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  1. My favorites are cars made from parts of other cars: I do need to work on my photography.
  2. Great thread. My sons have no interest in the hobby.
  3. Is there a flyer or anything on this show? I'd like to know more about it.
  4. Shows what I know about racing, I guess....
  5. Isn't this a '72? I thought the '73 had the energy absorbing front bumper(?)
  6. I'm not a caster, I just may be confused, but I thought rubber was gassed in a vacuum pot, and as you said, resin is pressurized.
  7. I guess it's the people who treat you well you have to focus on.
  8. Thank you. I like your full name as listed under your avatar...ain't it the truth!
  9. I can see the end of the road for us file and sandpaper guys. 3D printing is getting better all the time, and I need to learn to draw in 3D or get left behind.
  10. Thanks! The more parts, the less affordable. That's why I'm doing a '76 Montego, you can use the (Revell) Torino interior. I've also considered doing the performance dash, I've just been overwhelmed with projects. I'm not against doing a '72 Montego GT, but if it requires me to make an interior, the price will go up. I'm basing all the Montegos on the Revell Torino, because it's much easier for the buyer to afford than the arguably superior JoHan kit.
  11. Thanks. I fixed that notch at the lower rear part of the cab.
  12. I would assume it would be a similar kit to this: https://www.ebay.com/itm/1977-1978-Thunderbird-resin-kit-1-25th-Ford-T-Bird/154383045151?hash=item23f1f2521f:g:Ae8AAOSwFSpfC4U0
  13. More likely they want to track your activities to aim advertisements toward you (and your phone). From Rachael, the Paypal moderator: Thanks for posting in relation to this issue.Unfortunately it is not currently possible to use PayPal without a mobile phone number attached to your account. This does not need to be a smartphone, a basic mobile will do. We use mobile verification as a means of confirming your identity when you are accessing your account.Rachael
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