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  1. Ramfins59 added a post in a topic 1958 Cadillac Eldorado Seville   

    Thats a nice looking Caddy Thomas.
  2. Ramfins59 added a post in a topic Hello from Sweden   

    Welcome to our plastic playground Rickard.
  3. Ramfins59 added a post in a topic Ford Victoria ´53 (Lindberg)   

    That is a great looking Ford Bo.  Good work.
  4. Ramfins59 added a post in a topic A Texas Newbie!   

    Welcome to our plastic playground William.
  5. Ramfins59 added a post in a topic Parts question   

    When I rebuild and detail promos of 50's cars the promos (and Modelhaus resin kits) usually never come with pedals, so I always make my own using either trimmed sheet plastic glued to plastic rod, or, PE pedals glued to plastic rod.  I'll drill a hole in the floor or firewall area to insert the other end of the plastic rod.
  6. Ramfins59 added a post in a topic B-N-L   

    Ditto...  I ordered their battery assortment and am very happy with them.
  7. Ramfins59 added a post in a topic MCM Issue #202   

    Got my issue in the mail 2 days ago.  Sorry Scott, don't see anything of yours in there.
  8. Ramfins59 added a post in a topic 56 Merc Finally Finished   

    That looks really sweet Todd.      
  9. Ramfins59 added a post in a topic February issue   

    Got my issue in today's mail... all nice and tidy in a plastic bag.
  10. Ramfins59 added a post in a topic car master cylenders   

    Norm Veber (Replicas & Miniatures Co of MD) makes a package of about 10 different resin master cylinders.  (Single bowl, dual bowl and a couple of boosters)  Very reasonable (cheap) price.
  11. Ramfins59 added a post in a topic How did you get started in model building?   

    I started back around 1958 or '59 when I was 11 or 12 and lived in the Bronx, NY.  A guy who lived in our apartment bldg. had a customized '58 Impala that he parked at the curb in front of the house almost every day.  The car was black, had a tube grille, 4 bar spinner hubcaps, was nosed & decked, full length lake pipes and cruiser skirts, a full width continental kit and six '59 Caddy bullet taillights.  It had dummy spotlights, twin mirrors and twin swept back antenna's.  I drooled over that car every time I saw it and when I found the AMT '58 Impala kit I just had to build it just like that car.  Off I went into this great hobby.  I stopped when I discovered girls and bars and got married, but picked up the hobby again in 1992.  I've since built another, better version of that '58 Impala using the Revell kit a couple of years ago with a lot better skills.
  12. Ramfins59 added a post in a topic My first ever real problem with a Modelhaus kit.   

    HA HA HA  Thanks Tom, but I really don't think that a wood bumper would look too cool on the front of a stock 1950 Caddy...!!!
  13. Ramfins59 added a post in a topic My first ever real problem with a Modelhaus kit.   

    Yeah, I'm hoping to at least get a response from them.   I know that they've been swamped with orders since they announced that they would be retiring.  I know I should have checked the kit as soon as I received it but I just did not expect to have any problems with missing parts.
    Fortunately I placed my "final" order for 4 kits with them back in May before they shut down their website.  I know I won't be getting the stuff until closer to the end of this year, but I'll be sure to check everything out once it all arrives.  Hopefully they will all be good and complete.
  14. Ramfins59 added a topic in Car Aftermarket / Resin   

    My first ever real problem with a Modelhaus kit.
    Back at the end of last year I ordered a 1950 Cadillac curbside kit from Modelhaus.  I received it sometime back around the end of March and added it to my TO DO pile.  I only started working on it a couple of weeks ago, but never fully checked and/or "inventoried" the kit.  Today I was doing the final assembly after finishing the BMF work yesterday.  I installed the trimmed glass, scratchbuilt and attached interior visors and a resin interior rear view mirror.  The headlights, taillights rear quarter chrome side trim pieces and the grille were also attached.  I wanted to attach the front and rear bumpers before installing the interior and then mounting it all to the chassis.  Out of the box I found not one, but TWO rear bumpers...... BUT NO FRONT BUMPER...!!!!!!  W T F ......?!?!?!?
    I sent an email to Modelhaus advising them of this "problem" but I'm really not too sure that they'll do anything for me at this point based on what they say on their closed website statement.  This is the very first time I've ever had any issues with Modelhaus kits and I've gotten about a dozen of them over the past years.  Maybe I'll get lucky and they will make and send me a front bumper....... If not...... ??????
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  15. Ramfins59 added a post in a topic Newbie from Sydney, Australia   

    Welcome to our plastic playground David.  Don't be afraid to ask questions here...... Most people here are very helpful.  Also, cruise through the Tips & Tricks threads for lots of info.