter

    look whats back, HR116

    sometimes coming in late can pay off, sitting on the street was HR126
    this thing is nice, in real life. Did not see James or anyone around the yard, just his Peterbilt

    and if you have seen a lot of HTH, you will notice a recurring theme, even only 2 episodes in this yr and it's there, i've mentioned and bit**ed about it many times, truckers, mostly "new Canadians" who refuse or are just plain stupid to think they can run a 45 ton load up the smasher with no chains. after last winter's record snows, Highways does not want another cluster schmuck on the smasher, so they are ENLARGING the chain on/off area at the bottom of the hill. would not surprise me to see enforcement up there full time now in the winter....
    slightly bigger...

  8. dieseldawg142 added a post in a topic Ed Erbeck Jr; ie CrazyEd   

    only talked to Ed a couple times, yes, about his beautiful pictures 
    being an outdoor person, i really enjoyed Ed's sunrise/sets pics. Will miss them....wondered why we had'nt seen any in awhile...
    funny, snapped this one on my way to work this morning, this one's for you Ed

  9. dieseldawg142 added a post in a topic Never Forget 9/11   

    not a religious type person, but i firmly belive in "an eye for an eye"
  10. dieseldawg142 added a post in a topic Highway thru Hell   

    ya, Colin is too good an operater to just toss, look what Howie did to Bruce's HR50....
    Dan, pretty sure there is nothing of  HR50 on Mo, HR 50 is a 750 Holmes, Mo is an 850 Holmes. Bruce's Peterbilt disappeared from the yard awhile ago. i heard thru the grapevine Jamie was restoring it....don't know for sure sure, but time will tell..
    Mike and Kerry, try this link, season 6 episode 1
    and guess who it was that scooped Jamie on the B-train lumber truck, watch the vid, check out the flamed rotator going by Jamie's Tundra at 26:59, and the wrecker at the crash scene at 27:23
    here's a pic of the rotator, looks just like the one in the show...

    and here's a pic of the wrecker that was at the crash, again, looks the same....and his yard is half a mile behind me up the hill...

    those wreckers belong to Mario's, biggest fleet of heavy wreckers in BC. they have a branch office in Hope. I work with their top driver's sister's husband.....Jamie's nemesis...i've seen Adam Gazzola drive both those trucks around here, plus Mario's tri-drive with a 50 tonner .  Can almost be assured Adam was most likely in one of those two trucks... 

  11. dieseldawg142 added a post in a topic Any other people from Canada?   

    Hey!  we got a Molson's brewery being bilt in our town right now!
    was born just down the road from ya Cale, Dawson Click....
  12. dieseldawg142 added a post in a topic Highway thru Hell   

    that's too bad Mike....
    last nite was the first 2-part show ever.  Colin's intro into Coquihalla towing has not been "stellar" so far, guy is an good operator, but not used to the mountainous terrain...
    Jamie had to coax him on his first snatch (he had all 6 pass tires off the ground) and his second recovery is the continuation. Trying to impress Jamie and the boys by yanking a flipped truck & trailer out before Jamie got there with his Pete. Backfired, snapped a cable and the truck and trailer rolled back down the hill.... 
  13. dieseldawg142 added a post in a topic Highway thru Hell   

    hey hey hey!
    Highway Thru Hell time again. 
    Season 6 starts on Tues sept 5 on Discovery. If you get the Discovery channel, there is a season 5 marathon on Mon sept 4, all the season 5 shows.
    my prediction last yr about Colin coming to BC was wrong, apparentley money and his own schedule delayed it a yr, yup, he's back this yr and come to tow in the mountains.....be taking over his old truck from Alberta, HR117, Scott was driving it for awhile. and found out a piece of trivia i did'nt know either, Jamie's "new" rig, his Peterbilt, it is'nt so new actually, it was a wreck he pulled out of the bush and the owner did'nt pay, so Jamie turned it into a wrecker....
    here's a bunch of trailers from Discovery- check 'em out!
    and i can see how other tow'ers are cutting into his business. passed this tractor-less b-train of 2x4's going up in smoke on the Coquihalla last Monday. this was at about 9 in the morning

    when tow truck drivers get a burn job on the Coke, they usually just wait for it to cool down enough to hook onto it and get it out. There really is no water for fire fighting on the Coke, and usually by the time a tanker gets up there it's too late. Not too many burn saves on the Coke. they didn't save this one, but the highways dept sent a tanker to stop the tinder dry forest from catching. actually they heli-coptered in some water to stop it from spreading before the tanker got there. and i see what Jamie is having to deal with lately, there was about 8 wreckers (all medium and light duty) from 5 different company's all sitting there when it was burning, and none had Jamie Davis on the door. was tempted to hang around and watch the fights and fireworks erupt over who was getting it once it cooled off...
    this is at about 4 in the afternoon on my way back

    some Mighty Mo

    Ha! check this out, but it was'nt plywood...
  14. dieseldawg142 added a post in a topic What did you see on the road today?   

    went up the Coquihalla today. last week there was 9 choppers parked on this field (fire fighting) but did'nt have my cam. today there was just 3, a huey, and a bell 407 and a 212

    this guy was sitting across from the bar, like his e-brake...

    thought this Pete at the brake check looked cool

    not sure what yr this is, had to slow down to under 50 so my son could get a pic.  must be a s-l-o-w go heading anywhere with it...

    stopped at Mcdick's, came across this thing. not really sure what it is. looks like some kind of redneck road grader rat rod. it had 4 slicks on the arse end. by the time we got threw the drive thru, he was long gone...

  15. dieseldawg142 added a post in a topic What Pleased You Today!   

    thanks Nick, 
    more than anything, the cost was really starting to get to me. over $11 a pack here, times 2 packs a day equals could have got my crewcab painted yrs ago, and yeah i'll also take the health benefits as well too 
    few more, these are Kwoiek creek rd

    one knarly half mile stretch of "boulder road"....

    some other randoms, mountain at John George

    where the second bridge was. just a little bit more than my quad can handle...lol

    no bears stole my truck...

    yup, i'm not complaining, i think we got a nice little chunk of the planet here