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  1. This is the same kit. Those wheel covers just beg to be detail painted. I did my best.
  2. I have two ALPS printers, both with band counts below 10000. They were about $200.00 each. I bought them on a prominent auction site. You have to be patient, because realistically priced units aren't posted very often, but they come along once in awhile. I only use one of them, the other is in reserve in case the first one dies. If you do try to buy one, find out what the band count is before you buy.
  3. It is nicely done. I am curious as to why some of the trim is foiled, and other trim is painted over...
  4. Schleich http://www.schleichtoystore.com/CollectionItems.php?Collection=Farm Life&CollectionItems=Dogs
  5. As long as we're asking questions, why would someone open a clearly titled thread about a car they had no interest in, just to post they have no interest in the subject?
  6. If you add the Opera windows, you'll probably have to change the interior trim level.
  7. A note about Tex Johnston's roll... The airlines were pretty sure that jets flying in the stratosphere were the future, but they were nervous. Watching the 376–80 do a barrel roll convinced many of them that it was a well built plane. But here’s the truth, a barrel roll is not the same as an aileron roll. Rather than the plane rolling through its own axis, its path is more like a corkscrew. This means that basically the aircraft doesn’t experience much more than a -G force along its vertical axis. In other words, it’s not much more stressful than normal flight.
  8. Not all my images would upload, but you get the idea. Pretty much the same as yours. I'll bet yours get one of these built before I do, it's way back on the list of things to do. Thank you for the kind words!
  9. On the passenger side, you'll have to move the rear light up into the dip in the side. Also, the handle on the side cargo doors should be at the same height as the front door handle. I've done this conversion, but put ribbing inside, so I have no choice but to make a cargo van. Really cool that this will be offered for sale..
  10. While I like the Scenicruiser, you would have to make it Greyhound. The GMC could be any of thousands of schemes, which is why I would prefer the GMC release to the Scenicruiser. Like you said, the likelihood of getting either one is nil.
  11. Not a muscle car, but I've always hoped to see a 1/25 scale GMC fishbowl bus. A more iconic vehicle you will never find, and the livery possibilities are endless. I will add a "me too" to the colonnade cars...I'd love to build them.
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