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  1. I was able to get my hands on some 3D files for welding machines and I was never really happy with the box set up so this one came back out for some changes.
  2. Thanks for all the great comments. It’s ending completion. All I have left is to weather the box and put it on. Here is where it stands
  3. All the hydraulic lines are aftermarket. And the cylinders are scratch built. For the weathering I use tamiya weathering powders.
  4. Great work!! This might help for the cylinder. I used these on my current payhauler build. I found some telescoping alligator clips and cut them down to size. You can find them at most hardware stores with a clip, mirror or magnet on the end of them.
  5. They are gas meters. I 3d printed the the stuff In the back.
  6. This is a close replica of one of the retired service trucks from the company I work for
  7. If anyone has this part I will pay. Round 2 doesn’t have parts available for this kit yet.
  8. I am in the process of cleaning the parts on mine and have these 2 parts left over and I can’t find them anywhere in the instructions. Do you know where they go? Part 232 the ones on the right
  9. Very nice. I just started one myself and will probably use these picks for reference of the hoses.
  10. Ok. A little update. Got the interior done, painted the window trim and detailed the grille. I also printed a gas meter and pressure regulator. Just need to get the decals made and then I think I can finish it up.
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