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  1. fractalign added a post in a topic 1935 Ford "Dearborn" C.O.E ,Bogie Drive Car Hauler.   

    Hey Guys. Sorry for the lack of images But I have not had much time to work on it lately. The second most frustrating thing after the wheels has been creating the lower cab section and the hood, more importantly how to get them to sit flush over the contour of the fenders. I think I may have figured out a way to get this right, unfortunately it will have to wait till next week. I will be going away to tomorrow for an extended weekend. When I get back on Monday I might try and get the alignment issues worked out, if not Tuesday. Cheers !
  2. fractalign added a post in a topic 1935 Ford "Dearborn" C.O.E ,Bogie Drive Car Hauler.   

    Thanks for the positive feedback guys, I am hoping to have some more images up when I get some more parts completed !
  3. fractalign added a post in a topic 1935 Ford "Dearborn" C.O.E ,Bogie Drive Car Hauler.   

    Hey Guys !
    For the last couple of day I have been focussing on getting the wheel and grill finished. I am hoping to mould both tomorrow. I completely re-did the grill insert and shell. The peak at the top is more defined and the bottom is also more pointed. I need to work out the crank hole and it will be ready to mould. The wheel has been a little slower and more challenging. I measured the 1:1 this morning to see how closely this one compares. I should add the 1:1 image is sourced from google, the only reason I am using this images is because of the colour of the wheels are similar. The major change I mad in this wheel was around the rim its self. Like the 1:1 the outer rim is separate to the inner rim. This re-design makes the wheel far more accurate. Still quite a lot of cleaning up to do around the holes, so this may not get moulded tomorrow, but the grill almost certainly will one I have made the crank hole surround,

  4. fractalign added a post in a topic resin '35 Ford truck available anywhere?   

    I am racing to get this one finished, hopefully by the weekend I can cast up the grill and start on the hood sides.

  5. fractalign added a post in a topic 1935 Ford "Dearborn" C.O.E ,Bogie Drive Car Hauler.   

    This is how it looks with the Dearborn cab sitting in place. You will notice the wheel next to it. This is not the wheel that I finished a couple of weeks ago, its a completely new one. To cut a long story short I was not happy with the outer rim band on the other wheel or the alignment of the triangular holes relative to their position inside the rim. The holes were not evenly spaced and the rim was too clunky. I created a gauge to cross reference the spacing of the hole and re-designed the outer rim. I also created a new punch to insure the holes are all the same size and shape. I managed to wreck four days of work last night when I machined down the outer rim too far that a section of it broke off. That turned out to be a blessing in disguise because this one is much stronger. I have been careful not to over machine this one. I am also not going to undercoat it either, the primer would only destroy the fine detail of the rim and the holes. Its hard to believe this wheel is only a little over 24 hours old. Its also hard to believe that I have finally created a wheel that I am happy with. I no longer need to create a wheel. This one looks to be in proportion. I am not sure if I will finish it tomorrow or the next day, but either way it will be a relief to be able to leave it and move onto other areas. With out a doubt this has been the hardest thing I have ever created but well worth the effort. Next task will be to finish off the grill and move back into finishing the hood and cab sections.

  6. fractalign added a post in a topic 1935 Ford "Dearborn" C.O.E ,Bogie Drive Car Hauler.   

    Hey Guys.
    Its been a while since I posted anything but the work has not stopped. I know I was supposed to be focussing on the hood and lower cab section but I decided to take time out from that. The reality is that I will need to create a contour gauge to make both parts line up with the fenders and that is not something I am ready to tackle just yet. When I originally posted this build, I made my intention clear that there would be three trucks and this is one of them. As you can see I have started work on the grill. The centre is actually an AMT 32 Ford grill insert that has been split three ways, and re-joined using strip styrene for the cross bars. One millimetre half round tubing makes up the perimeter. The lower lip of the grill shell is being re-shaped to suit the new insert.

