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  1. Has anyone used these? Can they survive masking if you want a multi-color rig? How robust are they when in place and set (dry)?
  2. I'm not sure yet. Rather than be an out of the box build, it is meant to be a starting point. If I went full detail, in resin the thing would cost hundreds. By only supplying front and rear windows, and trying to get as much in one piece as I can, we're hoping to make this as affordable as humanly possible. When I get my copies, I'm going to go full detail. I had hoped to use archer decal rivets, but we don't think they would survive the rubber pull. There are still some details to work out, but the idea is to offer a great starting point for an unusual subject that everyone can (hopefully) afford.
  3. More progress. The basic body is done, time to add detail and clean things up.
  4. At the rate people are responding to this thread, I would say you're right.
  5. Missing Link offers those with the '73 Chevelle. I don't know if they're sold separately.
  6. I might be way off on this (wouldn't be the first time), but as I read this it seems like people are saying "It bothers me when someone else doesn't build the way I like to build." I'm probably taking this all way too seriously.
  7. I've gotten a little further. Soon the roof will be attached. I have a job coming in a few days (3 interiors) I will need to make masters for, so this may get shoved aside for awhile. Thanks for the interest.
  8. Further progress. I lit the pictures this way to highlight the detail, it's hard to photograph white. I have put the curve in the sides as you can see by the door pics. Progress continues...
  9. Well, I planned to drop by, but my son showed up, and my plans changed. I'll have the bus parts at the Motor City NNL 15 this Sunday. I'll be hanging out at the Missing Link table.
  10. This is the one. Yes, a GMC Fishbowl.
  11. Yes COTA donated a bus to a museum in the Cincinnati area. Years ago I went down there and took hundreds of photos. Since I live in Columbus (Ohio), that's the specific setup I'm making.
  12. I've been thinking about it. I'd have to finish the interior. I have it set up for tachographs in place of the main instruments.
  13. There's been a few real Chevy van Open Road campers near me. None of them were window vans, but had custom windows (in non stock sizes) installed in the cargo van body. All of them had no windows in the restroom area. You could always get a Police van and make your own windows. While your at it, you could add the roof ribbing the kit omits, as well as the front door panels the kit doesn't have. Google CHEVY OPEN ROAD VAN and see for yourself.
  14. I'm working with a caster who has a pressure pot large enough for this project. It's 1/25 scale, hope it works out.
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