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  1. ZombieHunter26 added a post in a topic Doodlebugs, Scrambolas, Jitterbugs, and Field Crawlers (And Other Types) CBP   

    Doc... these cbp posts never cease to entertain.
    Good work guys!
  2. ZombieHunter26 added a post in a topic Taking up space.   

    Stopping out for some inspiration and parts tonight before heading out to the old man's birthday dinner.
    By the way... HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

    Just a little more interest to gain then we're starting!
  3. ZombieHunter26 added a post in a topic Clarkson does it again.   

    I'm actually a pretty big fan of Jeremy Clarkson.
    He's sarcastic, rough around the edges... but I find it rather entertaining. I enjoyed his voiceovers for some of the car descriptions in the Forza Motorsport games as well.

    Idk. I just wouldn't enjoy Top Gear as much without him as a host. I like his humor, and it just wouldn't be the same without it.
  4. ZombieHunter26 added a post in a topic "mystery" parts and poor instructions   

    I can't speak for brand names myself, as you know well that I NORMALLY don't build directly from the kits I buy (in fact, the last ten kits I've bought I bashed for parts and extra sprue plastic to make filler)-
    I can attest to the times I've built a few with the intention of at least making them junkyard rustbuckets or burnt out wartime husks(and wanted them to look believable with the hood popped), and had the worst instructions ever.
    Lindberg is really bad about that. A few of their kits have me scratching my head when I look at the instructions... no numbered parts, no names, just "poorly drawn picture of part 'A' attaches to poorly drawn picture of part 'B', in a roundabout fashion, and this is kind of what it looks like when you've got it right."

    ....and don't get me started on missing parts...

    The good thing? I at least picked up a modicum of skill in parts identification from my old man...

    So I don't have to struggle TOO much.
  5. ZombieHunter26 added a post in a topic Taking up space.   

    Quick update:
    Doing a little of spring cleaning, but once that's done I'm gonna be posting some finished photos of a previous build I did that is entirely related to this CBP topic.
    I think you'll all enjoy it, unfortunately I built it during my hiatus from MCM, so no in progress photos... however I will be building a few new things for the CBP with progress photos included.
    My first photos (once we get all cleaned up here at casa de zombiehunter) will just be to garner interest.

    Where's Ira and Cranky?

    Those guys would love this build idea...
  6. ZombieHunter26 added a post in a topic Taking up space.   

    Last I checked, we still build things that aren't cars.
    And this is the Community Build section, and as such it's not limited to just car models like the other forum topics.

    If you're not interested in the CBP...
    There are others that would be.

    Positivity in creativity, friend.
    We shouldn't exclude a topic just because it doesn't have wheels and an engine block.

    That being said...

    I think this could be a great community build.

    Also yes. Ira would definitely be a great contributor!
  7. ZombieHunter26 added a topic in Community Builds   

    Taking up space.
    Pending builder interest, I'd like to start a CBP based around the "industrial" side of space.
    Stuff like you may remember from the Alien series, Critters (the later installments), Firefly and Serenity, etc.

    The goal of this build would be to think outside the normal constraints of the box instructions, and create your own little slice of space.

    You could build an interior scene, maybe your own space craft, a fleet of deep space freighters...
    Whatever you want, so long as it is original.

    The only real rules?
    1. Be original. Maybe a back-story to tell the story of the scene? However you do it, immerse us in your build.
    2. No "straight-from-the-box" builds. If you're using a kit, bash it for parts. Otherwise, you can build using whatever your heart desires.
    3. You can use existing media for inspiration, but make it your own. Work the plastic in ways that stretch the imagination.
    4. HAVE FUN. This is an exercise in creativity. Something to jostle the grey matter and possibly give you new ideas.

    Let me know who's interested!

    ....somebody find Cranky, I'm sure he'll jump on board.
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  8. ZombieHunter26 added a post in a topic Utopian Future   

    This CBP is pretty stellar lookin'.

    Can't wait to see more.
  9. ZombieHunter26 added a post in a topic 2012 POST APOCALYPSE/ZOMBIE HUNTER COMMUNITY BUILD   

    It's still going!
    I remember this build.

    I still have most of my unfinished stuff collecting dust in moving boxes.
    I lost a LOT of stuff during a pretty rough patch of 'life happened' and never really recovered it... (hence my EXTREMELY long absence)

    I've got a few scratchbuilds that don't necessarily fit in this particular CB, but I may start a new one soon.
    Need to get the juices flowing again...

    Anyways, I'm back.
    Gonna be surfing the last couple years of ZH posts in between cases at work.
  10. ZombieHunter26 added a topic in The Off-Topic Lounge   

    Been a while...
    Heya folks.

    Been out of circulation for a good bit of time!

    A lot of developments, changes, etc, so on so forth...

    But the good thing is I never stopped building. I just stopped sharing.

    I figure now is as good a time as any to get back into the world and share some stuff with my fellow modelers, so having said THAT...

    Look for some of my work in the near future!

    It's good to be back...
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  11. ZombieHunter26 added a post in a topic 2012 POST APOCALYPSE/ZOMBIE HUNTER COMMUNITY BUILD   

    it's been a while since i've said anything on here, but seeing as how this thread is where i've posted the most, i'll say it here-

    I'm hanging up the models for a bit to concentrate on some other things going on. I find it harder each day to put time into building when i have so much going on in everything else.

    No worries, I'll get back into it once everything slows down a bit... I just need to take a step back and take care of life for a while.

    I'll still drop in and check out the cool eyecandy that pops in here from time to time!
  12. ZombieHunter26 added a post in a topic '72 Chevy Pickup Technical   

    It's sitting on my display shelf right now, I haven't done much with it in some time. I'll be working on some dioramas for it and other vehicles soon, but I gotta wait for some time off work.
  13. ZombieHunter26 added a post in a topic '72 Chevy Pickup Technical   

    Scratchbuilt. i scratch anything I can't readily find that I want.
  14. ZombieHunter26 added a post in a topic Nikola Tesla   

    I've been working on a vehicle since I posted this, but unfortunately i'm not happy enough with it to start a topic... I may start from scratch at some point and then start the thread.
  15. ZombieHunter26 added a post in a topic Nikola Tesla   

    I wanted to watch The Prestige, but for some odd reason, netflix doesn't carry it.

    I'm thinking something more creative than Tesla coils by themselves...