  7. fractalign added a post in a topic First detailed look - Revell's '29 Model A Hot Rod Roadster ...updated with photos of completed builds of both kit versions   

    I can't speak for the quality of the body because I have yet to get the kit but I actually prefer the AMT version because of the stock wheel wells. It would be very hard to build a full fendered version of this kit with the raised wheel wells. Also not sure why they did not include a 32 grill shell, most hi boys have them, the stock grill shell is more suited to a stock bodied version. Having said that, I am looking forward to getting this kit simply for the fact that its an all new tooling and the parts including the tyres and the chassis really stand out. I can certainly use them in my other model A builds.
  8. fractalign added a post in a topic Perrys resin?   

    Perry's Resin is a classic case of how not to run a resin business. There is no excuse, when it comes to the customer. Orders should be filled and product shipped with in the next working day. I keep reading stories about guys like this taking the money and hiding, or equally deplorable are the ones who happily rip off another caster's hard work. Is it any wonder resin casters have such a questionable reputation in the modelling world ? I really hope anyone who is owed parts by this guy can mount legal action to get either their parts or their money returned.
  9. fractalign added a post in a topic resin '35 Ford truck available anywhere?   

    I have been doing a build on the Big Rigs Workbench Forum over the last year or so of a 1935 Dearborn C.O.E project if you want to check that. Most will share the same components as the ones I am planning to market.

  10. fractalign added a post in a topic 1935 Ford "Dearborn" C.O.E ,Bogie Drive Car Hauler.   

    Hey Guys.
    Thanks for all the positive feedback. I did not get much done today but I did manage to glue the lower section to the cab along with the hood. I also glued to the headlight and grill shell into place. This is the only way I will know what extra material needs to be added to the hood. It will be a balancing act to get the hood sitting properly. The grill appears to taper back further in the diagrams so I will need to add extra material to the grill shell. As I mentioned in my previous post I am going to focus on this area until I am happy its sitting neatly in place. Once that is achieved I will take all the sections apart and finish off the chassis.

  11. fractalign added a post in a topic resin '35 Ford truck available anywhere?   

    Thanks ! It has taken me 3 years to finally come up with a set that actually looks like the 1:1 version.
  12. fractalign added a post in a topic resin '35 Ford truck available anywhere?   

    Hey Tom.
    I have been working on a Resin 35 Ford Truck kit myself. I have already cast up the fenders and wheels, the grill and hood are being worked out at the moment. I don't expect the grill and hood to take to long. Once completed I will contact you so that we can work out shipping details

  13. fractalign added a post in a topic 1935 Ford "Dearborn" C.O.E ,Bogie Drive Car Hauler.   

    Hey Guys.
    I finally managed to add all the trim to the sides of the lower cab section. Once added I cut each one so that they taper evenly. I am going to focus on this section and the hood since both need to sit flush in order for the cab to sit in place. I am really hoping I can get both finished by the end of the week so that I can move onto finishing the chassis.

  14. fractalign added a post in a topic 1929 Coleman 4wd   

    Another cool early truck nearing completion, I can't wait to see this one completed !
  15. fractalign added a post in a topic 1935 Ford "Dearborn" C.O.E ,Bogie Drive Car Hauler.   

    Hey Guys.
    With the wheels done, I have been concentrating on moulding all the different types. I am hoping to cast them up tomorrow afternoon. The other thing I have been getting back into is doing the hood and lower cab section. I started shaping the half round to attach to the hood. I have also been working out the grill placement. I decided to start a fresh with the grill since the old one was a bit out of shape at the top. I have enough of the kits now that I can source new parts rather than work with the old ones. Such is the case with the grill. I finally started adding the strips that go along the sides of the lower cab section. There are five in total and they follow the taper of the front fenders. Once I have added the other two strips, I will start assembling this section. That will be the next task along with getting the swage on the hood done. I am really hoping to get the cab, hood and grill finished and cast, by the end of the month and so far its looking very likely.