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  1. eajonesgue added a post in a topic Carroll Shelby tribute community build.   

    This sounds like a great idea to honour a great contributor to sports cars. This fits very well with the theme of the upcoming Kingston Modelrama contest in Kingston, Ontario, Canada on May 5 - "Rembering Carroll Shelby". Most contests have a collection category - five or more models with a single theme. I've entered a few, "5 convertible sports cars that I will never be allowed to own" and recently a "Mustangs - Then and Now" collection. This last collection consisted of 6 Mustangs, in three pairs, with each pair being an older ('60's) version and a more modern version ('06 to '08).

    For the Kingston show I want to enter a diorama/collection of 6 Shelby cars with the same idea - an older version and a modern version. I already have 4 of them built:
    Shelby Cobra 427 - built out of the box

    The modern companion - Shelby Series 1 - also built out of the box with the same paint as the Cobra 427

    For the second pair, the older version is the GT350R that raced at 1967 LeMans - lots of body and interior modifications

    and the modern companion is a 2008 GT500 street legal car made to look like a racer

    The final pair I started about a month ago - GT500KR's from the 1968 AMT kit and the 2008 Revell kit. They've both been painted with the same Testors Ferrari red and Alclad dull aluminum stripes.

    I'll post the final versions once I've completed the last pair.