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  1. ScottH454 added a post in a topic Clearly Scale   

    Do you have any idea what could take so long? Trying to understand what could take so long. My resin has a 30 to 40 minute demold time, few hours to clean the pour points, an few minutes to bag them. What part of that is taking 10 weeks?
  2. ScottH454 added a post in a topic Is this typical ?   

    Thanks for sharing your photos Jon, helps me see what is being sold as typical.
  3. ScottH454 added a post in a topic Another Modelhaus kit ripped by Pedro   

    I never heard of modelhaus before an never heard of them being the quality standard. Everything I look at online I have found flaws or an ignorant lack of quality. This is why I felt compelled to get into resin casting so people could see what was possible. So far I am not selling box stock parts but imagine at some point I would to build a catalog. These parts being direct copies are merely an offering to make them available without buying a whole kit. So if someone recast these there just bypassing the initial cost of the kit. As for what I am making the detail isn't gonna transfer to we'll an without the skills to make the same quality part in the first place the couldn't compare. All I can say is promote your product so people know who you are an what you have. Continue to release fresh new parts an you will have more to offer than "them". Now on that note I'm off to uses to ship two engine kits.

  4. ScottH454 added a post in a topic Page Resin   

    I have some thoughts an a question on this topic. I am watching a YouTube channel of a guy who openly admits to recasting a resin part an offering it for sale. Then on another channel the guy is recasting parts that are either discontinued or only wanted to buy one. My question is how many of these "originals" where made from scratch an how many started with copyrighted parts from the major model companies?
  5. ScottH454 added a post in a topic Flocking help   

    Unless your building a shagin wagon an are trying to reproduce the fur carpet of the 70'same you'll want to use the powder. Most any automotive carpet I know of is a short cut fiber even in 1:1 doesn't look fuzzy like flocking. Now after saying that I have two big containers of black an just picked up a small set with white at a goodwill for $1. Might at some point try messing with it again, like pressing it down into the glue when applying it so it doesn't stand up as much.
  6. ScottH454 added a post in a topic Help! Paint Flake Under Clear Coat   

    Another method to consider would be to dig out the chip with your razor then fill the hole with clear using a paint brush. How it'd be done for a real car so could work. 
  7. ScottH454 added a post in a topic Revell 30 Model A Ford Production Halted?   

    Here is one on ebay that has to be the highest yet $650, but look free shipping. http://www.ebay.com/itm/322439577569
  8. ScottH454 added a post in a topic Another recaster alert! Page resins this time.   

    Ha yeah that is how I start my parts, from original kit parts. I just finished my first engine complete top to bottom that I've been working on at nights since September. An as for money yes it does get pricey spending $30 on a kit just for a detailed timing chain cover to work with.
    I do wonder about recasting box stock parts an hope to avoid doing so myself. So far only my oil filters are box stock. As long as we don't make a direct part for part kit we only help as the consumer has to buy a full kit to put our parts into.
  9. ScottH454 added a post in a topic Recaster Alert   

    I almost started doing that, then it occurred to me that it could be erased pretty easy. We see in this guys case he doesn't even bother to hide the part numbers. I think the only way is to educate people so they know where to get the original. An as Dannyi wrote there poor quality should take care of them.
  10. ScottH454 added a post in a topic Sanding sticks   

    On this same topic I have been after some sticks, the round ones that come to a point. The ones I found at Hobby Lobby are coated plastic an so the grit comes off pretty quick. So would you guys know if they make a round sanding stick that is made of the grit? That way it could be sharpened or something like that. I'm thinking there might be something like a mechanical eraser with fine grit. Thanks
  11. ScottH454 added a post in a topic WW2 Helmet Air Filter Covers?   

    I have something that should work in the pressure pot as I post. It'll just be the helmet for now, but I have an idea what air cleaner could go with it. I could send you a couple for $3 to cover the shipping.
  12. ScottH454 added a post in a topic best brass finish?   

    I just had a thought, what about adding a yellow to the new molotow chrome pen ink. That might make some shiny brass. I don't have there yellow but do have some of thier colored pens I will try mixing.
  13. ScottH454 added a post in a topic Revell 30 Model A Ford Production Halted?   

    So would anyone be willing to sell one of these extra kits they find? Say $40 plus shipping. I didn't get a kit before an now well ebay just to much right now. I have been getting setup as a resin caster an so I'm interested in what is unique that can be cast. So far I am avoiding box recasting parts so not out to reproduce the whole kit. I can even trade parts cast from the kit for the kit. Can someone even tell me why people are willing to spend $100 on this kit? 
  14. ScottH454 added a post in a topic Recaster Alert   

    Hey everyone, wanted to make a few comments about this. First of all I also noticed the carbs an thought no way another person could have made the same part. I didn't post anything as I figured that's what 3d printing is gonna bring to the market. But that is something that should be a sticky "buying resin parts" that talks about what to expect an apparently how to spot fakes an what a bad caster looks like.
    That being said I am a new caster to the community an just released my first product last week. I have been extra concerned about recast erstwhile since I amoved unknown an wouldn't take much for a bigger guy to redo my stuff. Watching a YouTube video where someone recast a resin seat because he didn't know where it came from. I tried engraving a bigger part then realized it could easily be erased or in the op case just ignored an sold anyway. 
    Wonder if posting photos of the master parts could help document who is legit caster an part owner. 
  15. ScottH454 added a post in a topic Damaged parts   

    That about what I was gonna suggest. However I was gonna mention looking into vacuuming forming one. Glue your broken pieces together an smooth them up an you can form clear sheet plastic to a perfect copy..