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  1. Yeah he is a member and should have some posts with pictures of his work. Ken Kitchen profile shows August 8 as last visit.
  2. My thoughts would be painting a beige base paint that is allowed to dry. Then with a wetter coat of dark brown on top brush the paint with a fine-tooth comb. Seen videos of this technique for imitating wood grain on full-scale cars. https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=painting+woodgrain
  3. If you wanted '66 I'd have something for you.
  4. Well, I am looking through what I have for the most detailed option.
  5. What else will you want to cast parts of? The initial investment to get decent results can cost a few hundred dollars. So if you only want some rear ends then it might be cost-effective to put in a request to an established caster. That is how I have been deciding what my next parts will be is from forum requests.
  6. BDSchindler, as I mentioned before I don't have a "Coyote" engine ready. I do have the kit with the engine used here but like you see it had a hole through the block. However, I do have a "426" shown that is available on eBay. At the least, you can see the quality comparison in the photo. You can see more of my work at action-modeler.com. Nothing goes out with pimples, voids. or flash an is always in-stock when listed.
  7. From my experience when the resin goes bad it won't harden. I also notice fresh molds can have the first few parts soft an uncured. In this case I throw out these parts, not sell them to people. I wish there was a way I could inform those buying resin about quality. This is why I got into casting parts after I was burned. Don't ever buy from a caster with bubble voids or pimples on their product images. Even more so don't deal with casters that use the kit plastic for the product image cause there resin is so bad.
  8. Outlaw Speed Shop Resin was doing a version last year but doesn't seem to be selling parts since then. Picture of his shown. I have been working towards casting a "Coyote" engine myself an so far have bought every year but the one I needed. From my research, the Revell 2013 Mustang Boss 302 with the green car on the box has a nice engine. However, looking at the intakes comparing your picture and Boss 302 they are different. Which style year are you trying to find? If I was to cast a complete engine it could take a couple of weeks.
  9. They also have them in a triangle. There are also parts metal cast that would be more dimensional. Just trying to help, we have to start somewhere. Maybe start with who else could have been doing photo-etch that long ago.
  10. I have some that are just photo etch tops that go onto resin pieces. These aren't gonna be for sale, you can image they where difficult to find once I knew of them.
  11. I think I could put together one for you, how many would you want. I have a box recast of the 90's Revell Top Fuel dragster Kieth Black engine with the molded on transmission. I was making them to make a detailed master in a bare block form so I don't have them listed anywhere. I don't have an oil pan yet but the rest I should have a mold of. What do you mean by fuel injected? I have the 14/71 blower with Carbon Fiber hat, Buzzard Catcher scoop, or Hilborn 4 tube that would still be fuel injected.
  12. Hey Greg, I was curious where you sell your parts an how do you deal with smaller parts like mirrors or window frames where labor an shipping exceeds it's value.
  13. Hey Greg, I found at least two things that work on the yellow coating. First is 91% rubbing alcohol which softens it up or makes it brittle enough to pick off the yellow with a pin. The second is soaking it in the original Westley's Bleche-Wite, you can find some at estate sales. I made these wheels for my 30 Model A.
  14. You can find my stuff at https://action-modeler.com/ Will have these up soon, been focused on my 30 Model A build.
  15. Okay got the chance to google it an found the YouTube video. My wife has a Cricut machine that one day I wanted to give making a mask a try. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wpzrZyPRTzQ
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