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  1. Transtar and Challenge mixer! What a year this is going to be? I guess I'll keep my old Transtars for nostalgia and build the new, better ones! I've never had a Challenge mixer, looking forward to it!
  2. Just happened to me, to. I buy direct to avoid the wrinkling
  3. No pics, but I removed the undercut. At this point there's no reason this couldn't be cast. Working for Mr. Hettick at the moment, but I'll get back to this project.
  4. Michigan/Ohio Border? Who do you root for in college football?
  5. Thank you, I appreciate the offer!
  6. Looking forward to seeing it in paint!
  7. A word of caution: If any recessed areas of the wheel cover need to be painted black, you have to exaggerate the depth, and possibly width, of those areas. A wheel cover drawn to scale will have those areas too shallow to paint, and they'll fill with the plating process.
  8. It is hard. That's partly why I cast parts, if I screw it up, I try again. The first pic are parts for the Montego, the other is various other grille masters.
  9. Yes, but I had to assemble the sections. When the holes are that small, I have a real problem with bubbles in the mold forming in the cavities. I don't have a vacuum or pressure pot, so I can only do simple one-piece molds. I did the center eggcrate section for a '73 Chevy pickup grille, but the spaces on that one were larger than the Montego grille. The '73 Camaro grille I was able to do in one piece. All of the grille patterns were created using evergreen/plastruct strips.
  10. Yeah, I decided to live with it so builders might use the Revell Torino windshield.
  11. Hopefully you can own another in 2021.
  12. I started with the Revell Torino. The idea was, if I made a low-line Montego, the builder could use the interior right out of the Torino kit. I scaled the grille and headlights, and arranged the front end to get them to fit.I cut the front wheel wells out of a second Torino and used them for the rear wheel wells. I made the wheel well flares larger. I still need to do the back end, I'm waiting on some strip styrene to be delivered.
  13. I made a master for the grille pattern. I couldn't find stock with the right size rectangles. I also made a '73 grille for the new full-bumper Camaro kit.
  14. I really hadn't intended to cast it, as some parts would be difficult to cast, but if there's that much interest, I could re-engineer certain things to make it castable. The one thing required of the buyer is to narrow the chassis a bit. While I was modifying the body, I went ahead and kinked the bottom of the body in some more. The Revell Torino doesn't roll under enough at the body bottom. (JoHan's does).
  15. Here's the van I'm after...I don't look at board every day, you can reach me at cmhjets@outlook.com
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