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  1. I have the 1/16 scale 65 Mustang that I was going to use on a different project but that didn't pan out. I saw a pic of a Mustang ute the other day, and found some side exhaust and wheels from the T/A model kit which gave an idea to do a 70s Mustang ute custom. I was wondering if anyone had any pics of some tricked out Mustangs from the 70s-80s?
  2. That's kind of what I had in mind except with a Model A and a Lincoln V-12. That Road Agent kit might just do the trick.
  3. Kind of figure it would be "bloby" ? I could use the Vette or the Prowler, but I was hoping to use something from that era with a rear trans front engine setup
  4. Is there any Tempest model kits out there that have the rear transaxle, or any other cars that a transaxle setup like that?
  5. So this is technically a question about a part that I'm designing at work. I need to put a tube with a 90* bend into another tube that has the same bend at the top kind of like old Flathead headers. I'm trying to figure out how I would make the cuts to the two different tubes.
  6. As long as every thing looks proportional I think I'll be ok. I saw a Volvo Amazon gasser on pintrest and would like to try building it
  7. That might just work, will 1/25 scale parts be to noticeable on a 1/24 scale car.
  8. Is there any model kits of the Volvo Amazon in standard sizes? Not sure what year that car is, I'm thinking early to mid 60s?
  9. fortunately for me we aren't moving to far so I plan on just putting them in boxes and making as many trips as I need. Other than that I'd say loosely wrap them in bubble wrap, use packing between the models and stack them on the top of the heap
  10. So I bought the 1/16 1984 Corvette, everything on the car is in great shape except under the drivers door, and the horizontal part of the "B" pillar. The rocker panel, and the horizontal part of the "b" pillar bow inward. I'm thinking that I'll have to jerry rig some kind of jig, but what about making the plastic a little more malleable? I can't get pics up just yet, my phone only takes selfies right now.
  11. what do you think of them? I know I should have asked before I bought it but $35 for a sealed big scale kit I couldn't pass it up. I think I've only ever seen the 1/8 Revell, but never the smaller, 1/16 MPC. Any one have any pics?
  12. all that work and I could have just bought the body convertible body
  13. Is there any detailed drawings out there for the P-38's 300 gallon drop tank? I've seen some out there that give the overall shape, but no detail as far as the flange that mates the two halves together. I was thinking about making one in 1/8 scale using Big Deuce parts, and some 3-D printing.
  14. especially for a Michigan state trooper, I always thought they were all blue.
  15. It's been so many years I can't even remember what type of paint it was other than it was one of those paint markers
  16. I think it was just regular testros paint and some clear coat
  17. With my Bel Air build I had to strip some parts using brake fluid, and it worked pretty good. Well now I'm trying to strip the paint off of another car, and I've had it in the fluid for about three days now, and really the only thing it's done is turn the fluid pinkish. Does the fluid loose it's potency after a couple of uses Did putting to much clear coat over the paint have any effect on it?
  18. I was thinking about doing all alclad, but I decided that it was to much masking work around the roof
  19. 1:12 scale. I'll just pretend it's normal wear and tear with the windshield.
  20. I'm debating on weather or not re doing the rest of the chrome in Alclad. I have three different chromes (bare metal foil, kit chrome, and alclad) Used bare metal foil for the interior window trim, and the seat trim polished some aluminum tubing to make some snazzy exhaust tips The kit didn't have any mounting nubs for the heater hose on the intake, and the water pump, and I didn't realize that until after I got it together, so I drilled some holes in the H2O pump and the intake, and ran some D guitar string in the hose to keep it's shape, and to mount it to the engine.
  21. Cut up, and polished some aluminum tubing for exhaust tips
  22. Looks kind of like my work area, except not as many unfinished models, and all my guitars are in one piece
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