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  1. I'm still here not sure what happened to the site I'm have no clue how it works but just send me a email jlrahmo@aol.com and I'll get you fixed up , thanks , Jamie
  2. Thank you Bill , I feel honored , it's all part of the dream .... I remember seeing these in the magazines when I was a kid ! I'll make these available as soon as possible and announce them I as go , thanks all , Jamie
  3. I've been looking at casting one of these myself I got a tractor engine but it's totally different , I'm gonna try to find one of those service trucks cheap !
  4. All these COE's you have built are nice ! I like em,
  5. Thanks guys , I have some drawings somewhere that a made off of 1 that was getting some work done at the shop I work at , yep Adam its the same 1 I've been workin on since about 2001, if ya lookin in the fist pic theres another frame I made that had some kinda issue , I think Ben ended up with it somehow ! I have most of the hardware cast up like the suspension ,outriggers,d-rings,wheels and tires , we just need somebody to draw 1 up and lazer cut it out
  6. heres my talbert , after 10 years it still not complete ! I posted this in the 1:1 section ans was suggested to put it over here ,
  7. Thanks, I wish it was a castable part, its huge! would be better lazer cut ,
  8. Yep I have 2 and 5 holes in 3 different sizes to fit Amt , Italeri or my tires , just send me a message I'll get you what you need, Jamie
  9. Thanks guys , I've been workin on the grill heres the pics , what i started with , after some tuning , the real thing ,
  10. the way the made the 10 holes in the lonestar , the 2 holes wouldnt be accurate , Bens wheels are right on !
  11. here are some pics of the talbert I've been working on for over 10 years !
  12. Looks good , I like the trailer and the multi colored tarp is cool !
  13. Thanks Bob , it took me 6 years to restore my pick'em up ! also Thanks to everybody else for the comments , we have a couple of the ol 1:1 trucks at the shop if anybody wants some pics let me know
  14. Chris Ok I took a pic of my lil square with the wheels and chassis, Bob , I'm Jamie but you can call me Ben he's my hero! yep I'll be puttin the lil smallblock in there , I had to lower it in the chassis andmove it forward just a bit to get it to clear ,
  15. Yep I still make the air cleaners also,
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