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  1. hi, can someone delete this one, or till me how?, it was meant to go in the straight 6 build. thanks
  2. hi guys, i'm gunna have another shot at this, it will be a toyoda aa with a supra 6 and with a bit of luck the rest of it's running gear. having problems with pics will get some up later.
  3. liking that lots, well done
  4. hi guys, still here, little bit busy at the moment.
  5. hi Guys, bit late on last months update, just got my laptop back, got the heads and a rockercover done and have started the inlet manifold. i'll get some pics up when i get my camera reinstalled.
  6. hi guys, i got a bit done over the weekend, got the firewall and the inner guards done, motor sits on the original mounts. now heads and inlet manifold
  7. that is a bit bigger, looks good
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