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  1. Hi from PA

    Welcome to our plastic playground Greg. I also built models in my early teens but then discovered girls, cars, and bars where I originally lived on Long Island in NY. We moved to PA in late 2006. My daughter's husband's parents live in Irwin.
  2. mc magazine issue number

    Doug, the Canadian shops should be getting the issues again. Some of them were "on Hold" due to payment issues, but now that Gregg can accept Canadian shop payments by credit card and/or PayPal they should be getting the magazines.
  3. New from the "Lou"

    Welcome to our plastic playground Tom. I also started building models as a teenager, and am now also 70.
  4. Welcome to our plastic playground Kevin.
  5. Welcome to our plastic playground Timothy.
  6. Touching up flocking

    I agree with Steve re using embossing powder for carpeting. My suggestions were for using flocking for upholstery.
  7. new from UK

    Welcome to our plastic playground Mark.
  8. Another "new guy" title

    Welcome to our plastic playground Jeffrey.
  9. Touching up flocking

    Michael, first paint the part to be flocked with the color of paint that closely matches the color of the flocking you are using. After the paint dries, then paint on a fairly wet layer of watered down Elmer's Glue. Do it in sections so the glue doesn't dry before you apply the flocking. Then sprinkle on the flocking using a small strainer, applying about an eighth inch of flocking. Let it sit for a moment, then gently press the flocking down into the Glue using the tip of your finger. Let it sit again for a few minutes and then turn the part over and tap the bottom of the part to knock off the excess flocking onto a paper plate. If you've done it correctly, the flocking should come out nice and even with no thin spots to show through.
  10. Happy birthday Doc Kerry!!

    Hope you have a great day Kerry.
  11. Tomkats Kar Klub - B.R. LA

    Great collection Manuel. Thanks for the trip down memory lane for us 'old guys".
  12. Hello from Michigan

    Welcome to our plastic playground Greg.
  13. New from South Carolina

    Welcome to our plastic playground Stefan.
  14. New member in Chicago

    Welcome to our plastic playground Jac.
  15. 1957 Dodge D500 Custom Royal

    That is looking great so far Michael, and yes...... more pictures please.