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  1. Liao SL added a post in a topic Two Simple pictures...   

    It's so nice that you like the silvia. Ever since I saw the silvia s13 in the japanese cartoon Initial D, it became my favourate car. I especially like its clean and sharp shape, what's more, the SR20det used in the later version and the FR system give the Silvia lots of driving pleasure.
    As for the model I have a 1:24 Aoshima Silvia S13
  2. Liao SL added a post in a topic 2010 GT500 1:12   

    Nice build, congratulations ! I don't understand why mustang this days does not use multi-link suspensions in the rear axles...
  3. Liao SL added a post in a topic subaru wrx (girlfriends first build that she did)   

    A very nice build, subaru in this colour is also uinque.
  4. Liao SL added a post in a topic Two Simple pictures...   

    Thanks! You got it right, when I look back the second picture I realize its headlights look like the Acuras in some way.
    I really like drawing cars, it makes me happy and feel relax.
  5. Liao SL added a post in a topic Two Simple pictures...   

  6. Liao SL added a topic in Auto Art   

    Two Simple pictures...
    Please click to see full size picture, many Thanks!

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