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  1. dieseldawg142 added a post in a topic '60 chev stepper   

    sorry, forgot to mention it went to Under glass a couple weeks ago
  2. dieseldawg142 added a post in a topic Century old riddle solved   

    have to keep an eye out for him in my travels...lol...hello? National Enquirer....
    first time for me Scott, usually they hi-tail it! (in more ways than one...)
    here's some non-pooping doe's me & my son ran into at Kwoiek lake couple weeks ago, also ran into 2 bucks, but they didn't hang around long enough for pics. guess the girls like the attention...

    this little girl was completely unconcerned about me or dawg, hung around long enough to take about 20 pictures

    it is a nice little chunk of the planet, we have some beautiful country right in our back yard, a few randoms from around our place


  3. dieseldawg142 added a post in a topic Century old riddle solved   

    after a few beer, they all look the same anyways...four legs & fur 
    we did pass one of the biggest mother of a timber wolf i have ever seen-had to be at least 125 lbs, but he was on a mission & we could'nt get the pic in time...
    and yes Bill, 4by is not just for show around here..lol, i know what my son is doing today...

  4. dieseldawg142 added a post in a topic OBS Chev crewcab   

    thanks Mark & Chris!
    Scott, the iroks are coming (hopefully....) from BNL resin
    been very busy lately, osb crew is coming along slowly...got a basic interior tub together, mix mash of parts. late '80's firebird buckets, '70 impala bench

    real cluster schmuck putting half a 2wd frame to the rear of a monster truck frame...straitening out the frame rails, still need to fill the old ones & chop all the 2wd junk off. not crazy about the monster truck fuel tank location, but will prob leave it where it is....

    threw a quick coat of primer on the cab to see how much more bodywork, will have to re-scribe the panel lines

  5. dieseldawg142 added a topic in The Off-Topic Lounge   

    Century old riddle solved
    my son was with grandpa today, so me & wifey headed a couple hundred miles into the bush to find a camping spot for our holidays next month. Headed up to Mehatl creek area. 

    while up there we got an answer to an age old question, "does a  deer poop in the woods?"

    why yes! yes they do...
    hey! how about a little privacy!...

    and we did find a pretty nice spot, probably have to do some rock stacking to get the quad hauler down there, and 2 very sharp switchbacks that could be tight for 40 feet of truck & trailer. will definitely be putting this spot on the short list...

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  6. dieseldawg142 added a post in a topic OBS Chev crewcab   

    one thing i hate about the amt OBS models is the dumb relief cut in the hood. fought the ghosting problem before on these trucks, so i found this scoop ( have no idea what it's from ) filled it, mounted it backwards and should have no ghosting problems now...

    and this one will not be stock ....need something big...
    body finally is out of the stripper, got a basic crew cab happening. because both trucks were regular cabs, there was not enough roof for a crew, had to add about a half inch of 030 to close the gap on the roof.
    this was plan "B",  set of 37" dawgs-just not cutting it....

    our postal service is back at the bargining table & still delivering, so i took a chance on plan "A" last night & ordered some 49" iroks for it
    i hope they make it here.....
    i roughly scaled out the height, should sit somewhere around here, yeah, that's more like it...

  7. dieseldawg142 added a topic in On the Workbench: Pickups, Vans, SUVs, Light Commercial   

    OBS Chev crewcab
    picked this stepper model up for a couple bucks last yr, missing a couple things-most important, a windshield. i already have a OBS stepper in my fleet, but i dont have a OBS crew. but i do have a USA-1 i built a very long time ago (not really into monster trucks anymore...) and will combine them into a crew. the plan is to turn it into a street monster truck. would like to order some 49" iroks, but our postal service could be on strike any day now.... dont want to chance parts in forever limbo-land...
    hopefully they will settle this quick, so for now so i can get going, i will just use the desert dawgs i have left over from a dually build.

    body in the dot3                                                                                           everything else in the purple

    could'nt wait, so i cut the back of the stepper off and chopped the rear bench seat out of a '70 impala tub-it will be the rear seat in the crew int. (...censored...mail....censored....! )

    a couple nice side benefits to dis-assembling the monster, now i got a couple rockwells to build on for my off-road peterbilt wrecker
     and remember this glue bomb with the boogered grille...                      .....USA-1! better now i think

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  8. dieseldawg142 added a post in a topic 77 GMC Wrecker - Sorta   

    first i've noticed this, liking what you have!
    i been fiddling with a peterbilt wrecker on terra tires myself.
    may be too late, but a suggestion to the body/frame length- turn it into a crewcab!  i also did a rollback crewy once,crews look sweet!
  9. dieseldawg142 added a post in a topic Chevrolet stepside   

    thanks guys!
    welp, i guess photography is really not my bag...could'nt figure out why the stepper color kept coming out wrong. the upside down shots you can see sort of the real color.
    wife changed some color/light switches thingy whatever...(doh!) here is a more accurate pic of the color in bigger size for us with old eyes...

    and most of it was scratched Ed, the rear axle & the front center diff were parts box, t-case is a modded 205
  10. dieseldawg142 added a topic in Under Glass: Pickups, Vans, SUVs, Light Commercial   

    Chevrolet stepside
    1960 chevy,  pretty much base-line model, but i did take liberty's. about as close to stock as i will prob ever build...
    tires & rims are temp 'till i get the ones i want

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  11. dieseldawg142 added a post in a topic What Pleased You Today!   

    thanks Ed!
    cheapest, easiest, & funnest way to do it  
  12. dieseldawg142 added a post in a topic What Pleased You Today!   

    what pleased me today? scratchin' the bejeezus out of my truck!
    was here;   50.128106, -121.816600 
    with my son & dawg, nothing better than spending the day in the bush with your son pinstriping your truck   

  13. dieseldawg142 added a post in a topic What do you listen to while you build???   

    92.9 KISM
  14. dieseldawg142 added a post in a topic More than just Red, White and Blue in 1:1 Happy 4th of July   

    nice, but personally i prefer this....

  15. dieseldawg142 added a post in a topic What Irked You Today?   

    you can save money & still make a decent product, i think people did not realize just how un-dedicated some country's are to quality control....