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  1. Rob65 added a post in a topic Plain ole white   

    You could get away with it as long as the trim was painted/foiled and fine details were painted. I much prefer a nice smooth paint job , though.

  2. Rob65 added a post in a topic FAVORITE ENGINES- Post 'em here!   

    421 Pontiac.

  3. Rob65 added a post in a topic Do you build models of cars that you owned...? PART 4   

    Cool idea, I'll have to google some of my cars to see if there were kits made of them. The first four I owned in order were: 1974 Trans Am SD455, 1974 Maverick Grabber, 1973 Gran Torino fast back and 1972 Mustang fast back. It went down hill from there:lol

  4. Rob65 added a topic in General   

    New to the forum.
    Hello, been lurking for a while an finally decided to say hi. I've been building on and off since the mid seventies(46 years young) and have done everything from sci fi(huge Star Wars fan) armor and aircraft(Dad was in the Air Force for 22 years) and of course CARS!.

    Here's a project I'm about to start.

    I'll be modeling this beautiful local car.

    This looks like a great place to hang out!

    See ya' around,

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