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  1. ScottH454 added a post in a topic Another recaster alert! Page resins this time.   

    Ha yeah that is how I start my parts, from original kit parts. I just finished my first engine complete top to bottom that I've been working on at nights since September. An as for money yes it does get pricey spending $30 on a kit just for a detailed timing chain cover to work with.
    I do wonder about recasting box stock parts an hope to avoid doing so myself. So far only my oil filters are box stock. As long as we don't make a direct part for part kit we only help as the consumer has to buy a full kit to put our parts into.
  2. ScottH454 added a post in a topic Recaster Alert   

    I almost started doing that, then it occurred to me that it could be erased pretty easy. We see in this guys case he doesn't even bother to hide the part numbers. I think the only way is to educate people so they know where to get the original. An as Dannyi wrote there poor quality should take care of them.
  3. ScottH454 added a post in a topic Sanding sticks   

    On this same topic I have been after some sticks, the round ones that come to a point. The ones I found at Hobby Lobby are coated plastic an so the grit comes off pretty quick. So would you guys know if they make a round sanding stick that is made of the grit? That way it could be sharpened or something like that. I'm thinking there might be something like a mechanical eraser with fine grit. Thanks
  4. ScottH454 added a post in a topic WW2 Helmet Air Filter Covers?   

    I have something that should work in the pressure pot as I post. It'll just be the helmet for now, but I have an idea what air cleaner could go with it. I could send you a couple for $3 to cover the shipping.
  5. ScottH454 added a post in a topic best brass finish?   

    I just had a thought, what about adding a yellow to the new molotow chrome pen ink. That might make some shiny brass. I don't have there yellow but do have some of thier colored pens I will try mixing.
  6. ScottH454 added a post in a topic Revell 30 Model A Ford Production Halted?   

    So would anyone be willing to sell one of these extra kits they find? Say $40 plus shipping. I didn't get a kit before an now well ebay just to much right now. I have been getting setup as a resin caster an so I'm interested in what is unique that can be cast. So far I am avoiding box recasting parts so not out to reproduce the whole kit. I can even trade parts cast from the kit for the kit. Can someone even tell me why people are willing to spend $100 on this kit? 
  7. ScottH454 added a post in a topic Recaster Alert   

    Hey everyone, wanted to make a few comments about this. First of all I also noticed the carbs an thought no way another person could have made the same part. I didn't post anything as I figured that's what 3d printing is gonna bring to the market. But that is something that should be a sticky "buying resin parts" that talks about what to expect an apparently how to spot fakes an what a bad caster looks like.
    That being said I am a new caster to the community an just released my first product last week. I have been extra concerned about recast erstwhile since I amoved unknown an wouldn't take much for a bigger guy to redo my stuff. Watching a YouTube video where someone recast a resin seat because he didn't know where it came from. I tried engraving a bigger part then realized it could easily be erased or in the op case just ignored an sold anyway. 
    Wonder if posting photos of the master parts could help document who is legit caster an part owner. 
  8. ScottH454 added a post in a topic Damaged parts   

    That about what I was gonna suggest. However I was gonna mention looking into vacuuming forming one. Glue your broken pieces together an smooth them up an you can form clear sheet plastic to a perfect copy.. 
  9. ScottH454 added a post in a topic Hose with writing on it?   

    I got something you might want to try. The train hobbyist have miniature heat shrink, mine has lettering on it, but the store photo doesn't so might be a gamble.

    I also got more from a different website that lets you buy by the linear foot. It has writing, but very light an might not be enough for you. It shrinks smaller so I plan to use it for spark plug wire boots. No more trying to cut those tiny wire insulation to size, use heatshrink tubing to shrink down to the "plug" wire.
    http://www.micronwings.com/Products/Heat Shrink 0.6mm Black/index.shtml
  10. ScottH454 added a topic in On The Workbench   

    1970 Baldwin Motion Camaro
    Hello, Thought I had enough to start a thread.
    Back story is started this about seven years ago, when my apartment was burglarized they scattered the model over the floor getting to my PC. I gathered the parts an only recently to give it another shot. The only thing I was missing was a back wheel, the whole time not knowing what was ruined a wheel wasn't to bad. I actually bought another kit just for a replacement.
    Ok first issue I had was the kit engine block was not very good, so I found the one engine I was always impressed by (Baldwin Motion Camaro (Skip's Fiesta). After cutting the transmission off I wanted to be able to use it in other kits. Which got me into resin casting an that is what I have here. This engine will be all resin so it can be reproduced.

    When it came to the intake the kit one an any others I could find where to long. Even the other engines on line had this issue. So i started with the kit intake an reworked it to match photos of an original intake.

    With a different engine I wanted to add new more realistic engine mounts. Not to bad, but little rough still.

    This chassis is from the second kit, first one was over painted trying to look right an ended up loosing the detail. Done in red oxide primer with bad attempt at black wash. Was happy to learn about pastels cause they saved my butt.

    Working on adding brake lines. Found a silver stranded wire from a bigger power supply wire that I wrapped around a brake line to be the rock guard. that looks good, but it needs clamps yet.

    Finally a photo of a embossing powder carpet. First tried a white glue, but it dried to fast for me to cover it in one shot. So this was with a wet coat of rattle can black, dumped on the powder then then shook off the rest. I had used semi black an the powder is more dull so I resprayed it with flat black. does look loke bedliner, but carpets not fuzzy. Maybe it can be sprayed semi to help.

    This has been a slow build to here, but aslong as I don't get stuck I"ll keep posting.
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  11. ScottH454 added a post in a topic ODD RESINS   

    I am building a camaro motion kit that I lost a back tire for. I bought a whole other kit for the back tires. So yeah I think their a nice tire. I've since gotten started with resin casting an also planned to make the tires.
  12. ScottH454 added a post in a topic engine stands   

    I know what your talking about, I wondered myself seeing some that where of a common design in pictures. Can't tell but I think they may be getting them from somewhere. Just look through "Show me your engine" threads an you'll see some that are on scratch built stands. Here is a link to a post in a thread that uses the stand I've seen from a few people. http://www.modelcarsmag.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=49297&view=findpost&p=551675
  13. ScottH454 added a topic in General   

    Parts Directory
    Is there such a directory that has a list of the quality/detailed parts an from what kits have them? Building a Baldwin Motion Camaro an looking for a replacement intake. Ended up replacing the rest of the engine, but the intake they had was too long for their block an for the new one I have. Got it filed down but lost the flange for the bolt holes on the ends. So just got to thinking how nice it would be to know what new kit I could buy to find a better detailed intake. Thanks
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  14. ScottH454 added a post in a topic how to cast ur own parts   

    I tried Alumitite to get started an after reading an article that said Smooth On was more fluid I bought some. The difference was huge, Alumilites' resin is like syrup an doesn't capture details well. I just poured Smooth Ons' 305 resin an had the time to work any bubbles out before it setup. I recommend getting Smooth On 305 resin to start with an they have plenty of videos from either company on casting to watch. http://www.smooth-on.com/