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  1. PaulK added a post in a topic Fulton model car and truck show   

    Can anyone tell me the Vendor at the Fulton Show that was selling the Machined Aluminum Truck Wheels.
  2. PaulK added a post in a topic Fulton model car and truck show   

    Watching the weather in Fulton, They have been getting Tons of Snow. This weekend it seems to warm up to 50 with rain. I've wanted to attend this show for years and want to attend this year. I'm coming from New Jersey and have to decide if I'm going or not. Is the snow going to scare people away. What do you think??
  3. PaulK added a post in a topic Fulton model car and truck show   

    Is there a lot of Vendors at the Fulton Show?
  4. PaulK added a post in a topic What else can be done with Revell wrecker   

    That the Mini-Pumper I built in the 80's. I used the Blueprints of the Pierce we had to build it.
    Paul Koert
  5. PaulK added a post in a topic MENG 1/24 Ford F350 Super Duty Crew Cab: Sneak Peek Pics!   

    I just today 5/11 ordered 2 of these kits from Squadron, Web Special $50.62 each.
  6. PaulK added a post in a topic '61 Lincoln X-100   

    Yat Ming made 9 cars in the Presidential Series, all 1/24th Scale. The Presidential Secret Service asked YAT MING to do the series.

    YM24028 - 1938 Cadillac.(Roosevelt).
    YM24088 - 1939 Lincoln Sunshine Special.
    YM24058 - 1950 Lincoln (Truman).
    YM24038 - 1956 Cadillac.
    YM24048 - 1961 Lincoln X100. (Kennedy).(Only Car Not Painted Black-Was Painted Blue)
    YM24078 - 1961 Lincoln X100 Quick Fix.
    YM24068 - 1972 Lincoln (Ford/Reagan).
    YM24098 - 1983 Cadillac.
    YM24018 - 2001 Cadillac (Bush)
  7. PaulK added a post in a topic The lonestar is .....   

    I've been working on the Lonestar for a while. I have the Day Cab from Dave that I'm using. The instructions are the worse I've seen, I have a few parts that I do not know where they go. Some parts don't even have numbers on the tree's. After alot of work and moving things it's coming along. I also like how they tell you to paint the parts on the tree and then tell you to test fit the part, too many times did I have to paint a part. I'm going to have to learn about posting pictures.

    I've been waiting to see if anyone would complain about one missing part. I've also not seen it in any of the photo's that have been posted. Question to everyone that has built the Lonestar. I see the Interior has a Clutch, but where is the Floor Shift? I can't find one?