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  1. usually stick with old, but wife needed new and reliable when son entered the picture...we bought her a new truck had our share of mis-fortunes with the dealer when wife's truck was on warranty, blah, blah, blah I usually buy old and fix myself. wife wants a new vehicle now, trying to talk her into something nice, old, she's agreeable, she wants a '55 nomad (!!) or a new 4runner I got to hurry up and find a nomad.....
  2. how well did that go, little over 3000 copies....big car with open trunk...lol truck has to have good utility value, 'specially for what were paying for them now....
  3. this could work if, and only if, you had an 8 foot box. Anything less and you need the tailgate for it to sit on. not very many tractors or quads or motorcycles will fit a sb without the gate. and if they did, I myself would still not want to sacrifice the strength of a one piece'r tailgate anyways. around here, the only people who get 8ft boxes are business'es, farmers, and guys like me, bet over 80% of trucks where I live are shorties and c'mon, if you can't really load something with the tailgate on, maybe a truck is not what you really need. I load junk like this, do not think, no I wouldn't trust a split gate for this kind of stuff thank you. and I am no spring chicken, other side of 5-0.... saying all that, when i'm in the bush, if I see a hill I can un-load on, I will take it though... sacrificing strength or utility for comfort or conveince is not for me. like I said will work for some- i'm not one of them................................................(frivoulous....lol) two way tailgates are a gimmick anyways. we bought wife's xuv new in '04 and have used the tailgate down feature exactly twice, that's it in 14 yrs. I actually had to free the hinges on it last yr when we hauled my sons new bed home. they rusted just enough from lack of use it would not pop down...other than that we use it like a door, like any other door on the truck. the first time we used it hauling son's first quad home. going by the plates, it is '08, we had the truck for four yrs before we even used the 2 way (!)
  4. everybody has their own opinion of it Mike... just not mine. I do use my truck in my job (construction) and have hauled whatever you can think of, plus my toys, and most important of all, my mutts..lol and that's why I studied it for 20 mins, I did go over every possible scenario where I use my box, and for me, well....i'll just install a hand sanitizer by my door handle so I don't get dirt inside my truck... Jordan, go ahead, no clue. here and my truck site is the only place I go on the entire wwweb, and sometimes fleabay and CL
  5. let the war of words begin...lol http://www.foxnews.com/auto/2018/02/01/2019-chevrolet-corvette-zr1-just-embarrassed-ford-gt.html
  6. don't know if i'm pushing it, but as a dog owner I find this hilarious....and sadly true...
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