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  1. Nitro Fuel System Walkthrough

    Thanks for the explanation! The photo clears it up completely. I'd forgotten how much room there is under the rocker covers... Mike
  2. Nitro Fuel System Walkthrough

    Thanks for sharing! I'm familiar with the manifold and hat lines but I'd never heard of lines directly feeding the heads. Can anyone elaborate on how these feed fuel to the cylinders? TIA! Mike
  3. Better late than never, I finally found a way to get the running boards and fenders attached. Thought I'd close out this post with some finished pics. I knew going into this that posting these builds was a stretch on this forum and I've since found a more appropriate group on Facebook. If anyone wants to see future builds you can find them in the group "N Scale Vehicles and Trucks". Thanks to all for following along and I truly hope you got some enjoyment out of these builds. Take care, Mike
  4. CBR 2018 - Packard powered Jag.- DONE

    I have to say you did a masterful job incorporating the throttle body to the inlets of the turbos. I wasn't sure how you were going to pull that off but the final result looks like a factory piece. Well done!
  5. CBR 2018 - Packard powered Jag.- DONE

    The inlets to the turbos are currently connected to each other with that short piece of tubing. I'm interested in seeing how you route the inlet air to that tube. Are you going to try to match up an inlet tube with the existing duct on the top/front of the rear cover? That will be a cool setup when you're finished! Mike
  6. 1925 dodge - Body mods begin

    Cool woodgrain on the dash! Is that a decal? Mike
  7. 1965 Mercury Comet Cyclone (update 4/27/18)

    Yeah, sorry about that if it's making more work for you. That coil on the PS bracket would be easy enough to remove - before the motor goes in the car unfortunately though. It's a detail that the majority of folks wouldn't be able to identify as a coil, but anyone familiar with a 5.0 would recognize right away what it is. Maybe removing the round one from the fender wouldn't be too much of a pain. Other than removing the round coil, the only other thing necessary would be to wire up the front of the square coil, which wouldn't be difficult at all. Regardless of what you do with the coil, the rest of the car is outstanding and I'm looking forward to seeing it "under glass"! Take care, Mike
  8. 1965 Mercury Comet Cyclone (update 4/27/18)

    Hey Steve, just checking out the modern front dress that you added to your motor. It seems a bit strange (for a stock F.I. 5.0), but the coil is mounted on top of the tensioner/power steering pump bracket, the square shaped block just to the left of your power steering pump fill tube. I attached a picture of my 1:1 where you can see the MSD coil in the stock location. Same basic shape as what's represented on your front dress. The two prongs on the front of your coil would be where the wires connect - the left prong would be the plug wire going to the center of the distributor cap and the right prong would be the "power" wire coming from somewhere on the firewall. Just thought I'd mention it since you already have an older, round coil represented on the inner fender. Take care, Mike
  9. Woods Racing Javelin of George Follmer

    Specific to Woods, unfortunately nothing regarding the engine... http://theamcforum.com/forum/roy-woods-71-amx-trans-am-car-canary-yellow_topic24765.html
  10. Woods Racing Javelin of George Follmer

    Some info here... http://www.95customs.com/the-1968-72-trans-am-amc-javelins/2015/3/12
  11. Bullitt

    Are you intending to build the Mustang from this movie or does the term "Bullet" refer to something else I'm not aware of?
  12. 'Make a Deal' Diorama

    If your intent was to represent a car that experienced a bit of a fire then you certainly nailed. Very well done, as mentioned above, from all angles! Thanks for sharing! Mike
  13. 1967 Loadstar Brush Truck is Finished

    Bravo Charles! Another outstanding replica finished to your usual, impeccable standards. There's just so many interesting visual elements to this truck that each view offers something new to admire. I really enjoy following your builds and can totally relate how you create a build sequence in your head long before you actually begin work. For me that's half the fun; figuring out not only what to do but how to go about doing it. You have truly mastered that and it comes across in your posts as a seemingly perfect balance of subject matter, materials and technique. I'm certainly not alone wondering when your next build will commence and what its subject matter will be. Take care and please carry on! Mike
  14. Revell 1/8 Jaguar XK-E

    Hi, enjoying your build. I did an Amazon search and found two different holders, with leads, for the 2032 battery. Several listings are three packs, each designed to hold a single battery. There was one other listing for a 15 pack, however each holder fits 2 batteries. The 3 packs were in the $3 range - the 15 pack was around $13. Hope that helps you out. Mike
  15. Baja Humbug

    Cool build! I'm assuming the hole in the rear, driver side fender is for the antenna? Is it just the antenna base that's included in the kit and you need to supply the wire? Or are you replacing a molded antenna in order to heighten the realism? I really like the body color! Is that painted also and, if so, what brand /name is it? Take care, Mike