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  1. hey i just finished this up.. Revelll 2000 pontiac grand prix with some jwtbm decals
  2. im builfing the revell hotwheel pontiac as the monster interstate battire car i have the decals and i just got most of the body lines sanded off the body and chassis.. any pics of this car would be great thanks
  3. yeah well instead of the tbird i have a pontiac grad prix with some after market decals thanks im thinkinng bout starting soon but very detailed and acually make it look good
  4. thanks man for the help and yea i am going to do that with the next car.. Witch is goingn to be a ford tbird.. i know i am not the best builder out there heck i wore my engines but there not visible lol..
  5. a day or 2 my paint takes 20 mins to dry completly and i detail them but im out of school for the summer and nothing else to do so i spen all day in one car
  6. i have a question and im wondering if i build to fast
  7. thanks everyone this is my first crashed nascar i ever made i plan on making anoter one
  8. just finished this crashed jeff gordan nascar.. Added rubber lins on side and made it look like it hit the wall
  9. im building a replica of my dads 1980 Ford Bronco.. its in memory of my dad. when my dad passed away in 07 i started building every model Car nd truck with his name under the hood in memory of him
  10. here is what i have done on a steve park nascar so far
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