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  1. Model Master Plum Crazy. Thanks!
  2. camaro73

    1993 Mustang

    Thank you. I have no idea where the wheels and tires came from. I found them in my spare parts box. It is not lowered. I think the wheels and tires make it look that way.
  3. camaro73

    1993 Mustang

    Thank you. I like the look with no spoiler and I just wanted to be different.
  4. camaro73

    1993 Mustang

    Thanks guys! Here are a few more updated pics.
  5. camaro73

    1993 Mustang

    It is the Revell/Monogram '93 Mustang Cobra kit. It has been in my stash for years.
  6. Testors 1253T Spray Graphite Gray Metallic Enamel. Thank you!
  7. I am not sure. I robbed them from a 2010 Mustang kit. Thank you!
  8. I built this one a while back.
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