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  1. fractalign added a post in a topic New Range of Hot Rod Wheels & Tyres, Old School Style !   

    Here is another image of the same wheel in a different tyre, this is one of the resin tyres that was painted up. I have been casting all the wheels as well as an adapter that attaches to the large wheel hub, that replicates the star cap shaped hub on the small wheel shown in the first image. The only remaining task know is to make the backs for both wheels and the brakes for the rear ones and cast them up too. Once these tasks are complete, I can finish work on the five spoke versions that will run the same outer rim as these ones. These wheels fit neatly under all the Model A, 32 and 34 Kits I have tried out, with or with out fenders. I will have more photos once I have finished the five spoke versions.

  2. fractalign added a post in a topic New Range of Hot Rod Wheels & Tyres, Old School Style !   

    Hey Guys !
    It has been a while but I was finally able to finish the masters for the wheels and tyres. The version on the far right is a mild pro street configuration. All the whitewalls are separate inserts.  I have been wanting to create a set of standout big n little wheels for a long time only to find myself thwarted when it came to the design of the tyre. For the high profile tyres it was a case of splicing a second tyre into the existing one to raise the diameter. For the small one in  the middle, the centre had to be carved out to fit the whitewall inserts. The other side of this tyre also takes a larger front wheel not shown, that has the same pattern as this one. The larger wheel on the  left was widened by 2mm and the diameter was reduced by 1mm. These wheels work out to around 19 inches in 1:1 scale. With the slightly reduced diameter and deeper offset the overall effect is closer to what I originally set out to do and that was replicate the style used on Bobby Alloways 34's he built in the mid nineties.

  3. fractalign added a post in a topic whats out there for muscle car wheels   

    Hey Mack.
    Check your pm, I have sent through a message. Cheers !
  4. fractalign added a post in a topic Gauging interest in Dodge W-300 & W-500 cab kits   

    I like the idea but without a matching chassis/floor pan it seems like a hard sell.
    Wheels, tyres and engines can be sourced easily enough but adapting a chassis is tricky at the best of times.
    You should really consider the chassis option, in fact several versions would really increase your sales. Longer wheelbase for the twin cab, maybe even a pro street version.
    There is nothing people like more than a resin kit that they can complete from spare parts without the need to fork out for a whole other donor kit. Also stock and custom versions increase the build options.
  5. fractalign added a post in a topic Posting photos to the forum   

    I am fed up with the whole thing. Its time they update so that you can upload directly from your photo library just like facebook. You have to be an expert on coding to able to upload onto the forum. Its easier to build a website then it is to upload onto the forum these days. Its time for a new tutorial !
  6. fractalign added a post in a topic the problem with dogs...   

    When I was kid, one of our dogs chewed through a couple of my model plane kits, I had forgotten how destructive they are.
  7. fractalign added a post in a topic Is there a good flexible casting resin out there?   

    I have experimented with various resins and an Australian company called Barnes Products does the best stuff by a long shot ! As for casting tyres I will be experimenting with something different altogether, I will upload some photos of the results next month.
  8. fractalign added a post in a topic 1:16 Scale Revell 1934 3 window Coupe !   

    Hey Guys !
    I have been snowed under with another project. A line up of resin based pre 49 truck and pickups that I am trying to get released early in the new year. Everything else is on hold including this one unfortunately. I would like to recommence it sometime in the new year time permitting. There won't be any changes to the style of the build, but don't hold your breath for any new updates in the near future. Sorry guys !
  9. fractalign added a post in a topic Expressions of interest in new range of vintage trucks !   

    The 40 Ford below has a similar set up only with a bogie drive. The version I have constructed looks more like the one below minus the twin wheel arches. In the previous post I mentioned I would be releasing the wheels and tyres before tooling up for the complete kit. I am hoping the lag time between the wheels and tyres  and the complete kit is shortened now that I have ironed out all the bugs. Sorry for the lack of progress photos, trouble with my uploader it seems. Once that is sorted out I can post of up photos of the car hauler body and fingers crossed actually have a full kit completed in the next couple of months. Anyway let me know what you think of the car hauler idea or if you have any suggestions for any other configurations,  Cheers !
     th Anyway 
  10. fractalign added a post in a topic Expressions of interest in new range of vintage trucks !   

