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  1. First of all, I love the color combo on the original truck. This is a cool project. I don't know if you want to go to the effort, but as nice as the body is on that model, it gives you the wrong front inner wheel wells. Here's a '69 C-10 engine compartment (pic). The truck is going to look great regardless, just thought I'd point it out.
  2. That looks cool. I might pick one of those up (when they're available).
  3. Very nice truck! To those who it may interest: If you use the older grilles, the hood should have DODGE letters on it. The older releases have this. This in no way diminishes this build, it is just a detail that may interest some. I really like the truck, by the way!
  4. Very nice model...looks great! To those who might build the Moebius pickup: That trim under the rear window is only there if the top is painted a different color. If painting the truck a single color, you should sand that trim off.
  5. Be aware, the grilles are 3D printed masters, and the holes for the grille will have to be massaged for the grille to fit. When I made the front end, there were no 3D parts available yet , and that ring you see in the grille openings was actually meant to be part of the grille. It will need removed. You are right, the grille shown is for a '72, but a '71 is going to be available at some point. Also be aware the 1972 GTO donor kit has the wrong door panels. They look more like they're for a '70 or something. Also be aware that Kevin sells a corrected rear bumper that's not too wide for the car. Also be aware, I seem to use "be aware" too much.
  6. I need a flat hood from an MPC 1973 or 1974 Charger. I need a hood from an MPC 1974 thru 1977 Camaro. Must be styrene plastc, no holes or modifications. I do not expect these for free. If you can help, cmhjets@outlook.com . Thank you!
  7. I understand the 2 door wheelbase is 103 inches, and the 4 door is 109.9. Has the SMH kit been lengthened to reflect this? Thanks!
  8. I had an '05 Element, too. I had the same experience as you. Got rid of it for a 2019 Rav4.
  9. I saw a thread that shows you've used Archer rivet decals. Do you know if they'll stand up to masking for a multi-colored paint scheme? I'm wondering if, even when painted over, the rivets will stand up to masking for a different color.

    I was going to use them on a master for a resin caster, but i was afraid they would come off when the mold rubber is pulled. Do you have any experience/ advice on this issue?

    Thank you. -Tom



  10. Got the back pretty much squared away, now on to the front.
  11. Has anyone used these? Can they survive masking if you want a multi-color rig? How robust are they when in place and set (dry)?
  12. I'm not sure yet. Rather than be an out of the box build, it is meant to be a starting point. If I went full detail, in resin the thing would cost hundreds. By only supplying front and rear windows, and trying to get as much in one piece as I can, we're hoping to make this as affordable as humanly possible. When I get my copies, I'm going to go full detail. I had hoped to use archer decal rivets, but we don't think they would survive the rubber pull. There are still some details to work out, but the idea is to offer a great starting point for an unusual subject that everyone can (hopefully) afford.
  13. More progress. The basic body is done, time to add detail and clean things up.
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