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  1. Thanks, Eshaver, for the review. Here's the kit modified into a window van. I'm building another as a work van with the sliding door. Since I couldn't access a real van, I relied heavily on the 1/20 Econoline kit. Hats off to Motor City for creating the vacuform windshield, it's fits pretty well!
  2. Thank you, EShaver! Here's the kit built up and converted to a window van. I'm working on another right now that will be a work truck (with the sliding door). As you can see, the grille takes plating very well. I used the 1/20 kit a lot in guiding me on the master, as I didn't have access to a real one. My hat's off to Motor City, as they did the vacuform windshield...I had nothing to do with it, and it fits very well!
  3. Holding out for the Greenbrier van, but that is cool looking!
  4. MPC 1973 Mustang Mach1

    Very nice job. I like the look overall of the MPC body, but why does the hood have vents at the base of the windshield? They shouldn't be there. I think your build is very well done.
  5. 1972 Buick Riviera - Boat-tail

    I really like the effort put into the taillights. They, and the whole car, look really nice.
  6. Kalmar Ottawa Yard Tractor

    Great minds think alike. i just acquired 2 parts manuals for the 1970 Ottawa Commando 30. I'll try it one of these days. In the meantime, I'll keep watching this one come together. It looks good so far, great idea, great thread!
  7. Rockford Files Diorama

    Thank you. I have a large box of figure parts for occasions just like this. I'm in the process of making better figures to replace these.
  8. Rockford Files Diorama

    An episode that stands out to me is when Jim is chased by a Monte Carlo. At the end of the chase, he compliments the driver on how well he kept up with him. Then he shoots the Monte Carlo's front tire and drives off.
  9. Rockford Files Diorama

    No. This is the first posting I've made since the Photobucket debacle. Everything before this is gone forever. I'm not going in there to retrieve any pics, I'm just starting new.
  10. Rockford Files Diorama

    If you've gone to the effort of having the paint mixed, I can't wait to see the effort you put in the model! Unless, of course, it's for a real Firebird(?) Thank you for your kind words.
  11. Rockford Files Diorama

    Thank you! I'm led to believe that the Rockford cars were painted a custom color (and the formula can be found online). I used Pontiac Copper Mist, a 1975 color.
  12. Rockford Files Diorama

  13. Rockford Files Diorama

  14. Rockford Files Diorama

    My previous thread has fallen victim to Photobucket. Here is my progress on the diorama via Flickr.
  15. JoHan 1970 AMC Rebel Restoration

    Not a knock on your model, which is off to a great start, but for those who might be interested, this is how the rear suspension really looks on a Rebel. I don't know why JoHan made the chassis plate the way they did.