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  1. Just need to finish up the ramp body and it will be under glass
  2. Got this ramp truck going. Wasn’t going to be quite this weathered but a couple mistakes took it in this direction. Here is where it’s at. Should be finished pretty soon
  3. So to those with the warped ramp parts, it can still be built. Mine was warped about 1/4” from one corner to the other. I clamped the bottom to a 2x4 and assembled one piece at a time while keeping it clamped the whole time making sure the glue was dry before gluing the next piece. It now lays perfectly flat and is very solid. The hood and floor pan I will have to try the hot water trick and clamp down while cooling.
  4. Tried for a box stock build but just couldn’t bring myself to do it.
  5. Kit wheels yes but the tires are from fireball modelworks.
  6. Well since I can’t seem to finish anything I might as well start another one. I will be using the new dodge 3500 from A&N models. This kit is very nice. Here is where it’s at so far.
  7. The only problem with the available Cummins engine is that they are the wrong one. This truck would have a 6.7 and the available aftermarket ones are the 5.9 12 valve. I guess you could 12 valve swap a fifth gen dodge. 😀
  8. Just put an order in for one. Just wish they would have made a Cummins for it.
  9. Thanks. Here is the link to the file creator. He has some other great welding related stuff as well. https://cults3d.com/en/users/modellbau1zu24/creations
  10. I was able to get my hands on some 3D files for welding machines and I was never really happy with the box set up so this one came back out for some changes.
  11. Thanks for all the great comments. It’s ending completion. All I have left is to weather the box and put it on. Here is where it stands
  12. All the hydraulic lines are aftermarket. And the cylinders are scratch built. For the weathering I use tamiya weathering powders.
  13. Great work!! This might help for the cylinder. I used these on my current payhauler build. I found some telescoping alligator clips and cut them down to size. You can find them at most hardware stores with a clip, mirror or magnet on the end of them.
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