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  1. Anyone have this version of a Willys? These are gonna be the flames I want so before I spend $30 on a kit just for decals I'll ask around. Just need a high-res scan since there just a template for a stencil. I'm trying to get flames designed for the Willys body. Thanks
  2. I wish I had something for you but I don't specifically. I can tell your not the first to ask so you'll likely find something if you do a search. Another great place is YouTube where you can see how they're doing it. I am "action-modeler" on Facebook and YouTube an you can search for tips there. Oh an they need to be clean an worth the effort so at the least dechrome them an remove the yellow goo.
  3. Is the set up from Fireball Modelworks close enough? I have the FMR-095-25 setting on one of those kit engines from the AMT '71 PLYMOUTH GTX an the 1/25 intake fits good.
  4. Hobby Lobby in the leather craft section. Sold in set of three 5x7 sheets. It is a very thin leather so it works better for modelers than regular cow leather. https://www.hobbylobby.com/Crafts-Hobbies/Leather-Crafting/Leather-Pieces/Goatskin-Trim/p/80780195
  5. Then it would depend on how you saw plastic, Steve. I for one would rather make the cut once. Trying to refine the windshield side after is cut will be harder. I had to make three cuts to chop that beetle roof with fragile pillars and that that's a IMC kit with open doors. If he holds the center portion as he cuts there won't be any stress.
  6. Got a chance to use my wife's cricut maker for bomber seat pads. Took a few tries to narrow down the cutting template but once there I filled a 5 x 7 sheet of goatskin leather. This destroyed her cutting mat so add that to the cost of doing these seat pads.
  7. Get yourself a straight saw so it will have a good chance of being straight. Plus tape lines can be helpful guidelines.
  8. From what I could see in your latest picture your on the right track for how it's done. You still needed so smooth out the runners an other seems. Drill holes in the runners to slide rod polystyrene up from the bottom to create bolt tabs. I even drill into these to give the open bolt hole. Just find reference photos an mimic as much as you can. I use liquid Tamiya primer brushed over the seams to fill imperfections, never want to prime the whole thing at that point. Once everything looks ready then a light coat of Tamiya primer gives it a uniform an in this case a textured cast finish. I'll share a photo of my BBC intake master, the kit intake I started with is light gray so you should be able to see the white styrene that was added. Then a blower intake master I made for with two resin castings. One of the benefits of being a caster is making parts for the sole purpose of having an extra so you don't mess up your original.
  9. What are you needing advice on? It is a good idea to make resin copies with the amount of work your putting into this part. That in my opinion is why we cast parts. My tip from reading your last post is make sure who you get to cast this part is good at what they do. You can find action-modeler on facebook to see my experience.
  10. No IMC are not separate. They almost where removed on my chopped beetle project.
  11. Run the poll again, you first poll was with two 468 x 60 banners that people where okay with. Since then you have made them bigger are more of them. I have owned a website for over ten years with at least 6 domains, granted I don't have the traffic but definitely does not cost more than $150 a year. Other forums find other ways to generate money, try shirts(printful.com) or a calendar with cars from the under glass forum. I included a screenshot that resulted in this post. I have a 1920x1080 resolution monitor that was full of ad. Just find someone other than the guy running the magazine to do calendars.
  12. So was it like the one pictured? I'd make a mold of a collection of caps so if there where different variants let me know what to look for. Also while we are on the topic if I where to package this cap how would you like to buy them? Would you buy these in a two pack, 2 pack with 6" of plug wire? I make a lot of smaller parts that seem to small to bag an price at $3.
  13. Looks simple enough for a paint mask template. There was someone making them for flames but is hard to find them. If you can get the stripe drawn out on paper or paint program have somebody with a cricut cutter make you a template. I've wanted to try it but didn't find the thin paper.
  14. I have this one with a bracket. I am not using them in my engine kit because the bracket mounts in the middle of the alternator. I think the full scale mount on the front.
  15. Below is a the image of kit he's asking about, made by Model king. Also I posted the photo of what he wants if someone does have it from a different kit. Modlbldr, I'll work on making a cast of the one I have but can't give a time line. Busy stock piling for the swap meet in Oregon on Nov 2. You aren't by any chance going to that one are you?
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