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  1. Stopped by my local HL they had the Mack picked it up to start on sometime
  2. Very nice love the old cabovers also love the colors on this great job !!!!
  3. Nice start JT I did my cab the same way worked out ok the interior tub fits a little snug but will fit I like the tanks what did you use to extened your frame looks great!!!!!
  4. Where at in hobby lobby do u find it looked but can not find it!!!!!
  5. I love the color what did u use for a divider stripe
  6. Hey Jim got mine in the mail yesterday thanks so much !!!!!
  7. Maybe the International Cabover PPPPLEASE !!!!
  8. Thanks for the tip on the tanks i will try that can't wait to see more pic's
  9. What did u use to make the ends of your fuel tanks Truck looks great!!!
  10. Nice start going to look great . what did you use to extend your frame ?
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