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  1. Can you show us a decent picture of the seat your starting with? I have done a few factory seats.
  2. Then part in the first photo I posted is from 1998 'Chill Factor' Oldsmobile Pro Stock, the second is from a Johan engine kit off eBay. The Johan one looks like it would be too big. The first one is more accurate to what your looking for with the exception being the coil wire out the front but that would be drilling a hole. I'm making molds so I'll give this little guy a shot, but those plug boots are tiny.
  3. I really don't think you'll find any caster doing one of those with it being so small. The 3D print option would likely get you a nice one but I bet would be pretty fragile. I was just looking at one thinking I should cast one but I don't have anything ready. I went an looked for one to show people what your asking about. I have another version with a coil wire coming out the front too. Google his file name to find the video.
  4. All three pumps are from Revell. The left is the 65 Impala, middle is Foose Cadillac, then the right I believe is a 70 Firebird. Not sure which one I would start with, the 70 firebird is 1/24, so looks best but would be too big.
  5. I looked at the pumps in that kit an was pretty simple. I forget what I started with, maybe AMT 66 Nova, so there are other options out there. They let me upload a movie of my complete BBC engine, check it out. I know about the 3D stuff, looking at it so might get into it here pretty quick. IMG_0157.MOV
  6. I(action-modeler) made one for a big block chevy that has details added. I actually made the whole engine with the same level of detail.
  7. Ok I found the stuff I was looking for as reference to the hardness. Micro-Mark sold a material specifically for tires an they used 40a hardness. Even that stuff needed to be colored black so might be stuck with that. TCR-40 Tire Casting Rubber
  8. I tried the ReoFlex 40 an would say that'd be on the softer side still. I remember some real soft tires in the Revell hot rod 55 chevy that RF40 feels like. You would also have to dye this stuff black an that could cuase problems with mixing an consistency. I have since gone with Task 14 that is already black but is like the hard rubber tires. If I where to go after a softer tire now I would still get the RF40 but add black dye to the container until the tires are a happy black. Trying to mix as you go each tire sucks.
  9. No blockers that I bother with. I do know that I've had malicious popups load with google ads or with what ever eBay uses, nothing here. You want annoying add sites look at local tv news stations or some of those click bait websites. Question, is this forum independent of the website and/or the magazine? Bet you could have your own magazine with content from posts. Might be something to consider, even if a digital pdf version with paid ads if need be.
  10. Yeah he is a member and should have some posts with pictures of his work. Ken Kitchen profile shows August 8 as last visit.
  11. My thoughts would be painting a beige base paint that is allowed to dry. Then with a wetter coat of dark brown on top brush the paint with a fine-tooth comb. Seen videos of this technique for imitating wood grain on full-scale cars. https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=painting+woodgrain
  12. If you wanted '66 I'd have something for you.
  13. Well, I am looking through what I have for the most detailed option.
  14. What else will you want to cast parts of? The initial investment to get decent results can cost a few hundred dollars. So if you only want some rear ends then it might be cost-effective to put in a request to an established caster. That is how I have been deciding what my next parts will be is from forum requests.
  15. BDSchindler, as I mentioned before I don't have a "Coyote" engine ready. I do have the kit with the engine used here but like you see it had a hole through the block. However, I do have a "426" shown that is available on eBay. At the least, you can see the quality comparison in the photo. You can see more of my work at action-modeler.com. Nothing goes out with pimples, voids. or flash an is always in-stock when listed.
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