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  1. kratvmnd added a topic in Wanted!   

    Revell 56 Chevy Del Ray
    I have a wide variety of kits to trade, too many to list..let me know what you're interested in. Thanks!
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  2. kratvmnd added a post in a topic Wanted: Fujimi Caspita Jiotto kit   

  3. kratvmnd added a post in a topic Wanted: Fujimi Caspita Jiotto kit   

    I have the complete kit. It's been started, but it is a very clean build, would be an easy strip/repaint.

  4. kratvmnd added a post in a topic Earnhardt's '98 Daytona winner   

    Thanks guys. In the last pic the windows weren't in yet.
  5. kratvmnd added a post in a topic Earnhardt's '98 Daytona winner   

  6. kratvmnd added a topic in NASCAR   

    Earnhardt's '98 Daytona winner
    My first NASCAR kit. Needed a change of pace and this was a lot of fun.

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  7. kratvmnd added a post in a topic Lamborghini miura   

    Nicely done. And I love the blonde in the background...
  8. kratvmnd added a post in a topic Practice Corvair   

    Thanks everyone. This ones not complete(missing mirrors,some trim,wrong wheels,etc.) but it's finished..next one will have a more '60's style wheel combo and be a little lighter shade of green, and be a 4-door.
  9. kratvmnd added a topic in Under Glass   

    Practice Corvair
    Haven't been on in awhile, so here's one to start with. This is a practice run before I build my Modelhaus 4-door version of how I want my 1:1 car to look like. Paint is a custom mix. Other than that it's basically a curbside, interior is all black, no engine detail. Thanks for looking. More to come soon.

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  10. kratvmnd added a post in a topic faux leather contact vinyl   

    It should work fine with a little practice. Check the fancy paper displays also,as they often have a selection of velvety paper that works great(it's similar in texture to the red velvet Christmas bows,for example). I've used cheap wallet linings,fake leather handbags,etc.-those can always be found cheap at thrift stores. Most of these materials can be painted also,so look for a light color. Here's a couple examples...
  11. kratvmnd added a post in a topic Vintage fire engine WIP   

    I've been keeping an eye out for this kit,so I'll be checking this out for sure.Can't wait to see what you do with it,as I have the Heller Delahaye Bonneville in waiting,which is somewhat similar to this.Show me the way!

  12. kratvmnd added a post in a topic 1988 Buick Regal Promo's   

    Maybe the chassis from the Revell(?) '90 Grand Prix would be a good fit. I don't know if it is 24th or 25th scale though.
  13. kratvmnd added a post in a topic Kustom Karz, build off,   

    OK,finally got a starting point. This is an Aoshima Nissan Cedric/Gloria 330. This is a curbside kit with a basic chassis,I may end up swapping to a different chassis so it can be more detailed(?). Pretty nice kit other than that...

    ...now,here's where I throw you off a little,some mis-wired part of my brain has always thought these would lend themselves well to being built as a '60s style custom. Mild top chop,maybe a slight section,shaved moldings and emblems,tuck-n-roll interior,new trim,reworked front and rear grills/bumpers/lights,topped off with a satin/suede paint job and some whitewalls. I'm not sure yet if it will be "period correct" or more of a modern/retro look. Anyway,here's what I'm starting with-let the fun begin!
  14. kratvmnd added a post in a topic Kustom Karz, build off,   

    Hey guys,just checking in,you haven't lost me. I was hoping to have my kit before the weekend. It's scheduled for delivery tomorrow,so I'll be joining in soon.Good work so far! Also, I was just thinking that it's pretty cool that the builds are all unrelated-totally different makes and models built in unrelated styles-should make for some interesting work!
  15. kratvmnd added a post in a topic Need Instruction Sheets   

    Try doing a search for reviews of the kit,as a lot of times they will have photos of instruction sheets also. Some sellers(e-hobbies?,HLJ?) often show parts trees and instructions also. I often will check auction sites to see what a kit consists of because the kits are usually are open and have decent pictures of the contents. Hope this may be of help..