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  1. Has anyone heard about this model and release date or has it been scrubbed ???
  2. David, The Louvers are from the 37 Ford sedan kit and the top is scratch. Made it myself started with a 51 Chevy top, not much left of it.
  3. Not the piece I started with but just goes to show you can finish your build if you want to. Got this from Steve. No problems !
  4. Here's my 50 Olds been done awhile Replica of a real car
  5. Steve ! I had heard sometime back the Production would start back up in the 2nd quarter of 2017. I can't verify that but it's what I heard from a fairly good source.
  6. I have so many slicks I could open a store ! Let me check around a little !
  7. hey Jon Why don't you make your own. They are pretty easy ! Harold
  8. Maybe I'm missing something here because I don't often go to the website. I just get my magazine and run. I have and have always had a subscription. But i was wondering what's going on. This whole year I have only received two maybe three issues the whole year. Can someone PLEASE fill me in as to what is going on ? I need my Maypo !!!!
  9. Sorry guys just learning to submit a pic. But this is mine built several yrs ago AMT 70's chevelle 68 El Camino and a 70 Monte Carlo front bumper. need the round parking lights.
  10. So does anyone know about when this Coronado boat will hit the shelves.??? I want one , I want two, OR.... !!!!!!
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