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  1. Hey Guys. I am just wondering about the availability of any kits with the old style BF Goodrich TA radials. I have some from the old Hardcastle and McCormick Coyote X kit but they are a little on the small side for what I want. Were there any other kits released that featured these tyres in larger diameter and wider track ? Any help is appreciated. Cheers !
  2. Hey Guys. I am just wondering about the best way to mask a set of fenders for flames. I want to recreate a Bobby Alloway style 34 3 Window coupe with the flames that run along the sides of the body and fenders but I don't know where to begin. Any help is appreciated. Cheers !
  3. I do make them and I have cast up various test versions. The biggest obstacle to getting them to the production stage has been sourcing a set of stainless steel lugs. I was finally able to purchase a set of lugs a couple of weeks back to complete the wheels after months of looking. Once I secure the right diameter wire for the studs I can begin the finally assembly before I cast them. The image below is of the master. This is also the same wheel that will be on the rear. The centre hub is also completed but not shown in the image.
  4. I find it astonishing that these guys are happy to take your money and make you wait indefinitely for product. Speaking as a caster myself I always shipped out product within two working days of receiving the order and I never charged before I shipped out the items, as a result I never had any complaints. I also had a number of customers who were more than happy to order products from me time and time again. Any excuse resin casters make is just that, an excuse. If they are too busy to complete your order or this is just a hobby or sideline for them they should give up. The biggest and best casters do this full time for a reason, they know that in order to satisfy customer demand they need to be on call 24/7. They would not be number one if they did not treat their customers with respect. I actually don't have an issue with casters taking orders for items before casting them but they should only be charging their customers once the item is ready for shipping. I will be doing the same with my next line it products.
  5. I have the "Motor City Muscle" Revell 1969 Z/28 2'n1. My opinion is that this is an excellent kit with a choice of two build options, two sets of wheels and two grills. Like all Revell kits the finish and detail is superb. Even the small things like having separate clear styrene windscreens and rear windows add to the realism.
  6. You are absolutely right about that. I checked out my own Nomad version and put it back straight away. The rear roofline is completely different to that of the sedan delivery. The doors are different too there is lean in them. I looked at my 55 Tudor and came to the conclusion that it would be far easier to scratch build the roof and tailgate section and graft it into the tudor. The tudor trim would be removed and the dip behind the doors filled . I have been sourcing images of sedan deliveries online so I have no shortage of information to work off if I decide to take this one on. The hardest part of this project would be creating the corners for the roof. I would most likely mould the roof corners from the Nomad and use them. The floor pan would be built into the chassis to simplify the moulding process. I did mention that this was something I was interested in taking on. I also mentioned I was completing another project for someone else. I have decided to get that project completed as soon as possible so that I can focus on the possibility of finally doing a sedan delivery. If I undertake this project I have also decided to put any other projects on hold as this one will be an extensive one.
  7. A friend and I were looking into this a couple of years ago. He had given me a 56 that I had then mastered into a Sedan Delivery. I had it 90 percent finished when I handed it back to him to complete. He never got it finished and that was when I realised I should have kept it and finished it myself. Out of frustration I purchased a 55 Tudor off him with the intention of doing my own sedan delivery and I got as far as removing the rear of the roof. I have a 57 Nomad that I can use for the rear section although I have also considered modifying the 57 into a 55 by changing the side trim, front clip and rear tail lights. The project has been on the backburner as I have been busy finishing off another one for someone else. These projects are never simple and typically take six to twelve months to complete. However I never totally gave up on the idea. and I am sure there is plenty of interest out there. If you are able to get me some basic measurements, such as roof height, door length etc I may be able to give you a better estimate.
  8. Here is another image of the same wheel in a different tyre, this is one of the resin tyres that was painted up. I have been casting all the wheels as well as an adapter that attaches to the large wheel hub, that replicates the star cap shaped hub on the small wheel shown in the first image. The only remaining task know is to make the backs for both wheels and the brakes for the rear ones and cast them up too. Once these tasks are complete, I can finish work on the five spoke versions that will run the same outer rim as these ones. These wheels fit neatly under all the Model A, 32 and 34 Kits I have tried out, with or with out fenders. I will have more photos once I have finished the five spoke versions.
  9. Hey Guys ! It has been a while but I was finally able to finish the masters for the wheels and tyres. The version on the far right is a mild pro street configuration. All the whitewalls are separate inserts. I have been wanting to create a set of standout big n little wheels for a long time only to find myself thwarted when it came to the design of the tyre. For the high profile tyres it was a case of splicing a second tyre into the existing one to raise the diameter. For the small one in the middle, the centre had to be carved out to fit the whitewall inserts. The other side of this tyre also takes a larger front wheel not shown, that has the same pattern as this one. The larger wheel on the left was widened by 2mm and the diameter was reduced by 1mm. These wheels work out to around 19 inches in 1:1 scale. With the slightly reduced diameter and deeper offset the overall effect is closer to what I originally set out to do and that was replicate the style used on Bobby Alloways 34's he built in the mid nineties.
  10. Hey Mack. Check your pm, I have sent through a message. Cheers !
  11. I like the idea but without a matching chassis/floor pan it seems like a hard sell. Wheels, tyres and engines can be sourced easily enough but adapting a chassis is tricky at the best of times. You should really consider the chassis option, in fact several versions would really increase your sales. Longer wheelbase for the twin cab, maybe even a pro street version. There is nothing people like more than a resin kit that they can complete from spare parts without the need to fork out for a whole other donor kit. Also stock and custom versions increase the build options.
  12. When I was kid, one of our dogs chewed through a couple of my model plane kits, I had forgotten how destructive they are.
  13. I have experimented with various resins and an Australian company called Barnes Products does the best stuff by a long shot ! As for casting tyres I will be experimenting with something different altogether, I will upload some photos of the results next month.
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