    Hey Guys !
    Thanks for all the encouragement, I thought I should update you on the progress of the trucks. I mentioned in the previous post that the first trucks to be released would be the 35-37 Fords and Dearborn C.O.E. That is still the plan but I decided to add something else into the mix. Originally The full size trucks were going to be cab chassis, with bodies to be created later on but I have been toying with a idea. The image below is of a 48 to 52 Chev C.O.E converted into a single car hauler. I know these types of trucks did not really start appearing until the late fifties, early sixties. I also know this type of rig was popular with racing enthusiasts. Sprint Cars, drag cars, stock cars in particular were often transported on the back of these. Last year I purchased a sheet of checker plate styrene to make the floor of a rollback that I want to create. I soon realised there was enough checker plate to do the roll back tray and to create one of these versions as well. This was a relatively easy build. Two days in and its three quarters finished already. My intention is to offer this option with the first Dearborn I release. I have also redesigned the chassis so that the wheel base is adjustable. The chassis will be extended to the standard 157 inch Wheel base. However the leaf springs will be able to moved back to allow a longer wheel base should the builder decide he or she wants to create a car hauler similar to the one below.
  11. fractalign added a post in a topic '38 GMC cabover car hauler   

    That looks very cool and not far from completion either. Can't wait to see it finished.
  12. fractalign added a post in a topic 1935 Ford "Dearborn" C.O.E ,Bogie Drive Car Hauler.   

    The new spring is a modified version of the AMT 33 Willys rear leaf spring. The ends have been cut off and the ends from the AMT 34 Ford Corvette Rear end are being added. The was a corvette IRS so it is less bowed on the ends, which is perfect. The axle above is the one I will be using. I have bet it down and rather than widen it at the centre like the old one below, I simply shaved the stub axle mounts which have become part of the axle. The new stub axles will simply be grafted on from the old axle below. The other thing I have been working on is the chassis. The rear rails behind the cab have been raised to meet the bottom of the cab edge. The rails are deeper and more truck like as result. I have been moulding the cross members from the old chassis to add to this one, rather than trying to scratch build them, that will save time. As for the wheels and tyres I was un happy with the tyres I was using so I have scratch built my own that I hope to mould tomorrow. This will be very different to anything else out there. The centre section was machined from resin with the tread carved in. I am not sure when I will get photos of the finished wheels and tyres, the photo uploader o my computer is giving me trouble. When I do get it sorted out I will have photos of the finished wheels ad hopefully the chassis as well.
  13. fractalign added a post in a topic 1935 Ford "Dearborn" C.O.E ,Bogie Drive Car Hauler.   

    Hey Guys. Sorry for the lack of updates. I have been somewhat preoccupied. I found a new FB group that is all about 28 to 38 AA ad BB trucks. It has been a wealth of information. Scrolling down though the images I saw one of a 1935 Dump Truck. I could tell straight away that the front end on the truck was much heavier duty than mine. The spring has less of an arch and the axle is less bowed. As a result I have begun to rework mine to look like the one in the image.
  14. fractalign added a post in a topic Fenders for new Revell 29 A roadster- caster interest?   

    Hey Craig.
    I just noticed your post and yes I am interested in the idea and I had a similar idea myself. I am lucky enough to own an AMT Model A Roadster kit which has the stock fenders. I will be getting the new Revell version soon so I can compare the two. The problem with the Revell version is the enlarged rear wheel arches. My advice would be to remove the rear fenders and graft on a set of larger 32 Fenders preferably from a 1:24 version such as the Monogram 32 Roadster or 3 window Coupe. Another thing you should look into is offering a full hood with the chassis/fenders that way the builder can have a full body kit. As for casting experience, I have done various two part moulds for bodies, chassis and recently I started doing them for wheels. The image below is of a 32 pickup I am working on. PM me and I will see if I can help you out.
    Cheers !
  15. fractalign added a post in a topic Expressions of interest in new range of vintage trucks !   

    Hey Greg.
    I wish I could pencil in a date for the trucks, all I can say at this stage is that the first components to be released will be the wheels and suspension. If I could get either the Dearborn C.O.E or 36 Ford Truck finished and cast by Christmas then I will be doing well.
    Cheers !