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  1. Decided to use the new wheels. Got them painted and weathered a little.
  2. I ordered mine on September 1st and it just arrived today. Very impressed but there was no decal sheet in the box. I sent them a message. Mistakes happen.
  3. zaina

    Wheel and tire

    I am looking for 1 wheel and 1 tire from this kit.
  4. I decided to print different wheels to see how they look. Now I’m not sure the route I’m gonna go.
  5. Thanks. Yes these are the kit wheels and tires.
  6. This is the 3rd service truck build in my Northwestern Energy truck series. Have everything painted so far and 3D printed to odds and ends for the bed. I neither need to make decals or have someone make them for me. Anyone know of a person that is good at making decals? The only pics I have of the real truck are after the lettering was removed and the truck was sold.
  7. Had this one on the pile for a while and decided to finally build it. I needed something I could finish quick to get out of a slump. It will be pretty much box stock. I couldn’t stand the look of the wheels so I dechromed them and 3D printed some beadlock rings to make them look 100% better. I am still looking for one more wheel and tire if anyone has one they would part with...I need a spare for the rear hatch. Here it is so far.
  8. I couldn’t help myself. I had to get one. Most expensive model I’ve ever bought.
  9. zaina

    '68 Charger

  10. Decided to pull this one back out. Got the Lincoln short hood almost done as well as built a Tidweld style cord reel.
  11. That’s exactly why I’m doing one. I wanted it to be different. You hardly ever see one. Also didn’t want to engine swap it
  12. Thanks guys. Got some pulleys machines last night. Might have to change things a little because of belt clearance issues. Will see after I get the blower pulleys done. Also found a nicer blower in my stash.
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