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  1. Hi there, thanks for the comments. @Studioman,you are rith with your suggestion.I milled out some inlays for the taillights from black styrene sheet and will add them to the trailers and I have ordered some 2,5cm lights and some square orange lights(all phtoetched) to add them to the trailer... @awan,those wheels are from SourktrautThey are 19,5". Regards,Chris
  2. Hi Tim, that paint is looking great.Fantastic finish and the dark green is looking mysterious... Nice work, Cheers,Chris
  3. Hi Tim, Thanks.I hope I could finish the Volvo,soon to work on my other projects...Had soem bad pain on my back the last weeks so I couldn´t do anything but it getting better since the last week so I´m back to my bench now.... Cheers,Chris
  4. Hi Jim, Thanks and yes I think it will be available from him.... Cheers,Chris
  5. Now it´s time to do some work on the VN....And some pipes and crates for the load..... Thanks for looking, Cheers, Chris
  6. Hi there, The Super-B trailer are finished now.I painted them black,added some real rubber mudflaps and some refelctive red/white stripes.I have to connect the airlines but I´ll do that when the Volvo will be finished.
  7. Hi there, After I got my new milling machine a few weeks ago I started one short project last week.I made the drawings for this one some time ago but with my old machine I couldn´t mill out the frame from one piece.That´s now possible. The frame and the outside parts,the rubrails,rearplate etc.were made with the machine,the crossmembers are cut from Evergreen I-Beam (No 275).The wheels are resin castings,also are the brakecylinders.Taillights are Photoetched.I converted my Hendrickson suspension to match the trailer hight.The axle is mounted on top of the wings for this kind of suspension.The mudflaps are real rubber from Sourkraut,but I´ll get some mudflaps with the Transcraft Logo printed on...Also will make some other decals for this one.The wood is again 1mm Balsawood. I´ll make some load for it if I had decided what truck will pull that trailer.The IH is only for the pictures..... I have to draw and mill the electrical support for the front and I´m waiting for some 2,5mm photoetched taillights fro the rear... The DTL-3000 Kit will be available by the end of May,2010.... Thanks for looking, Cheers,Chris
  8. Hi there, thanks for the compliments....I also started to fabricate some rims.Started with some two holes.It´s a point to start from,have to make some small changes but I think it´s on the right way.I also do the inner rims and a brakedrum with hub....All parts except the simulated nuts are milled out...the hub is an older resinhub and it will be replaced by my own.Any infos,tips etc are very welcome... more will follow,soon... Cheers,Chris
  9. Hi there, Thanks for the compliments......... so here are some small updatepictures of the Holland MarkV style landing gear. Have to clean it up a little bit more...sometimes you could see it only on the pictures,lol..... More will follow,soon. Thanks for looking, Cheers,Chris
  10. Hi there, I finally finished the casting and here it is with the final bag. I think it´s okay,what do you mean? Any thing that I have to change on the suspension before I´ll build the other four? Made a mockup with the trailer attached to the Volvo... Any comments are welcom. Thanks for looking, Cheers,Chris
  11. Hi there, Lol "snow" has also arrived in Germany today......Lol,because in my opinion it isn´t real snow....Okay the landshape seems to be white.....but that´s all,it´s cold and there´s some ice on the streets....But hey,it´s winter and near christmas,so that´s seems to be normal...I myself like a lot to drive in snowy conditions but every time you have to look at those idiots who going crazy with that little bit of white powder. Here in Germany since some time snow tires are restrictet from the insurances...In the case of an accident and you don´t have snow tires on winter roads they could stop paying for the accident costs....so you better go with snow or winter tires...I put them on to my car last month and will them remove on march next year.So that´s normal and if you are prepared with the weather it will be no big deal...... Cheers,Chris
  12. Hi there, thanks Pete1980. Just started with the master for the Airbag for my suspension. Made a small drawing on my pc and milled out some round pieces of 4mm sheet material.I don´t have any tubing which is wide enough for the airbags. Glued the pieces together and after some sanding it is looking like the thing I wanted. Now I´ll make a mold for the two pieces so I could use it in different positions.I also made a smaller airbag with only two rings for later use and will make a mold of it,too. And here is it how it looks on the suspension Any comments are welcome. Thanks for looking, Cheers,Chris
  13. Hi there, thanks a lot.I´ll do my best with updates.... Made some little progress.First new suspension is finished 80%. It´s based on the Hendrickson HT 230.I have to make the parts for the shocks and some other small parts.I think it´s near to the original,not perfect but looks okay.Have to do some cleaning on it. I have to make a new airbag and cast it...maybe tomorrow.Now I have some dimensions for it.... Here is a link to the Hendrickson site http://www.hendrickson-intl.com/products/p...l/ht_series.asp Any comments are welcome. Thanks for looking, Cheers,Chris
  14. Hi Kurt, your work is always amazing.Great work with the weathering...love all those small details on your work. Great. Cheers,Chris
  15. Hi there, I made some progress on the trailers.I made a complete new set of them because the frame rails are to thin in my opinion.So I edited my drawings and milled out the new parts.I also changed the suspension parts as they seemed to thin,too.The were made from 2mm sheet at the start and now made from 4mm and also two pieces of 3mm sheet.It´s now looking better for me.Also added the fender parts for the lead trailerand the landing gears...but as always I have to change the landing gear,too.But here are the first pictures of the new lead trailer and also the suspension on the rear trailer. And here are the suspension parts.In front is the reworked wider suspension in the back is the old small one...The new will look much better for me. Any comments are welcome. Thanks for looking, Cheers,Chris
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