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  1. mecklm added a post in a topic 1967 International Loadstar 1600   

    Another remarkable replica you've created and I'm sure many modelers will be thrilled to be able to purchase one.
    Now that the basic truck "bones" are complete, can you share what you have in mind for your first build of it? My apologies if you've already covered this...
  2. mecklm added a post in a topic BANTAM FUEL ALTERED - New Fuel Tank - New Pics 9-19   

    What's truly remarkable is that I keep zooming in further and further and there is absolutely zero loss of fidelity. Normally you don't have to zoom in far at all before you see ragged edges, file/tool marks, etc. I find it almost impossible to believe that this is 1/25 as there are plenty of large scale models that can't stand up to that kind of scrutiny. Well done sir, well done! There's a handful of models/modelers that are truly inspirational and you are without a doubt one of those rare,  blessed souls. Keep up the excellent modeling as there's a bunch of us out here that are becoming addicted to your updates! 
  3. mecklm added a post in a topic 69 pro mod chevelle, update 9/11 Chassis updated   

    Many thanks for the detailed explanation. In a nutshell, your technique is pretty much how I envisioned doing it. When I loft nowadays I almost always use guide lines in order to control the final solid. More often than not, if I don't use them the results are usually not what I'm expecting. I was really hoping you wouldn't go to all the trouble of crafting a tutorial, as I hate to be responsible for holding up your modeling time, but I appreciate your explanation. Take care. 
  4. mecklm added a post in a topic 69 pro mod chevelle, update 9/11 Chassis updated   

    You have me intrigued with the sculpting of this injector hat. I don't get to do this much with the kind of parts I design so when I encounter it, I merely loft between two sketches and then shell the result. Without bogging you down with a tutorial, can you describe in some basic words how you achieved that shape? Fascinating stuff! 
  5. mecklm added a post in a topic 1967 Trans-Am Mustang - Aug 24 update - test fit primered body   

    Very nice build. I really enjoy the attention to detail that you're applying to this car. 
    By the way, there's a contradiction between the metric and imperial dimensions you mention for the engine setback. 3mm is close to 1/8" and 6mm is close to 1/4".
  6. mecklm added a post in a topic 427 cobra "csx3014"   

    I'm really liking the finish on the wheels!  What color(s) did you use? 
  7. mecklm added a post in a topic LHD Seven   

    Mark, beautiful parts. I'm really curious about the acid treatment for the aluminum parts. Is it something really weak like vinegar or is there a specific, stronger acid that transforms the colors and surface texture? Any safety concerns with fumes, aside from the common sense skin/eye protection? Thanks for any feedback you can offer. 
  8. mecklm added a post in a topic '64 Ford Falcon T/A   

    You have a great knack for absolutely nailing the ride height and overall stance of your projects. Even in mock up form your builds exude realism. Can't wait to see this one in paint! 
  9. mecklm added a post in a topic '64 Ford Falcon T/A   

    Interesting info. . . 
  10. mecklm added a post in a topic '64 Ford Falcon T/A   

    This is about the only rear view I could find but it shows the stock tank and filler nicely. I'm going to have to stay with my original comment that the earlier photo shows a fuel cell. Minor technicality, overall, since your cars always turn out looking like the real deal. Either way will look awesome. 
  11. mecklm added a post in a topic '64 Ford Falcon T/A   

    Orange = fuel cell? 
  12. mecklm added a post in a topic Krazy Kuda paint chip code FINISHED   

    Way to go! This came out so nicely. Great idea for a model, really well executed and in such a short amount of time! Very impressive model! 
  13. mecklm added a post in a topic 1963 Porsche 356 Carrera------Update! 5/22/17   

    Wow, that looks very nicely put together! Glad to hear you're keeping the original body paint as it really suits the car and era.
    Regarding the black ink in the panel lines, could you perhaps mix up a lighter shade of black  (if that makes any sense at all) and flow really thinned amounts into each panel line? Repeat as many times as needed to lighten the original effect. I suppose you could go the opposite direction and flow in the same Ivory paint as the body. Since it would need to be thinned down so much each application would gradually lighten the panel lines. 
    Hope you take lots of pics as you make progress on this restoration as it's already so good it will be fun to watch it get even better. 
  14. mecklm added a post in a topic 1969 Camaro Z/28 (24 June **Under Glass**)   

    Not sure how accurate you're trying to be but I'm pretty sure the stripes at the rear should end at the bottom edge of the rear face of the spoiler and should not extend onto the thin exposure of the deck lid. Either way, paint color is beautiful! 
  15. mecklm added a post in a topic 1/12 69 Camaro Almost Finished   

    Wow, I frequent this section regularly but somehow missed this one completely. Love the work you've done and I especially get a kick when standard kits are manipulated for the better with custom parts, be it scratch built by hand or by 3d printer. Nice work on the seats and wheels. What material did you machine the wheels from? Also, did you machine one and mold/cast the rest? 
    Thanks for sharing!