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  1. I see that quite a bit with customs. They are ultra detailed, great paint jobs, and nothing around the windows.
  2. I always make this one, but I have Covid currently. Killing me to miss it, but what can you do?
  3. First off, great job on the kit, looks great! I still think the top of the side window shape is off, BUT: In your pic it looks like a minor reshape would be very easy. Looking at your kit, I don't think it's a deal-breaker either way. I LOVE the fact they gave that big engine air conditioning. I've got a few Olds land yachts that may get that engine. Thanks for sharing!
  4. If I may make a suggestion: One of the frustrations I've had in this area is that the objects are TOO faithfully reproduced. If the wheel cover needs areas painted black, fo instance, I would very much appreciate if those areas had exaggerated depth to aid in painting. I plan to do exactly what you're doing, and I've added this feature to all my drawings. Note the extra depth I've added on this one to allow easier painting: I'm very excited about what you're doing!
  5. I'd definitely look at that one in a showroom, but it doesn't have air conditioning, so let me look at that green one over there. Really, though, nice work on that model...really caught my eye!
  6. My two cents: I only scribe panels that represent something that opens. All the others are filled on real cars and not that deep. I see models where panel lines, say, between the top of the trunk lid and back window, or the front fender caps are scribed as deeply as opening doors. Looks weird to me.
  7. If he builds the Valiant, I'll have the wheel covers:
  8. One of my favorite villians, Hans Gruber.
  9. I redrew it before I saw your reply. Nice to know the lines won't print. My program analyzed the drawing and saw no issues.
  10. I redrew it in the correct scale. Now I don't have to worry about it.
  11. This is my first 3D drawing. Will all the extra surrounding lines affect the use of the model? I'm still learning, But I'd like to use this if I can. I waited to the end to scale it, and if I try to erase the extra lines, It returns to too large.
  12. I find it easy to make a cross section of say, a wheel cover, and use Revolve Boss to make it whole. I can't seem to do anything with the drawing after this, like adding holes and such. Any thoughts?
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