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  1. I do machine them but I would need the engine and they kit pulleys for reference.
  2. What engine do you need them for?
  3. I shaved and sanded all the trim off. It was molded to the body. Our trucks were always base models.
  4. These were in the rack from an old build. Spade, flat shovel, 2 prod rods, post driver and a piece of pipe. All tools of the trade. Also a couple of traffic cones.
  5. Thanks all for the kind words. As soon as this kit arrived I knew I had to clear the bench for it. It was a lot of fun.
  6. Calling this one done. From the old pics that I could find, this represents a truck that was driven by the gas company I work for back in the 60’s. It was painted with same pagoda green that was used back then. This is the second company truck I’ve built and have ideas to do many more from different decades.
  7. Last update before it goes under glass. Pretty much just need to make the door Decals and it I’ll be done.
  8. Been plugging away at it. Interior is done. Should be a few more hours and it will be done. I need to try my hand at making a quality decal for the door still.
  9. Thanks. The wire is called”wire wrapping wire and I got I on amazon. The boots are made from phone wire. The lower panel is something they really dropped the ball on. Also if you want to go farther it needs to be boxed in under the bed to but I was too lazy to do that.
  10. Thanks. It is supposed to be a 352 and it is the engine form the kit with a lot of extra detail.
  11. Got it painted tonight. Ford pagoda green just like the company used on our work trucks back in the day. This was the first time I’ve used water borne paint...not to be confused with acrylic, this is the stuff they use at body shops. I used an activator because I wasn’t going to clear it. I wanted less of a shine since it will be slightly weathered anyway. It turned out pretty good but if I use it again in the future I think I need a water trap for my airbrush.
  12. I’ve started many moebius kits but this will be the first one finished. My plan is to build a truck from the day that the company I work for would have used. Here is where I’m at
  13. zaina

    71 Duster 340

    Very nice!!! Which kit is this? Revell or AMT?
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