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  1. Mine arrived several days ago. I enjoyed it immensely.
  2. Ramfins59

    1958 Ford

    Great looking car Tom.
  3. Welcome to our plastic playground Hans.
  4. Welcome to our plastic playground Harry.
  5. Welcome to our plastic playground James.
  6. Welcome to our plastic playground Nesdon.
  7. Here's the '49 Merc convertible that I finished up about 9 years ago. It's a resin body from Norm Veber with parts from both the AMT and Revell Merc kits. I went a little crazy in detailing the interior. This model has won Best Custom 3X, Best Interior 2X and Best In Show 2X.
  8. Welcome to our plastic playground Dennis.
  9. Welcome to our plastic playground Josh.
  10. Great looking Dodge Rich. This is one of my favorite cars as I used to own a 1:1 '59 Dodge Coronet.
  11. Johnny, the wife & I have supplementary medical coverage thru AARP/United Healthcare and even with that we wound up paying almost $2K for the dentures, but overall it was so worth it just to be able to eat anything and to have a nice looking smile.
  12. I remember that in my early teen years I had a wisdom tooth pulled and had excruciating pain...... I guess it was the days before "painless" dentistry. I swore I'd never go back to a dentist... Fast forward 50 years, and most of my teeth were beyond repair, broken and/or missing. After having my strokes in 2000 I finally overcame my fears and went to a dentist who was a family friend. It was embarrassing to tell him my story, but he totally understood and began work on my mouth. He shot me with so much Novocain that I felt absolutely nothing, and he pulled whatever teeth and pieces of teeth that were left in my mouth, then fitted me for dentures. Now I can eat and chew anything and everything I want. I should have done it years ago.
  13. I know that Modelhaus made a resin interior for a '56 Plymouth, but they're not in business anymore.
  14. Welcome to our plastic playground Randy.
  15. Welcome to our plastic playground Daniel.
  16. I'm loving the whole thing so far Dennis.
  17. I'll take a Pepsi too please.
  18. Ramfins59

    58 Buick

    That's a great looking Buick John.
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