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  1. SD Rat Roaster

    Hey Greg, I was curious where you sell your parts an how do you deal with smaller parts like mirrors or window frames where labor an shipping exceeds it's value.
  2. SD Rat Roaster

    Hey Greg, I found at least two things that work on the yellow coating. First is 91% rubbing alcohol which softens it up or makes it brittle enough to pick off the yellow with a pin. The second is soaking it in the original Westley's Bleche-Wite, you can find some at estate sales. I made these wheels for my 30 Model A.
  3. What era Halibrand wheels ?

    You can find my stuff at https://action-modeler.com/ Will have these up soon, been focused on my 30 Model A build.
  4. Printed Maskings

    Okay got the chance to google it an found the YouTube video. My wife has a Cricut machine that one day I wanted to give making a mask a try. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wpzrZyPRTzQ
  5. What era Halibrand wheels ?

    Any interest in some E/T Dragmaster I just finished the mold for them. I can also cast them with an aluminum finish. Gonna try an cast the tires eventually.
  6. Printed Maskings

    Yes there is or was someone doing this for flames. I tried it with frisket film but what I had was to rigid. Probably search YouTube becuase I'm pretty sure I seen it being done.
  7. Wiring R&M distributors ?

    One of the old Johan kits, bought them as parts from eBay. Those in the photo are cold cast with aluminum powder which look way better in person. Actually the whole engine is my latest resin engine from action-modeler. Jon I bet you could just slide the boot over those tabs.
  8. Wiring R&M distributors ?

    Well anyone have a photo of the one in question? I just cast an old Johan cap with decent prongs that lets me slide the boot over it. So no drilling necessary. I'm using 32awg wire an the heat shrink from https://tcsdcc.com.
  9. New model @ Michaels ( YEP )

    I seen mine in kennewick, Wa restocked with new stuff. I have plenty of the old stock so I was pretty excited. Got the revell 1/25 Challenger an seen the hemi dart there for next coupon. Looks like they do expect the coupons though with a $30 price.
  10. Model Cars Magazine, The Future Ahead Of Us

    I think what he is saying is that since he won't be focused on his back he can get back to the magazine. In order to get the next issue out he needs to make quick money. Then what issues he sells to stores would be enough to publish the next issue. The one issue a year was before so we don't know the rate of magazines in the future. Think I got 3 out if a two year subscription so it could be a lifetime subscription.
  11. Oh yeah that guy, should be other threads about him if you did a search. I have never bought from him as I'm also a caster. I would just say he is what is wrong with casters who resell. Most of his ebay listings use the original kit plastic parts for the photos. So he must not be able to get a clean cast worthy of a photo. You can still have air pockets in pressure castings so his claim says nothing about quality. What was it you where interested in, I have some stuff an what I don't I can add to my to-do list.
  12. I sell on eBay an recently set up the global shipping program so it was easier to ship out of states. I had a Canadian make a $2.00 purchase an paid $18 for shipping. Only one of the three emails showed their total shipping, nowhere on the site does. So if I didn't bother checking an email I wouldn't have known what was charged. From what I gathered they are charge to ship to in states address then charged again to ship outside. Shipping to Canada is only $10 under 5 or 8 oz parcel. You might look for someone down here that can ship you your items.
  13. 426 Hemi Valve Covers?

    Ok well I can get that updated here pretty soon. I should have two sets cast. This week I have been getting more items packaged an ready to update counts this weekend. If there was anything else that interests you let me know.
  14. 426 Hemi Valve Covers?

    I have them as Mopar hemi covers, https://action-modeler.com/product/mopar-hemi-valve-covers/ Also have the M/T.
  15. 11" Finned Drum Brakes

    I make ones modeled after GM drums. Don't know what these scale up to but you can see there 9/16.