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  1. Welcome back to our plastic playground Michael.
  2. One lamp on the right side is incandescent, the other 2 are fluorescent.
  3. Thanks Lee... I take the pictures at my workbench which has lamps pointed at the work surface from both the right and left side, slightly higher, plus an overhead ceiling light. Seems OK to me.
  4. Yeah Tom... Only 3 more cars to do and I'll have all the '57's (Buick, Lincoln & T-Bird).
  5. I thank you guys for all of your very kind comments.
  6. Mattias, I also think that the front end sits a bit high on this car but I just didn't try to modify it to sit lower.
  7. Thank you all very much for your great comments.
  8. For the past few weeks I've sort of "been on a roll" finally finishing up several cars that gave me assembly issues. When that happens, they go back in their box to await another day when I can overcome whatever the issues were and deal with it with a better patience level and attitude. This last one of that batch of cars is a 1957 Desoto. It is a curbside resin kit from Modelhaus that I got back in 2018 before they closed for retirement. It is painted 2 tone gold and black and it took 3 tries to get it right. The first 2 times I had to strip the paint...😣 It has what seemed like yards of BMF. The mirrors, inside and out, are from my parts stash. The little rear mounted fender antennas were scratchbuilt. The interior was painted gold with BMF trim. There is gold flocking on the seat inserts. Black embossing powder was used for the carpet and the molded in floor mats were painted semi-gloss black. The dashboard is semi-gloss black with BMF & Molotow chrome ink trim. Note that since these interior pictures were taken, I moved the dash mounted rearview mirror to the seats side of the dash because it was hitting the windshield originally (thanks Steve..!!). I am soooo glad that this car is finally done, so now I can go pick something "new" from my huge TO DO pile. Thanks for looking, and any and all comments are welcomed and appreciated... Stay well all...
  9. I found that I did take interior pictures for this car but I inadvertently neglected to download them from my camera...... Here they are now.
  10. Thanks Jim. It's a pretty good kit considering its age. There is some flash but not too horrible. The instructions only show diagrams for parts placement and don't call out part names. It goes together pretty well, and the straight-six flathead engine is a great addition to have.
  11. Thanks David. I must have "overlooked" that part in the kit... I think it looks OK without it though.
  12. No Kurt, I had it in my "plate decal parts stash".
  13. You can also use Modelroundup at (www.modelroundup.com)
  14. Thanks Tom. I actually built the engine several years ago... My daughter, Jamie, moved in with us back in '08 and shortly thereafter she had a 1:1 '59 Dodge 4 door Sedan flatbedded to our house here in PA that she bought when she lived back on Long Island. She gave it to me as a "surprise"... It didn't run, dead battery, no brakes and was a real "rustbucket" all around..... The cleanest and best part of the car was the interior. I guess she thought I needed a "project" since I used to own and drive a '59 Dodge 2 door Hardtop. Well, the car just needed waaaay too much work for me to even attempt, both physically & financially so I talked her into selling the car to someone locally to get her money back. While the car was sitting at the side of our driveway, one day I took my digital camera outside and shot pics of the engine from every angle. The car had a straight-six flathead engine...!!! (I think the '59 Dodge was one of the last cars to come with a flathead engine) Knowing that I had the '41 Plymouth kit with the flathead engine, and a couple of Johan '59 Dodge promos, I was going to try to make a model with the straight-six flatty. Using all the photos that I took as reference, I built the engine as detailed as I was able, to use in a model....... Well, I never used it in a '59 Dodge model but it wound up back home here in the '41 Plymouth. Long story, but that's the way it happened.
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