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  1. zaina

    '68 Charger

  2. Decided to pull this one back out. Got the Lincoln short hood almost done as well as built a Tidweld style cord reel.
  3. That’s exactly why I’m doing one. I wanted it to be different. You hardly ever see one. Also didn’t want to engine swap it
  4. Thanks guys. Got some pulleys machines last night. Might have to change things a little because of belt clearance issues. Will see after I get the blower pulleys done. Also found a nicer blower in my stash.
  5. Shocks, drag link and pitman arm done. Everything moves when the wheels turn. Now back to the engine.
  6. Small update. Got the tie rod done and added U-bolts to the axle. Just need to figure out the drag link and pitman arm as well as build shocks and the front end will be done. Also realized I will need to cut a hole in the hood so may go with this scoop.
  7. Thanks. The blue stuff is poster tack. It is a must for mockups
  8. Thanks guys. Started workin on the headers and blower set up tonight.
  9. Scratch built front suspension. Here is how it sits.
  10. I do machine them but I would need the engine and they kit pulleys for reference.
  11. What engine do you need them for?
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