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  1. MPC Indianapolis Hall of Fame Set

    Ken Thanks! About the only thing else we are going to get is the STP Turbine car. AMT version. No name on car. Guy that built STP car pitched the idea to Carrol Shelby who said 'Bunch of nonsense!'. Then Shelby built one. Go figure! Will keep our eyes open for the other AMT and MPC kits. If it's a good deal maybe grab one. Took a look inside Hill and Vaughn's restoration shop in Santa Monica one time. At the time did not know to talk to him about road racing. They were restoring serious classics there. Cars were in bays in various stages of completion. All you had to do was bring it in with a whole lot of money and it came back all restored. Cars were interesting.
  2. MPC Indianapolis Hall of Fame Set

    Hi Ken 'Have you had any luck in tracking down the three IMC Indy car kits?' What kits are those? Although these will keep us busy for awhile. We use them for ideas building real race cars. Good to have something you can hold and look at. Fun vintage type ones not cutting edge obviously.
  3. MPC Indianapolis Hall of Fame Set

    Ken Do you mean you have the AMT "Indy 500 Combo"? Just happens to be one up for sale on Ebay. I had to tear myself away from looking at the box art. Yes.I would say when there are flames coming out of the exhaust and top of engine a pit stop is in order. That box cover was made to fire kid's imagination (no pun intended.) Dug up two more kits. AMT Aggajanians Willard Battery Special. Aggajanian ran Ascot Raceway in Gardena. It let you know racing was king in Southern California. Then MPC Rislone Special. Think Rislone was an oil additive. That brings up the STP Turbine car. Not really on my list. Kind of an oddball. I worked for Andy Granatelli's tuneup centers for a short bit. Got a pep talk from Andy Granatelli and he shook our hands. Maybe I will buy one.
  4. MPC Indianapolis Hall of Fame Set

    Mr Bartrop Already covered that. If they can't take a hit on two or three kits per year the methods need to change. Maybe they already are with their 'Exclusive' kits. The 'Exclusives' might be their Flagship productions. Probably are. Think they only make 500 of them. If so they get an 'Atta' boy!' from me. Thanks for the tip about the 'Talbot-Lango'.
  5. MPC Indianapolis Hall of Fame Set

    Tom I have built real cars but never driven in a race. 'A man has to know his limits.'- Dirty Harry American made racing cars are sort of my thing. I appreciate what McLaren, Cooper and Lotus guy (Colin Chapman I think) for sure. I follow in the footsteps of Kurtis and Watson and the engine builder before Offenhauser. Anyhow. These kits are pretty neat. There's craftsmanship even in the rims!
  6. MPC Indianapolis Hall of Fame Set

    Mr Bartrop Slim pickens indeed! AMT needs to get with it and rerelease these kits. Let me remind them of what they would do in Hollywood. They would make 'Flagship' pictures. Pictures that may not be expected to make money but showed what Hollywood could do if they wanted to. Same thing in auto industry. 1956 Lincoln Continental. Ford lost a good little piece of change on every one they made but they made them! AMT needs to leave the 'excuse bag' at home and put out these three kits.
  7. MPC Indianapolis Hall of Fame Set

    Tom You have that picture just to irk me don't you? I blew the deal on a bugeye Sprite in the 90's. This will make you sick. It had the fiberglass kit on it! Regarding the kit. These are milestone cars. Watson dominated Indy for a couple years. He was from Southern California. Wife has relatives in Signal Mountain near you.
  8. Picked one up off of Ebay. It's a tough go in the model car scene if you are into open wheel racing 1950 to 1975. I think what is left to get is an Eagle Ford and a Lotus Ford and that's about it. Will report on kits when they get here.
  9. Fiberglass Test

    Getting the tools and supplies together to do this. Fiberglass cloth and resin. Plastic cups for mixing. Wooden tongue depressors to mix it up with. Wax paper to do it on. Flux brush to paint resin onto cloth. Think it's all set.
  10. Owner of Uncle Don's Hobbies Palm Desert Ca Death

    You got me there.I never did the sitting at the counter talking airplanes or train thing. Kevin did offer to match prices with online discounters for me.You could tell he was not thrilled with it but he did it. I never held him to it. He did a good job of keeping the hobby store going. It's a real loss for the valley.
  11. Owner of Uncle Don's Hobbies Palm Desert Ca Death

    ' He was the train specialist at the hobby shop' We bought a Great Plains locomotive set from him and a Bachmann De Witt Clinton set. The supplies were pretty complete. They had balsa by the piece.That comes in real handy. The R/C planes hanging from the ceiling were probably from way back. Uncle Don's had been in business since 1955 or something like that. They knew their R/C planes. Kevin provided a real service to the Coachella Valley. He's in heaven now with a big train layout.
  12. Stupid Is the New Smart

    This seems to be a nest of resistors here. It's like 'Invasion of the Body Snatchers'. Let go.Give in.Become a slave to that celphone. 'Join us.You'll be happy.' That'll be the day!
  13. http://www.autoworldstore.com/product_p/scm038.htm Everybody can read it themselves to see the interesting points in it. The big thing is it's a new series called 'Kat's Kollection'. They say it's in the tradition of the existing Retro Deluxe. Another big feature it is molded in pearl yellow. Sort of good and bad there. The advanced modeler might want to paint it himself. Guess they are figuring you can just paint over it. Nice kit.Like the sand dragster they came out with awhile ago. Happy Holidays!:)
  14. Fiberglass Test

    Thanks! Looking for a chart was a can of worms but it made me think to look around for info. https://www.hobbico.com/shop/accys/hcar5000.php That's from Hobbico website.Maker of cloth for Hobbylinc. Apparently we have the 3/4 ounce.You don't want my memory! It says 5 ounce is for making parts.It's probably the thickness of this Bondo cloth. Happy Holidays!
  15. Fiberglass Test

    Ace Thanks Do you have some 2 ounce or 5 ounce in the shop? How thick is it please? I think the two of them from Hobbylinc will get me in the ballpark.Just the 1/4 ounce was a bad move. You do good work.If I had a budget I would send you plans and let you build it. That's what I did in the 80's. The guy built racing catamarans. These part just need to hold their shape for now.