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  1. Not a whole lot to show yet. I did make new landing gear and wrapped the wheels with 3/64 rod to make them fit the tires better. My plan is to put this behind a western star day cab.
  2. Sinister ‘70 Cuda

    Started about 4 years ago. Finally finished it!!!
  3. 70 Cuda

    Ok, back at it. I’ve been dragging this one out for 4 years now. It’s time to finish it. With a little luck I hope to have it finished within the week. Here is a pick of how it sits.
  4. Fresh off the bench!! Probably the quickest build I have ever done. Started on it about 6 days ago and only worked on it in the evenings after the wife and kids went to bed. Color is Chrysler ceramic blue with urethane clear. 100% box stock. Kinda hard for me to do but I needed something to enter in the box stock class at an upcoming show.
  5. Revell chopper

    Ok. Got it stripped and a new silver base laid down. This time I am using solvent based paint for everything. Also finished the making exhaust and wrapped the pipes.
  6. 30 A-Bone

    Thanks everyone for the great comments. Just wish revell would reissue this one soon.
  7. 30 A-Bone

    I did attach the top first and filled the seam. For the roof panel I just stuck a piece of black duct to the kit insert.
  8. 30 A-Bone

    I used tamiya silver leaf with urethane clear.
  9. My take on the Model A

    Lookin good. What color is that?
  10. 30 A-Bone

    Calling this one done for now. Still need to fit the front friction shocks, machine a moon tank for the trunk and put in the battery box. And I’m still not set on this air cleaner
  11. 30 A-Bone

    Got the color and clear in and couldn’t resist a mock up.
  12. Revell chopper

    Well, after all the work on the paint it has to get thrown in the pond. Cracking started after the first coat of candy. I think it was caused from the silver tamiya base coat. Aaarrrrgggg!!!! After I calm down for a while I will repaint.
  13. Revell chopper

    Hoping to have this finished up soon. A few changes here and there... shortened rear fender, removed front fender mounts, machined primary drive and pegs, new bars and attempting a custom paint job. Here is how it sits now with paint still in progress.
  14. 31 ford sedan

    This thing has all the right looks to it. Those chassis are very fiddely to build but if done right and with some beefing up with metal rods, they are a very accurate represention if the real thing.