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  1. regular guy added a post in a topic '49 Mercury Eight   

    The AMT kit is not available anymore at the 'firstline' sellers.
    So instead of paying a premium for one and you are an AMT liker
    how about the '53 Ford pickup?
    It's the same era more or less custom with a big block conversion.
    Good way to get it 'out of your system' waiting for the AMT to be put out again.
    On the other hand you could just get the Revell.
    Revell has chopped top already and authentic Cadillac conversion.
    Think I'll just go lay down and wait for feeling to pass.
  2. regular guy added a post in a topic '49 Mercury Eight   

    AMT kit says it's a 440 but it most likely a 383 or 413 because 440 didn't show up until '65.
    That's like a lot of the old Bucket T kits are Ford Y blocks, an early hot rodders choice.
    Jimmy Flintstone has a ton of '49 Merc 'aftermarket' bodies for the AMT and Revell.
    Apparently that car made a big impression on a lot of people.
    It never did a whole lot for me but I was partial to '47 Cadillac's for that kind of look.
  3. regular guy added a post in a topic '49 Mercury Eight   

    AMT last release is pretty true in spirit with the old style box it had.
    '49 Merc's were used in 'Rebel Without A Cause' and 'American Grafitti'.
    Rebel one was the real deal. It was black and a mild custom if any customizing at all.
    Never have heard whether that was borrowed from a local custom shop or where it came from.
    I'll take a look at the Revell kit.
  4. regular guy added a post in a topic '49 Mercury Eight   

    Go ahead. Speak.
    Chrysler wedge is later than Olds and Cadillac conversions.
    Guess AMT was shooting for an early 60's type customization.
    Lot of guys really loved those Buick nailheads. Still talk about them. Old's Buick, same thing.
    Olds 88 was known for the engine.
    That's WHY Revell has the Cadillac 354 in a parts pack.
  5. regular guy added a topic in General   

    '49 Mercury Eight
    Is there a Revell kit of this out right now?
    Anyhow I know AMT came out with one about 2-3 years ago.
    Here's couple paragraphs chock full of info from Wikpedia.
    'Within its era and beyond, the Mercury Eight was popular with customizers. In 1949, Sam Barris built the first lead sled from a 1949 Mercury Eight; the Eight became the definitive lead sled, much as the Ford V-8 (as the "deuce") was becoming the definitive hot rod. The Eights were among the first models to receive an aftermarket OHV engine swap, since Oldsmobile and Cadillac developed the first high-compression OHV V8 engines in 1949, whereas Ford was still using a sidevalve engine. Sam and George Barris also used the 1949 body style to build "the most famous custom car ever",[12] the Hirohata Merc, for customer Bob Hirohata in 1953. Setting a style and an attitude, it had a "momentous effect" on custom car builders,[13] appeared in several magazines at the time,[14] and reappeared numerous times since, earning an honorable mention on Rod & Custom's "Twenty Best of All Time" list in 1991.[14] The Eight remains a very popular subject for car modellers.'
    Article explains WHY the AMT kit has Cadillac engine conversion.
    'Lead sled' is the term for any lowered car in Southern California.
    I owned a '53 Ford with the stainless band across the roof. It was a show car. Kicking myself for selling it of course.
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  6. regular guy added a post in a topic Amaco Balsa Foam Carvable   

    Have the Woodland Scenics foam from Hobbylinc.
    It does look like closed cel (Walmart foam cooler).
    Okay. Going to get the Amoco or Renshape next.
    First body will be simple slab side with radiused edges or corners.
    Like the Mickey Thompson Challenger 1.
  7. regular guy added a post in a topic 1960 Ford Starliner Pre Order   

    Ford came out with this model so they would have the roofline to give them an edge in Nascar.
    That got pointed out to me a long time ago in Southern California.
  8. regular guy added a post in a topic MPC 1970 Dodge Coronet Super Bee   

    Cool colors on the box.
    That purple was called 'Plum Crazy' and the orange is sort of universal Mopar orange.
    The hockey stick stripes on the back of the orange one look good.
    The car and the stripes had looks that weren't for everyone in '71. "coke bottle" mopars.
    Nice kit.
    Good addition would be a 'Wing' car.
  9. regular guy added a post in a topic MPC 1970 Dodge Coronet Super Bee   

    You're welcome sir.
    How about building a mid 60's 'topless' Mopar funny car?
    https://www.google.com/imgres?imgurl=http%3A%2F%2Fboard.moparts.org%2Fubbthreads%2Fubbthreads.php%2Fubb%2Fdownload%2FNumber%2F87089%2Ffilename%2F6221357-FlyingDutchman1.jpg&imgrefurl=http%3A%2F%2Fboard.moparts.org%2Fubbthreads%2Fubbthreads.php%2Ftopics%2F815989%2Fal-flying-dutchman-vanderwoude-cars-any-leads.html&docid=IpgexztBJNUiyM&tbnid=TyvuxGWoCAzNSM%3A&vet=1&w=640&h=370&bih=610&biw=1366&q=flying dutchman funny car&ved=0ahUKEwi18-2g8pnSAhUO5mMKHXOUARgQMwhCKBswGw&iact=mrc&uact=8#h=370&imgrc=TyvuxGWoCAzNSM:&vet=1&w=640
    Flying Dutchman Funny Car.
    I think they learned not to build them like this.
    Not much different than an Altered T though.
  10. regular guy added a post in a topic MPC 1970 Dodge Coronet Super Bee   

    Here's another interesting Mopar from MPC.
    If you were going to put a B or RB engine in an A body.
    word was to stay away from early Darts and Barracuda's.
    Result was you did not see a whole lot of them in Southern California.
  11. regular guy added a topic in Car Kit News & Reviews   

    MPC 1970 Dodge Coronet Super Bee
    What's the significance of this car?
    It was the 'healthiest' year for muscle cars.
    '71 things started to wither and die.
    Horsepower and options changed for the worst.
    Rulings by national safety board and other stuff doomed the muscle car.
    Super Bee was sister car to Roadbunner.
    440 six pack is very good option.
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  12. regular guy added a post in a topic Amaco Balsa Foam Carvable   

    I have to get over the 'sketching' hump to do some drawings..
    Got a 'leaded line' to draw curves.
    Also need to quit whining and slug it out with Turbocad.
    Need drawings/plans first.
  13. regular guy added a post in a topic Amaco Balsa Foam Carvable   

    Appreciate it.
    Where can we get sample pack?
  14. regular guy added a post in a topic Amaco Balsa Foam Carvable   

    "as opposed to "open cell" floral styrene foam, which sands kinda OK"
    So is Amaco and/or Renshape better?
  15. regular guy added a post in a topic Amaco Balsa Foam Carvable   

    Finally ordered this.
    Going to see if it's 'sandable' first.