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  1. regular guy added a post in a topic Renwal The Visible Automobile Chassis   

    Oldmodelkits.com had one for $800 and it sold.
    Personally if you have one you should hang on to it.
    That would give you membership to a pretty exclusive club.
    There are probably under one hundred people that have one.
    That's like the 'Owned by Elvis Presley' car club.
  2. regular guy added a post in a topic AMT Buick Oldsmobile Pontiac Reissues   

    Thinking about these blank spots I came up with an idea.
    Maybe they could release these 'partial kit's'.
    Like people are saying. Missing a sprue or whatnot.
    Release them as 'White box' kit's. Or 'Builder's Specials'.
    Blank spots are 60-63 B-O-P and mid fifties to muscle car Mopars.
    Sure there are a handful that are made in each of those categories but a lot have gone out of production.
  3. regular guy added a post in a topic AMT Buick Oldsmobile Pontiac Reissues   

    I believe if you have a physical kit you can produce them readily..
    So. All that is necessary are the rights to make which we can figure AMT has.
    Good suggestion about the F-85 and early 442.
    Those were pre-muscle car era. I call them 'Astronaut cars'.
    Special order packages that could really move along.
    You had to be 'in the know' to figure out they even existed at the time.
  4. regular guy added a post in a topic AMT Buick Oldsmobile Pontiac Reissues   

    Thanks for pointing out the '65 Gran Prix.
    It wasn't registering with me because of the way the box looked.
    Plus coming out about the same time as the '70 Bonneville.
    AMT needs to do what they have to and bring back the Toronado's.
    Then they would have a fair number of GM personal luxury cars.
    They are interesting cars. For the crowd that did some research before they headed down to the dealer.
    Anybody could just go down and get an Eldo but these cars were for those who 'though before they bought'.
    Probably bought by engineers and doctors.
    The '65 Gran Prix looks pretty good stock.
    That custom body on it looks better in lighter colors.
    It's probably a Gene Winfield treatment or customization. He was an 'in-house' customizer at AMT.
  5. regular guy added a topic in Car Kit News & Reviews   

    AMT Buick Oldsmobile Pontiac Reissues
    There have been some gaping holes in AMT's reissue strategy.
    Early B-O-P's is one of them.
    Looks like they reissued the Buick Electra 225 kit. Maybe I was seeing things.
    Looking to see them reissue the '65 Buick Rivera and I think it's the '68 or '68.
    Then the Oldsmobile Toronado. I think one version had a clear hood.That's very cool. May have had an unusual intake set up for the 425.
    They came out with the '70 Pontiac Gran Prix and did a great job with that.
    Pickup conversion was really a 'sign of the times'. Saw a lot of El Dorado pickup and station wagon conversions then.
    Color version of the kit was major nostalgia feature. Palmer kits came in colors.
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  6. regular guy added a post in a topic RIP Hugh Hefner   

    The guy lived life his own way and paid the bills.
    Very difficult thing to do.
    When he brought out Playboy in the 50's that was really out there.
    50's were not all fun and games. Very very conformist type living.
    People would leave the small towns to go to the big cities to get away from it.
    I remember dressing EXACTLY like everybody else or you would just not have any friends.
    That was early mid 60's. More or less the same thing.
  7. regular guy added a topic in Tips, Tricks, and Tutorials   

    50's Show Car Paint Colors
    Colors like pale yellow and dark blue will get you by.
    Guess you could say 'custom mix' colors.
    Maroon and shades of purple are good ones.
    If the kit comes with pinstripe decals you are all set.
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  8. regular guy added a post in a topic Testors Metal Flake Enamel Paint Bottles   

    Thank you for the answers.
    What about the enamel paint interacting with acrylic paint?
    Truck bed is painted with Testors acrylic.
    If I paint the unpainted floor of bed with enamel will bad things happen where it touches acrylic?
  9. regular guy added a topic in Model Building Questions and Answers   

    Testors Metal Flake Enamel Paint Bottles
    Will this look okay if it is brushed on?
    Have another question.
    Will Testors Enamel interact with Testors Acrylic?
    Want to paint bed of Lindberg 1930 Model A Pickup 1/32 with Wood color enamel.
    Body is painted with yellow acrylic.
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  10. regular guy added a post in a topic Fiberglass Matte Building Large Scale Model Car Bodies   

    Thank you for looking that all up.
    Mat is too thick for scale models or unnecessary.
    We'll get 2 oz and 5 oz cloth.
    Put a coat of glass on them and see what it's like.
  11. regular guy added a topic in Tips, Tricks, and Tutorials   

    Fiberglass Matte Building Large Scale Model Car Bodies
    Is fiberglass matte used in this?
    I would think fiberglass clothe would be thick enough for models.
    Have not gotten 2 oz and 5 oz cloth is pretty thick.
    I watched somebody build a fiberglass body.
    5 oz cloth was about as thick as levi's material.
    Matte he was using was about an 1/8" thick. Woven matte.
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  12. regular guy added a post in a topic Scale Race Car Bodies   

    Picked up 'How to Build a Fiberglass Car' book from Ebay.
    Original 1953 edition. They sell Floyd Clymer Veloce Publishing reprints for about $20.
    Fits into building final scale fiberglass body.
    You can see the original simple way in the book.
  13. regular guy added a post in a topic 1/8 Scale Race Car Frame Original Design Build   

    Sorted out a few things.
    1 Front subchassis width formula.
    2 Overall length formula
    3 Cockpit dimensions
    4 Decided to build a 'mule'. Solid suspension 'roller'.
    That gives a green light to actually build something.
  14. regular guy added a topic in All the Rest   

    Scale Race Car Bodies
    Big news is settled in with Van Aken clay.
    Protolina soft gray/green.
    They were a little snitty at Chavant clays.
    Van Aken clays are a tad less money than Chavant so that worked out.
    Another big jump ahead.
    'You Can Draw Cars' book from about 1960,
    It's the greatest! Sample drawing are unreal!
    Cars generally look like Eldon Invader. Some a little subtler.
    Will be posting my own scanned drawings ASAP.
    Also picked up booklet only from 60's Lakeside toy illuminated drawing table from about
    the same year. It's sample drawings have that same great look.
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  15. regular guy added a post in a topic 1/8 Scale Race Car Frame Original Design Build   

    Progress report
    1) Came around to 'Single leaf spring, single pair of links' suspension for each axle
    Picture bucket T suspension in a sprint car tubular frame and that's about it.
    Keep in mind this is a small race car. Triumph TR6 size or a tad bigger
    2)This is more of a side note.
    Lindberg Diamond Duster/SC 101 Roadster frame is a Kurtis SS kit car frame. Like the link up above.
    I thought that was pretty darn interesting.
    I would say the SC in that stands for Southern California and the 101 is for Highway 101 along the coast.
    So you have a Southern California Highway 101 Roadster. Yep! That's cool!