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  1. wraith added a post in a topic Hot Rod 77 Chevy   

    And now on to the newest progress pics!

    exhaust 99% complete. took me a lil while to make a H-pipe I liked

    the driveshaft is aluminum tubing with the u-joints ends pushed in.
  2. wraith added a post in a topic Hot Rod 77 Chevy   

    I finally found the kits taillights after looking in almost every model box i have.
    stripped the chrome from them and then sprayed them and the rear bumper with some cheap chrome spray paint from Ace Hardware.
    I was really impressed with how good the chrome look came out.

    The fuel cell in the bed is just sitting there. It the large resin one offered from Scale Dreams.
    Not sure if it will make the build or not.
  3. wraith added a post in a topic Hot Rod 77 Chevy   

    some more previous progress pics
    the exhaust coming together

    the traction bars are also from the Rampage 69 Camaro

    here you can see the styrene strips on the rear crossmember that the exhaust will hang from

    the wheels and tires I sourced to use.

    they have since been replaced.

    rear end shot.

    trying to find some suitable taillights as at this time I hadn't been able to find the kits taillights.
    The rear bumber is from the AMT 72 GMC stepside kit. I narrowed it to fit my taste better. then just sanded it a lil smoother and out came the sharpie marker.
    Most of the ehaust was hing at this point and the exhaust tips are aluminum tubing
  4. wraith added a post in a topic 1984 GMC Lowrider   

    very very cool!
    sweet work!
  5. wraith added a post in a topic Hot Rod 77 Chevy   

    Well maybe today I can continue with posting pics on her progress. Stupid computers at the library and maybe photobucket are not cooperating right now.
  6. wraith added a post in a topic Hot Rod 77 Chevy   

    Some work on the headers and test fitting

  7. wraith added a post in a topic Hot Rod 77 Chevy   

    work on the SBC engine

    starter sourced from a AMT 55 Chevy pickup

    resin oil filter

    I also sourced the Edlebrock air cleaner and valve covers for it.
  8. wraith added a post in a topic Hot Rod 77 Chevy   

    I decided against the slicks and the skinny front tires.
    When I restarted her I was unsure of how to finish her. I just started digging in the parts box and came up with some pieces.

    i cut off the quick change rear end as I wanted something different. The SBC and trans were very badly messed up pieces from a older 79 Camaro I had gotten from a friend. took alot of reshaping to get it to work. the headers were from a long gone ZZ Top 34 Ford. They too need some work.
    new rear end from a old Rampage Camaro.

    I found another hood i had for this kit. I had very badly mounted a hood scoop on it. i removed the scoop and grafted the cowl section fron the Rampage 69 Camaro hood.

    a lil sharpie marker magic.

  9. wraith added a topic in On the Workbench: Pickups, Vans, SUVs, Light Commercial   

    Hot Rod 77 Chevy
    I started this in 1993 when i was a sophmore in high school. never got finished and got put away.
    I found it along with a stassh of old models at my parents 3-4 years ago and decided to finish it. got som work done on her and she again got put away.
    And now I finaly am hoping to "FINISH" her for good.
    these pics are how i found her a few years ago.

    All this work was done when I was 15 years old. paint and the 79 Camaro front suspension swap.
    never had a motor for it. was never sure what I wanted in it.
    I had to strip the paint on the hood as it was way to thick and oranged peeled. Testors spray paint for ya!
    I stripped it buy slowly soaking it in thinner and wiping it off. that was a day well spent as a 15 year old.
    then she got boxed up and stashed away.
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  10. wraith added a post in a topic The SuperDuster   

    WAY COOL!!!!!!
  11. wraith added a post in a topic Rat Rod Burlap Seat Covers   

    Taco Bell here I come!
    very nice how to! i have about 3 projects this will work on already.
  12. wraith added a post in a topic 77 Monaco   

    very nice!
  13. wraith added a post in a topic 2001 Ram trail rig   

    that rear bumber is sweet! would look good on my late 70"s dodge truck i am building! I might have to copy it!
  14. wraith added a post in a topic Dodge Ram "ACR" *interior almost done!*   

    very cool brodie! VERY COOL!
  15. wraith added a post in a topic 55 cameo surfs up   

    Cool! surf boards are a cool touch!