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  1. promo55 added a post in a topic What is it about exotic cars and idiots ?   

    BMW-Bring Me Wrecker. 'Nuff said!
  2. promo55 added a post in a topic how many 1970's comets/mavs would you buy if a new kit was issued   

    Since I own a 1973 Maverick, I would buy a kit of that car. However, I doubt we will ever see one, they just are not popular enough. And, when I was briefly involved with JoHan, we looked for the stock tooling to the 1970 Maverick and 1971 Comet. It did not exist! That kit was the first one Okey had planned to reissue, as that tooling ranked right up there with the Turbine car for accuracy. And no, I still have not been able to find a resonably priced kit of the 3 in 1 Maverick or Comet!
  3. promo55 added a post in a topic GAH! I just can't do it.   

    I'm going to be contrary on this one. I've been modeling for most of my 56 years. The last thing I finished was in 1988! Since then, I've been a reluctant kit collector! The thing was, I won some contests in the mid '80's and winning trophies became primary to just having fun with models. Now,I have lived with this nonsense enough, and am currently setting up a new shop since I got married and moved to Indiana last October. I got bogged down and lost scope of what model car replication was all about. When I get my shop finished, I am going to just build when I want to, my style, and comfort level. And remember this, every model we build began as a box stock kit!
  4. promo55 added a post in a topic The VEGA & PINTO Celebration Thread   

    Yes, yes, yes! I think all these kits should be reissued! The MPC Cobra II,Pacer,Pinto wagon,Pinto hatchback,Vega,and Shove-it (Chevette, to those that were not in the car business, back then),and the AMT Pacer wagon, all stock and custom build versions!
  5. promo55 added a post in a topic 1965 Pickup & Hydro Boat   

    This is a great build! I do not think the boat is out of scale, and if it is, so what. It looks good, and that's an attractive color combination. Very well done!
  6. promo55 added a post in a topic Demo truck   

    You put the engine in another Chevy truck, enough said! I like all trucks, but the G.M. trucks are my favorite. The only BIG thing I got against the Fords is that crummy "Twin-I-Beam" front axle. They won't stay in alignment and few people are willing to work on them!
  7. promo55 added a post in a topic OT: Sad news for those who have been following along...   

    All my sympathy to you,you have my stongest prayers.
  8. promo55 added a post in a topic What did you get today?   

    Over the last 2 weeks, I got a '57 Thunderbird promotional model, a big box of Model Car, Model Car Science, Model Car & Science magazines, and 3 or 4 Auto World catalogs, all from the mid to late '60's, Revell Hummer H2, and 2 M5 die cast cars, a '55 and '57 DeSoto in green & white and gold & white, respectively.
  9. promo55 added a post in a topic Been away in Hospital   

    Welcome back Tom. Been there, done that! No time in the hospital is enjoyable, it's a necessary evil sometimes. You will recover and be modeling again in no time. Keep the faith!
  10. promo55 added a post in a topic Goodbye.   

    Ken is right. Hang on to what you have, you WILL do this again. It is in our blood. We occaisonally have setbacks, but we can overcome it. I had a stroke in 2005 and lost some of my modeling knowhow, I know I will not be able to do what I once did, but I will see it through. Good luck to you and your family, I wish you the best.
  11. promo55 added a post in a topic My Pickup Truck builds #3   

    All 3 of your trucks are beautiful. I like showroom stock trucks best, but apprieciate the work that goes into a custom truck such as your '40. Excellent builds!
  12. promo55 added a post in a topic 69 camaro wagon   

    A truly great conversion! Don't let the chassis fitmit bother you, these things can take a great deal of flexing, just use cauton. I wish I had thought of that conversion myself. Great color, choice of car, and great execution of a beautiful model!
  13. promo55 added a post in a topic Opinion Please --- Re Customs in Contests...   

    Dr. Cranky and Harry are right on this subject. The problem is where the folks judging the contest do not know what category to put the model in. I have seen this happen over and over. If someone is going to stage a contest, they had better have hard and fast rules. I was part of a contest where they had 98 classes. That is riduculous, and is also why I no longer get involved isn model contests!
  14. promo55 added a post in a topic any southwestern ohio clubs   

    There is "Kentucky Automotive Modelers" in Latonia, Ky; "Cincinnati Auto Replicas" in Cincinnati, Ohio, and "Cincinnati Scale Modelers", also in Cincinnati. "K.A.M." and "C.A.R." are primarliy car modelers, "C.S.M." has aircraft, auto, figure, military, and marine models. I hope this is helpful to you.
  15. promo55 added a post in a topic Dad's Nova   

    I like all kinds of Novas. I really like this model because you do not see any 6 cylinder scale models of them. The models all seem to be COPO, Yenkos, or SS models, which I also like, but this is a different slant on a great model! Very good job!