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  1. I glue one piece on and run it outside. I have too much too do in evenings to get 'punchy' from fumes. Good thing it's a Lindberg 1/16 Model T huh?:) Not much too it. Take me all year to build a Tamiya this way.:)
  2. Well.Lookee here! https://www.autoworldstore.com/product-p/pol948.htm Polar Lights Mercury Cyclone.Looks like it's a Spoiler II to boot. It's a pro modeler type kit.I would be happy with a leftover AMT or MPC Torino or Cyclone.Big block would be a plus. What I DO LIKE about this kit is '427 or 428'.That is a pretty 'in the know' feature to add. Haven't a clue about this 'Coca Cola' stuff.If it gets the kit on the shelf oh well! Think I get what Round 2 is up to. They are putting out the low volume kits at higher price extra feature version. Bad sign for us 'Cheap Skate Experienced Tread Heads.'
  3. I 'jumped over' the Torino's and homed in on the Mercury Cyclones. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mercury_Cyclone#Third_generation_(1968-1969) This little bit about the '69 special models for stock car racing is right on the money. ' Spoiler II Main article: Mercury Cyclone Spoiler II Mercury produced a version of the Cyclone for NASCAR called the Cyclone Spoiler II. The model was available in two flavors. The street version featured a 351 cu in (5,752 cc) Windsor block, and was used to enter into the NASCAR business. The racing version featured a 429 cu in (7,030 cc) Boss block, which was the same engine as the one in the 1969 Boss Mustang. Cobra Jet Mercury also added a new model to the Cyclone line: the Cobra Jet (CJ).[3] The Cobra Jet's engine was a 428 cu in (7,014 cc) which generated 335 hp (250 kW). The engine had a Ram Air option, a 735 CFM Holley four-barrel carburetor[4] although the option showed no quoted difference in horsepower rating. The Mercury Cyclone CJ had the following enhancements over the Cyclone and Cyclone GT: it had a blacked-out grille; dual exhausts; 3:50:1 axle ratio; engine dress-up kit (chromed parts); hood (bonnet) stripes; and a competition handling package. Very gnarly little mobiles! 428 and 429 very cool engines! Look close at picture.It's a Dan Gurney edition!
  4. Here's the 'kit' angle. Grab one of those 427 Ford's while they are available to help you remember this article. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stock_car_racing#Heyday Wikipedia 'Stock Car Racing'.Read the Early Days and Heyday sections.Read them good. Another 'kit' angle. Hello Round 2.Bring out some Torino's and the Mercury versions and the race versions. Those have been missing from their 'Big Push' bringing out all kinds of stuff lately. Torino and sister cars are historically significant.Read the article.
  5. These two cars were the successors to Ford coupes/roadsters with flathead V8's of the 30's and 40's. A racer in Portland in '52 replaced his Ford roadster with an Olds coupe and trounced the Fords. It was probably the same story all over the US on race tracks and on the street. The Ford needed an engine swap to make a complete package. When the small block Chevy came along that would do it. Then the '55-57 Chevy's and '56-57 Fords came out with decent engines already in the car and they became popular Go Fast's. Then you can trace the popular candidates for turning into a Go Fast up through the 60's until smog and insurance rules put a crimp in things. Then the Fuel Embargo finished things off.No more experimental Pontiac Hemi engines.All gone!
  6. ' Um,move.' Can't.Have responsebilities here. To be fair about it.The vast majority do follow one of the old rules.'Mind your own business.' It be Easter tomorrow I will just be quiet about it for awhile. Happy Easter!
  7. ' "Last tax payer out turn off the lights" ' '96 was right after aerospace went poof! here. Yep.Lot of middle class fled then. Stupid ole' me.'Nope.Can't leave.' Really. I have to stay here.'Wahhh!' Been an eye witness lately to some grasping greedy person taking everything they can get for free. It ain't pretty.Waiting for that person to move along .Should be soon.I hope. They have the new pickup and the old minivan complete with fender and door from junkyard different color of course. They take the poverty mobile to pick up the free stuff of course.Probably wear old clothes to boot. I ain't making this up.Really. Anyhow radio station has been good this afternoon.Have remote handy though!Mute it!
  8. Maybe things are starting to get like this where you are.Maybe not.I hope not. The old rule in California was 'You can do anything you want as long as you don' t bother anybody.' Lots of freedom. The new way is be a BIG NUISANCE. I listen to the college classical music channel on radio. EVENTS.Announcement comes on and you get ready for the ZINGER. 'Oh.We are going to do this on Saturday at noon.' Then they hit you with the ZINGER.It is put on by some strange group or they have an agenda. HEY.Keep your 'messages' to yourself! Get a life! Get a hobby.Get a pet.Do something! Leave people alone!
  9. MY DECSISION Will keep using regular Testors model glue. Used non toxic last night. First thing I did was I was dumb enough to SNIFF IT.TWICE!! Big mistake! Because of this 'What does it smell like?' talk here. Maybe. I was punchy the rest of the night.I might be allergic to it and regular. Also.It worked different.Turned model over after gluing a part on flat surface and it fell off. It would have stuck with regular Testors. I will just keep using regular and NOT GET A WHIFF OF IT at all. Open up all the windows and put model in den after I'm done.
  10. What happened to yellow and orange? Now all they have is red, blue,green, purple and lime gold. EDIT Maybe I am thinking of kandy yellow and orange over a metallic.
  11. Here is link to it. https://www.hobbylinc.com/testors-non-toxic-cement-7:8-oz-carded-plastic-model-cement-3522x Can you use this without it making you loopy like the regular Testors cement? Then.What are the Pro's and Con's of it? Thanks.
  12. ' This link will take you to the official USPS site for free boxes. ' FREE BOXES I will go with that it says 00.00 because they are free. Did my bit. FINALLY had time to call post office this morning. Guy there's brother builds model so he knew how big a kit box is. It got a little murky though about getting a good deal or the best deal. I looked at two pages of the six of boxes and did see a 'Regional Rate'. That might be cheaper than 'Flat Rate Priority'. Did see 'Oshoebox' somebody mentioned.
  13. Thank you. I'll look at calculator and kit boxes are all AMT and 2 Monogram flat nostalgia ones. Did hear to avoid 'Priority Mail' boxes. Just use a brown box.I am Walmart person and they have them in stationary. Will post what I learn.
  14. Shipping kits from California to Illinois. Do 4 kits fit in a 12x12 cardboard box? What do some of the other sizes cost to mail/ship? How many kits at once is best deal? (sweet spot) Thanks.
  15. ' There is more to the road race Piranha than that ' I just want it to be a close approximation of the road race car. Here are some pictures of mid engine road race cars.
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