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  1. A couple sets would be nice...in case of mistakes lol. I am trying to replicate my old 1:1 76 T/A. I bought 2 of the 76 Formula kits, and planned on swapping the front end out on a 77/78 T/A kit, but don't really want the t-tops or the headache of filling them in since my car was a hardtop. So figure I can just swap out the hood, shaker and wheel spoilers from the 77 kit I bought. Only thing keeping it from being a T/A is the fender vents.
  2. I seen some fender vents for the 70-81 Trans Ams once online but dont remember where I seen them. Been trying to locate them again for a project..any idea on where I might be able to find some?
  3. I am looking to build a 76 T/A like the one I had a few years back. I was wondering if anyone made a trans kit? I know RR made one awhile back (rumors were it wasn't the greatest mold) but wasn't sure if it was still available. Any info on locating one would be greatly appreciated. thanks
  4. I was thinking about using JB Weld...just got to get me one of these diecast trucks and see how it comes apart
  5. the diecast is the 130" wheelbase instead of the 145"? Shouldn't be too hard to fix should it?
  6. I have found 2 of the smaller kits on ebay...will get on and look for the diecast...would rather have the bigger scale version...all I'd have to do is strip and repaint and modify the bed sides a bit...thanks for the info The diecast would also be better, because the truck down the road from me is a 57 i believe, so would have the right hood on it.... I wonder how hard it would be to tear down?
  7. ok cool i will do some more searching....I'm not too worried about the scale...just want to build it the way I would build the real thing
  8. I am trying to replicate a 1:1 of this truck that is down the road from me....any idea if this kit is still out there someplace? This is the only thing I can find about the kit....I am sure it will be impossible to find one, but thought I'd see if the people on here might have some info...thanks
  9. ok thanks George...I will see what they have
  10. thank for the link...but cant spend that much at the moment....guess I will just build it using the 55-57 cab lol
  11. I am wanting to build a 58/59 chevy 1 ton dually but all I can find is the 55-57 truck. Anyone make the 58/59 cab in resin? There is a 58 chevy 1 ton dually down the road from me and I would like to build a kit version (of how I want to redo the 1:1). The cab of the 1 ton looks just like the half ton cab. all I need is the cab and interior...I will be using a chassis from the 90s chevy dually, or making one from scratch.... Any help or info is appreciated
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