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  1. heres one I did a few years back, used the chevy wrecker for the drive line
  2. Fantastic job,,makes me want to make replica of my Walinga 5 axle grain hauler with my 2012 mack, the mack would be hard since there are no newer macks out there
  3. Looks good, I like building the what if's myself
  4. that's great send list please dt.turner@rogers.com
  5. Alan ,you have a better idea when your up and running??
  6. No picture but we have all seen it , I got the 68 Hemi Dart at micheals, they had 30% off plus with my wifes employee discount of 30% so 60% off brought it down to 17 bucks not too bad
  7. I was bored so I figured I do something like this and think it turned out not to bad for the amateur I am primer with clear coat only, mica blue and Italian red all Tamiya,i think I should stay away from AN fittings as my eyes aren't the best and a bit of the shakes, decals are slixx
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