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  1. andy12646 added a topic in Model Building Questions and Answers   

    What adhesive used to apply foil
    What spray adhesive would you recommend for applying aluminum foil to a model? Also, if I screw up in the application, what would you recommend for cleaning the part (model) before starting the process over? I'm trying to learn this technique and it seems not difficult if your VERY careful and the RIGHT materials are used. Any input would be greatly appreciated and respected.
    Thanks for all your replies!
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  2. andy12646 added a topic in Model Building Questions and Answers   

    Engine Block Color
    Does anyone know the proper color for the engine block of the Reher-Morrison/Lee Shepherd 83 Pro-Stock Camaro?
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  3. andy12646 added a topic in Model Building Questions and Answers   

    Lookin for Advice - '57 Chevy Build
    I recently purchased a Revell '57 Chevy Bel Air kit. I would like to change it into a Chevy Model 210. To do this I need to remove the appearance of the rear quarter panel insert which is molded into the body. This is the panel that defines the Bel Air from the 210. Any advice other than sand paper and patience?

    Also, there is a perforated metal panel behind the grill on '57's. This detail is also molded into the grill/front bumper which is all chrome plated in this kit. I would prefer to simulate this panel being removed. Any advice? My other options are to paint this entire area flat black or use a wash to highlite this area (last choice). Not sure as to what problems there might be in the paint or wash over the chrome. This will be my first build in many years. I've never used a wash.

    Any advice, tips or tricks would be greatly appreciated!

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  4. andy12646 added a post in a topic BMF   

    Thank you!

    That should keep me busy!
  5. andy12646 added a topic in Model Building Questions and Answers   

    I am recently retired and thought I would get back into model car building for a hobby. Built many models in my pre and early teens which I truly enjoyed. However so many things have changed in fifty years that I have many questions. Here are a couple.
    I am interested in BMF. I have never had anything like this available in years past.
    Where can it be purchased? How is it applied?( I assume it is self-adhesive) How much overlap is recommended during application. What is the best method of burnishing? Trimming? This may sound dumb but is it applied after the model is completely finished and clear coated?
    Also, where is a good place to purchase parts such as rims, tires, engines, etc? (1/24 - 1/25 scale)
    I'm just getting started again and have no scrap parts from previous models.
    Sorry for the length of these questions. I have many more to post.

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