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  1. Fenderless Ford Roadster Hot Rods

    Pretty sure Revell has one out now. Lindberg '32 Ford kit has been around for awhile.Get one from Ebay. I just finished reading about hot rod history in Leroi Smith/Tex Smith's 'Make Your Own Hotrod'. It says at the local California dry lakes they allowed roadsters and discouraged coupes and sedans. One of the dry lakes is Edwards Air Force base now. Lindberg kir is 1/24. I like it because it is bigger than 1/25. Some parts you snag from 1/25 kits might not look right on it.
  2. AMT Parts Packs Suggestions

    ' beginning in early 1962, the excitement on the part of model car builders (back then, the principal age group was from about age 10 to age 15 or so ' Nothing has changed. I want my parts packs! Gimmy! Gimmy! Gimmy! More like the '57 Fantasy ones. Keep 'em coming AMT! Custom front ends and rear caps.Fender skirts, Tonneau tops and hoods. Full speed ahead! Custom carpet sets and upholstery in leopard, tiger and zebra patterns. Don't forget the Custom Car Show set with little ropes and stands to put around your car and maybe a little mirror to put under it. If I don't see more Parts Packs come out of AMT I'm going to hold my breath until I turn blue!
  3. AMT Parts Packs Suggestions

    ' Tiger shark frame and chrome amt frame. ' Looked at the Tiger Shark and Surf Woody/Rod. Surf woody I found frame and it's plain, no chrome. Tiger Shark I didn't want to unwrap but looks like no chrome frame there. So must of been 1/12 Fiat I was thinking of. Suspension Parts Packs are a good idea. Like the subframss.
  4. AMT Parts Packs Suggestions

    ' when I say a frame is stupidly designed, like the one in the 1/12 Lindberg Fiat, it IS stupidly designed. By somebody with no clue. ' Those people are probably dead.So I myself do not criticise them. I have respect for what they did. In the hot rod game that is one thing you learn is humbility. After you see some off shore racing boats with four engines. You can buy a house in some neighborhoods with what they spend for say part of an an outdrive. Those always somebody bigger and badder than you are around the corner. Back to the parts packs. Some fabric and carpet packs would be nice.
  5. AMT Parts Packs Suggestions

    Could you glue the Hot Rod frame together so we can make a better comparison? No. Don't do that. Just kidding! Looks like an alignment problem with that front tire.Bad cupping on it. I will look at Tiger Rod frame later. I remember it as being chromed. Maybe it's the surf rod frame. Interesting front torsion bar setup on Tiger rod and how they did a lot of work for tranny mount. Like the 'get it done' body supports on side. Thanks for posting pic's.Takes me half and hour to post a pic of anything.
  6. AMT Parts Packs Suggestions

    Yes.It is a question of whether you want to 'Boldly go where no man has gone before' or stay on the farm. Back to the parts packs. 50's and 60's Custom car show ones please. Like the '57 Fantasy latest issue. Plexiglass craze was early 60's. Like the Thunderbird kit with the dual canopies. That's cool!
  7. AMT Parts Packs Suggestions

    Well we're happy with the Tiger Shark and 1/12 Fiat frames. Use them for reference. Fiat is very cool in that it looks totally custom made. Nice knowing you can just fabricate and the car will get down the road.
  8. AMT Parts Packs Suggestions

    What kit is the parts pack chassis from then? I heard it was from a kit.Probably heard that right here actually. Anyhow. The Tiger Rod has a chrome show car chassis. So does the 1/12 Lindberg Fiat Dragster Cabriolet. 1/12 is a pretty handy scale. it is right between 1/8 and 1/16. Good tabletop size Part are big enough to work with. I am locked into 1/8 though right now.
  9. AMT Parts Packs Suggestions

    ' I have no interest in old chrome frames ' Oooh! That's blasphemy! Here's something you might use. I don't know how much suspension is under it though. http://www.hobbylinc.com/amt-2012-corvette-coupe-plastic-model-car-kit-1:25-scale-756 Later model Corvette kits are cheap everywhere. Back to the parts packs. Yep.Suspension one would be a good idea.
  10. Decided on a race car design. It will be the AK Miller Mexico Road Race car. Let's say it will be that 'type' of car.Not much auto design excitement there.Basically 50's indy car or big car look. One body I will work on here is a hot rod roadster body. A bumble bee tail low slung body.Can be used in place of a bucket T body. Sort of a Sports '27 T track roadster function with a different look. The other one is an inverted wedge bucket T body with matching front end. Will spend some time on the light box and post sketches.
  11. AMT Parts Packs Suggestions

    Sounds like you are talking about Pro Street parts. 60's show car frames parts packs exist. The Bill Cushenberry Dream Rod/Tiger Shark has the chrome show frame these parts packs used. Then some other kit had the frame.Maybe the Surf Rod. I can look on the shelf if someone really needs to know.
  12. AMT Parts Packs Suggestions

    Everybody's favorite! History lesson time! Guy in California about a year ago had an unusual engine for sale. A Deusenberg flat 12 cylinder 2 stroke engine from a racecar. You would definitely win the 'Stand Around the Garage Look at it With a Beer on Saturday Afternoon' award for that! The things people attempted that failed I find fascinating. I traveled for about 10 years and saw a lot of 'ideas gone wrong'. Like an abandoned Western theme village in El Paso. Very cool! Okay.Back to Parts Packs. There will not be a test on this.
  13. AMT Parts Packs Suggestions

    AMT could have a little 'Custom Shop' for making resin parts. Sell little 'Pro Modeller Packs' of low production parts. They would have the available plastic parts right there to work from. I think adult modelers could live without the 'Parts Pack' packaging. That way the parts would get out there. They could farm it out. Just have it 'Approved By AMT'.
  14. ' Cool, can’t wait to see' Thanks! ' Is this the one from a Rod & Custom 2-part article about 50 years ago? ' These are new designs.
  15. Progress report. Picked up a light box to help learn how to draw. Will post some sketches. Next up is 4 1/2 lb modeling clay. Like the green gray color. Start sculpting some of the features.Some small concept shapes. Will keep at it!