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  1. Not to butt in, but that trim was present on the original issues.
  2. How will I be able to determine when these are ready for purchase? Is there a site I can check? I'd hate to miss out.
  3. I think I'll do the same. I can't think of a better way. Thanks!
  4. I'm converting the new AMT full-bumper Camaro to a 1973 car from my youth. It was a 350 2bbl, 4 speed car with added headers. I hope the pictures describe things well. More to come as I get things done. The front area below the front bumper does not fit well, and takes some work to get it installed. In my opinion, the front and rear areas MUST be attached to the body before paint. I'll figure out how to get the chassis in later.
  5. If you're going to do this kind of Nova, be warned: the AMT based version has a chopped top. Try to find the MPC based model. The Venturas, luckily, were MPC. Bad Nova, and everything based on it. Good Nova, and everything based on it.
  6. I used to swear by this clear, now I won't touch it. I assume they changed the formula(?)
  7. Honestly, I've considered trying to do a Grand Ville, but I'm not convinced it would sell well. The Ninety-Eight might not either, but in the beginning I was building it for me. Several people expressed interest, so I decided to have it cast. One very talented individual intends to modify my Ninety Eight into a 4 door version. I'll have to get one of those! A '71 version.
  8. Kris is the man. Really nice guy. I'd like to get up to Detroit before the year is out, and hang out with the gang...of which Kris is a member. By the way, if you see this, Kris, I have a master project in mind you might want to discuss.
  9. There are no pronounced ridges here as on the kit. A relatively easy fix, though. LOVE the full-bumper version!
  10. I need to finish mastering the parts. The rest is up to my caster.
  11. Funny...that's exactly what I intend to base the bumper on. I just stripped the chrome on it.
  12. This model is based on the Juha Airio 1971 Delta 88 Royale kit. Juha has approved this conversion. It is a master for an upcoming resin offering. Please excuse the picture quality.
  13. In need of Chevy van grilles. Do not need to be plated. Can be from any of the many issues of the kit pictured. Do not need the headlight lenses. Thank you!
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