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  1. Thanks, Warren! I grew up on this movie. In my childhood it was impossible to find any information about those ancient trucks, no books, no magazines, no internet, nothing. Only those old trucking movies. That's why I've watched them hundreds of times and remember every truck, even used for minor action. And now i want to enjoy seeing them on my shelves.
  2. DJ Moore, Geoff Brown, Larry Dailey, Steve Broerman, Bisiaux Philippe, tommy iknow, Brian Smith, Helmut Müllner, Doug Edwards, Bill Newcomer, Håkan Persson, Chris Roos, James Bongiovanni, Rick McLane, JT Williams, carl slusher, Steve Cambouris, GEOFFREY WALLER, THANK YOU FOR YOUR COMENTS!
  3. Thanks, guys! I'm glad you like it. Yes, the load is fully scratch build. I also modified AMT flatbed trailer and lowered it 4mm at the back. Yes I do. I shorted wheelbase on 10mm, modified front axle, made some new details: air filter, exhaust support, cab lift hydraulic cylinders, grill, mirrors, door handles and some other.
  4. Hello, everybody! I think you have already seen models of Ducks and Pigpens from the Convoy. Here is some new truck from this famous movie.
  5. For a long time I had an idea to bild any heavy truck with a pickup cab. So i decided to build 1956 Ford cabover using two kits: AMT Ford c-600 and Revell Ford pickup.
  6. Thanks everybody for your coments! This truck was made from Diamond Reo kit. I used only chassis (shortered), cab and engine. Other parts are made by myself: hood, fenders, grille, bumper, cab interior, air filter, fuel tanks (right one was taken from GMC Astro kit), wrecker boom. I desided to make it without blood because of my children. Lets imagine the truck was like this a few weeks before the moovie. I'm glad you like it!
  7. Hello guys! Does anybody remember one crazy movie by Stephen King "MAXIMUM OVERDRIVE"? Here is old White 9000 wrecker from this movie.
  8. All lines on the cab - hand made decals. Cab mounted exhaust was very popular on WF of the 60-s. Thanks everybody!
  9. Hello guys! I'm not sure somebody remember this movie, but there was one interesting moment with this truck. I hope you'll like it!
  10. Hi Sergey! Did you guess the trailer manufacturer? I think something is written on the mud flaps, but can't read what.
  11. Hello! The material I used to make doors open you can see on the photo. I cut out form that I needed, glue one side to the door and another side to the cab. So, the door is ready. This method is very simpe and can be done in 15 minutes but it's working.
  12. Приветствую! "Leslie Leasing Co"- надпись на двери синего 352-го Пита из того-же фильма. Как раз на днях начал над ним работать. Фильм в детстве сильно запал в душу, поэтому сейчас хочу потихоньку воссоздавать машины-участники. Причем не те что на первых ролях (Резиновых утят и Свинарников делают многие), а что-нибудь из второго плана, например белый Brockway или красный двухосный Mack. А насчет времени это точно. Я свой Mack лепил по вечерам примерно год!!!!
  13. Thank you! I draw this decal by myself and one good guy in Russia print it for me. About hinges. I didn't use piano hinges. They are made of very thin transparent plastic. Day after tomorrow I'll make some photos to explain how it works.
  14. Привесвую Сергей! С детсва болею американскими (и не только) грузовиками (фильм "Конвой" сыграл здесь не последнюю роль).Уровень детализации вашей модели просто потрясающий! Замки на аккумуляторных ящиках, рабочие аммортизаторы, двигатель как будто с рекламного проспекта мак, просто фантастика! Только непонятно, зачем клеить такую огромную декаль на всю кабину, это же ужасно сложно. Пару лет назад посчастливилось раздобыть амт-шный круизлайнер, и я так же как и вы решил слепить "свинарника".Модель закончил этим летом,вот то что получилось http://fotki.yandex.ru/users/diamondreo/. Сейчас работаю над 352м питом из того же фильма. Очень хочется увидеть чем закончится ваша эпопея с маком! Удачи!
  15. Thanks everybody! It is my second model, I was making it about one year... Here is some more pictures:http://fotki.yandex.ru/users/diamondreo/
  16. Hello! This is my 1/25 AMT Mack Cruiseliner from my favourite movie.
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