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  1. grt222 added a post in a topic The HAMB is reporting that George Barris has died   

    I own a shop with two employees. I pay their salary and take all the risk. When a car leaves the shop it has my name on it no matter who worked on it.
  2. grt222 added a post in a topic New issue just hit my mail box   

    What issue is it? I will have to check my lhs this weekend.
  3. grt222 added a topic in Car Aftermarket / Resin   

    73 mustang hood
    Does anyone know who makes a stock hood for the amt 73 mustang?
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  4. grt222 added a topic in Truck Kit News & Reviews   

    Revell jinx express
    Does anyone know if the reissue will have the green tinted windows?
    • 4 replies
  5. grt222 added a post in a topic Decals for Magic Muffler Fiat - Awful Awful/Fuel Altered   

    Anybody have any info on paint color or a close match?
  6. grt222 added a topic in General   

    mpc zingers
    a few years back when they were rereleased, did they do the Volkswagen bug? I never seen one and figured someone here would know.
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  7. grt222 added a post in a topic '37 Chevy Modified   

    maybe you should have just replied on how nice of a build this is.
  8. grt222 added a post in a topic Cincinnati Challenge   

    Think I'll pass after last year
  9. grt222 added a post in a topic Richard Petty Plymouth   

    Nice build, what did you use for paint, tires and wheels?
  10. grt222 added a topic in NASCAR   

    grant king super modified
    finished this about a month ago.

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  11. grt222 added a post in a topic '35 Chevy - Asphalt modified   

    Nice job hondo, that body does fit that chassis well. i was getting ready to build the tobias gremlin, after seeing this i might try that chassis with the gremlin body instead. Thanks for the tip.
  12. grt222 added a post in a topic 2014 Revell 2nd Quarter Kit Announcements   

    Cool, i can finally get me a dave deals go-mad nomad. glad to see this release.
  13. grt222 added a topic in Model Building Questions and Answers   

    body work question
    I build mostly short track race cars that body work is not as important than show cars but the problem i have is when i fill area's like panel lines on doors, trunks or 3 piece body seams it takes very little filler.I sand it so it is perfectly smooth, then when i prime it, it seems to show up or almost look as if it has lifted or sunken. What can i do to keep the body work underneath from doing this. I have been using bondo 801 glazing and evercoat glazing putty.Primer is usually plastikote,testors fine gray or tamiya. No matter which combination i use i seem to get the same results??? The panel lines seem to reappear after the next coat of primer or paint. Thanks for any help or suggestions.
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  14. grt222 added a post in a topic Injector stacks   

    Do they sell these local at places like lowes or home depot?
  15. grt222 added a post in a topic Could really use spray can advice   

    Well jason, first of all most of the advice you get here in my opinion is correct, these guys are great. As for me i use to be strickley spray cans.I bought airbrush items here and there until i had everything to use it correctly.I bought my airbrush at hobby lobby with the 40% coupon. you can also get the airbrush online just as cheap if you shop around. This place has good deals( now use both techniques. I personally like the plastikote primers and dupli that you can get at most car parts stores. I stick to mostly hobby type paints like tamiya,testors and model masters. As someone else mentioned i purchased the donn yost DVD's and his technique of cutting the bottle enamels with lacquer thinner works well.
    i tried the rustolems once but personally didn't like the results. good luck with what direction you decide to go with.