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  1. Will give unused can of Model Master 4628L Artesian Turquois Metallic 3 oz spray can for unused can of Model Master 42067 Diamond Green 3 oz. paint. If possible, would like to trade 2 cans for 2 cans. Contact at cmhjets@outlook.com
  2. I've really enjoyed watching your builds. I'll be watching this one progress as well. excellent work, as usual!
  3. I want to thank yellowsportwagon for two reasons: What you've got there is very, very cool. I'm enjoying watching the progress. It has inspired me to get back to work on the GMC Fishbowl master.
  4. I got some of the major components underneath. I'll start detailing when I get a chance.
  5. You can make all the sub-classes you want, but a box-stock model will never be Best of Show*. In my experience (such as is is) larger ultra detailed models usually win. You can't completely level the field. Let's face it, these larger detailed models are very impressive, and have the "wow" factor. The assumption here is the box stock and the large scale were expertly executed. *unless it's a small or very local show perhaps.
  6. I've gotten to the point that I don't enter models in contests anymore. I just look at the models, check out the vendors, hang with friends, and go home. I could say more, but the topis is large detailed models in contests, not the integrity of the contest itself. I suppose the day will come when you can't compete without a 3D printer, and a small machine shop. File and sandpaper guys like me are on the way out. My opinion, anyway.
  7. Here goes: On most oil filters, the threaded side is "down", which would make your oil filter decal upside-down. I told you it was trivial. I still say nice model, though.
  8. Had a nit, but changed my mind about posting it. Nice model!
  9. Half one style of grille, half another...interesting.
  10. Oldmopars is working off my 2D cad drawing to make a 3D file for 3D printing the front grille and headlight areas. Once these parts are printed, I'll build the front end around them. Work is in progress.
  11. Please contact me at cmhjets@outlook.com to stay within the rules. These are the kits I need the decals from:
  12. One of the problems I've seen with 3D printed hubcaps/wheelcovers is that they tend to be TOO accurate. If there is an area that needs to be painted black, for instance, the depth should be exaggerated to make it paintable. On this hubcap, if one had to paint around the bowtie or the radial depressions, it would be difficult to do with everything in scale. If you plated this and THEN had to paint those areas, it might be impossible. The rendering sure looks good, though. I HAVE to learn this skill...
  13. Three references for you...lots of pictures. Good luck on this, very cool. Video is a 4 door, but you get the idea... https://www.classicautomall.com/vehicles/1385/1966-cadillac-coupe-deville https://www.savannahclassiccars.com/vehicles/196/1966-cadillac-coupe-deville
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