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  1. mecklm added a post in a topic Tamiya 911 GT1 W/ Scale Motorsport Super Detail Kit & Other Details   

    Cameron, thanks for explaining the Brembo etchings.  Makes sense now. 
  2. mecklm added a post in a topic Tamiya 911 GT1 W/ Scale Motorsport Super Detail Kit & Other Details   

    Seems weird about the Brembo insignia only being two pieces. Is it possible the intent is to use them as a template for painting instead of a permanent attachment?  By the way, looking to be an incredible build.  Can't wait to see it finished. 
  3. mecklm added a post in a topic ¼ Scale 426 Hemi   

    Mark, nice build so far. On one of your next photos could you place some known size object next to this so I can gauge the size? Much appreciated.
  4. mecklm added a post in a topic sneak peek   

    Looks like an Alco FA1, maybe a PA1, but definitely not an
  5. mecklm added a post in a topic Mini Rommel's Rod   

    Not much progress the last few days. I got the rear fender side skirts started.

    I also painted some of the detail parts that will go on after paint. The side table and storage chest are the only two scratchbuilt items.

  6. mecklm added a topic in On The Workbench   

    Mini Rommel's Rod
    Here's a little project I'm working on for my father. He gets the biggest kick out of Rommel's Rod so I decided to replicate it in 1/87 scale. The car is a Wiking Mercedes 540 and the rest is scratchbuilt. I've got several sprues of detail parts from the old Mini-tanks line. That's where the tracks came from.

    Just got the fenders formed and mounted tonight. Lots more work before it's finished.

    Thanks for looking.

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  7. mecklm added a post in a topic 1993 Mustang LX   


    My brother bought it back about 17-18 years ago. The taillights were cast as part of the body. I still had the original box which said Modelhaus on it. The whole kit consisted of the body, an interior tub and a vacuum formed rear window.

    By the way, the model wheels are painted German silver. The photos just make them look white in several shots.

  8. mecklm added a post in a topic 1993 Mustang LX   

    Jason, the spoiler was molded as part of the body and not as a separate part. Here is a rear view...

  9. mecklm added a post in a topic 1993 Mustang LX   

    Here are some 1:1 shots. And the body was by Modelhaus. My brother bought it for me many years ago.

    Thanks for the kind words.

  10. mecklm added a topic in Under Glass   

    1993 Mustang LX
    This is a model of my 1:1, which is heavily modified for road racing. Many different kits were used during the build, primarily a Modelhaus resin body, 1993 Cobra, Mustang convertible, Tamiya 1995 Cobra R and Porsche 911 GT2. I didn't go too nuts with details but did try to capture the major modifications that I made to the real car.

    The interior...

    I deleted the rear seat, scratch built the 6 point roll bar, made a quick release steering wheel, relocated the battery, made door pulls, modified the dash and scratchbuilt the shifter and boot.

    The motor...

    Pretty basic 302 bored and stroked to 347. There are parts from several kits to represent the intake. The 7 quart oil pan was built from scratch. Solder and heat shrink were used to build the long tube headers.

    The chassis...

    The front suspension features a heavily modified k-member in an attempt to represent a tubular version. The parts were grafted from the 95 Cobra R in order to take advantage of the poseable steering. The coilovers were scratchbuilt.

    The rear also uses the basic axle from the 95 but everything else is built from scratch including the control arms, the third link and its brackets, the sway bar, the panhard bar and mount and the coilovers.

    The exterior...

    Wheels are from the 95 Cobra R. Windows are formed from sheet. Sunroof represented by carbon fiber decal.

    It was an enjoyable build and will always be with me, just like the 1:1.

    Thanks for looking. This is truly an awesome site and I'm glad I stumbled across it.

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