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  1. Ha ha yeah! I got the knock offs on there that come with the wheels, just did not have them on there when the pics were taken!!! Thanks!!!!
  2. Thanks everyone, these are fun quick kits to build!
  3. Thanks everyone! The comments mean a lot coming from you guys that have been around a while. (and those that havent!) Thinking about swapping out the rear pan for the bumper. Also thinking about BMF for the first time! Not sure on that yet though!!!! Thanks again everyone!!!
  4. Had to knock out another quick one! Did the car in Testors One Shot and added some Pegasus wheels! Let me know what you think and thanks for looking!!!!! I really like the green on this car along with the new wheels. Comments welcome!!!!!
  5. The wheels in the first pic are for Strada Motorsports, very nice guy to deal with.The ones in the latest pics are made by Pegasus and I go thorugh ehobbie to purchase those. Thanks again for checking it out!!!
  6. Sweet Shane!!!! Nice wheel choice!!!!!
  7. Thanks!!! I am defintely liking the way this car is turning out. Looks a lot better with the paint on. Not done by a long shot but I am very happy with it.
  8. Been working on this one on and off as I let things sit and dry on other projects. This is also my first attempt at custom body work with putty! I actually used the styline nose out of this kit. Pretty happy with the way it turned out. First wipe with the putty! Gotta admit it was kinda scary doing this for the first time! Was not really sure what direction I was going to go with this build, this look defintely has potential!!!! More to come!!!!!
  9. Alright!!! Actually thinking about not re painting the T-Bolt, I kinda like it the way it is, just the way I did it way back in 1991!!! LOL. What do you guys think? Susepnsions is all sqaured away, now just got to get the engine and enterior done. Here is how she sits...... Thanks for looking!!!!
  10. I want it, heck I'll take it just as it sits!!! I love this car!!!!!!
  11. I had heard of Bobcats but can't recall that I've ever seen one in person. Very cool road racer, you got some more pics of that thing?? And congrats on the championship ( a little late I know but I may have been 8 months old at the time of your victory! lol)
  12. Here is my Runabout, got it off of e-Bay a few years agao and stripped it down, it was a Pro Street kinda theme to it, had the gold anodized valve covers and all!!! Thinking about a pro touring kinda theme with it but unsure at this point. I'm really digging the Shelby tail lights in that blue one!!!
  13. Awesome choice on color! One of my favorite colors of all time!!!
  14. A few more pics I took here at work. Enjoy!!!!!! Thank for looking AGAIN!!! LOL
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