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  1. 8 out of 11... a couple of the lesser known[to me..] fed's threw me...
  2. thnx all.. I just found the steering link on the bench... should go from firewall 'ish to front 'knuckle'...lol
  3. I've had this body forever... really, I got it at Toledo NNL at least 10-13 years ago, anyway, had started a bunch over the years but never quite got to 'that' level...lol so, was bored one night, built a PartsPak Caddy motor, something to do...and low and behold, I had a revelation!! old racer turned hotrod using the Flintstone body... 25 T Switchers was the donor kit for chassis and running gear... scratched interior, seats, rollbar, inner door handles... BigDonkey rear wheels/tires, fronts were kit inners and '32 Ford outers with partsbox tires...
  4. you can also[w/Tamiya tape] just use the template directly on the decal sheet!! it won't 'pull' any of the clear carrier from the sheet... and, on 'curves', I've found using a hairdryer on low and setting solution is all that's needed... just my 2 pennies...
  5. it it makes ya feel any better, until last Thursday, my last completion was in 2006!! a lot of my wip's are anywhere from a couple hours to a couple days for completion... the one I just finished had been sitting, painted, detailed*, just mocking me on the bench for at least 4-5 years... one evening I felt like building sumptin... how 'bout a hotrod motor?? perfect... pulled a PartsPak Caddy and had at it... as I was building the motor, got to thinking about a body [Flintstone 25/34 from Toledo a long time ago], chassis and stuff... checked the stash and found a Switchers 25 T donor game on... that was the beginning now all I had to do was finish it!! here in lies the rub... I was stuck on 2 areas/items, throttle linkage for the 4 97's and roof slats of balsa... and back and forth...finally found/saw a pic of the same carb/manifold I was using but, the kit doesn't have any real spacing 'tween the carbs, so...no linkage wound up taking out the roof slats also, anyway, point being, while I had not finished anything, I was indeed building, well, starting kits all along... * don't go nuts or it'll make you crazy... hmmm, seems it doesn't like the direct addy on the pix, won't load.... oh well, it's on FB in the Model Cars group...
  6. not being able to load pics??? can't figger it out... I use the 'direct' addy in PB just like the tut in the beginning, but, no workie... alas...
  7. depending on how bad... what kind of paint...enamel or lacquer.. a lot of times just take some sandpaper to it and re-shoot... if it's saggy or has a bunch of runs, make sure it's completely dry and sand the runs out... if that doesn't work out, strip it and try again!!
  8. hmmm, a Willys with no fenders... I may or may not 'borrow' yer idea...lol
  9. BUT, these 'decals' MUST be applied to a SMOOTH surface... remember the Saturn Ion?? they had replacement interior parts that had this 'hydro transfer' applied in various designs, BUT, they[saturn] never got the concept of the 'smooth surface' thing and as a result, replaced many[most ALL] pieces as the 'decal' would just come off!!! especially after a long hot day in the sun... I tried to explain to them about 'decals' sticking to a 'grainy' surface...
  10. nicely done!!! what chassis did you use as I've got the same Jimmy body...
  11. think plastic spoons.... trim to fit...
  12. the MiniExotics kit came with the covers on the vacuum formed 'glass'... my kit had 2 'glass' ...so, the other set is going on the Modelhaus version...
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