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  1. Same goes for you. It was a pleasure, and obviously we are both happy with the deal. Thanks!
  2. I did one years ago...
  3. 1962 Fury unbuilt in box for Imperial?
  4. The body is OK, but the interior is a generic fantasy. Same for the chassis.
  5. 1969 Impala and 1971 Mustang.
  6. I got two of those on eBay years ago. Both were Buy it now...one was $25.00, the other was $50.00. I found a mint unbuilt 1/32 International cabover at a show for $40.00. Of course these cases are by far the exception.
  7. Be aware that using that grille means the hood should have DODGE on it. (unlike the new issue, which correctly deletes the DODGE lettering.)
  8. I got the top all polished out. I figured since I used the buildings for the reflection in the top, I might as well show what they look like. They have become kind of a catch-all. Because the top is layers of epoxy putty, primer, and paint (over plastic, of course), I'm not going to scribe it for fear of chunks breaking off. I have received another interior to do, so again, I have to stop working on this for a few weeks.
  9. I use Tamiya flat black and do any clean-up work with a cotton swab dampened with Windex.
  10. If I understand your question correctly, the window frames on the side windows are part of the wagon kit.
  11. Great minds think alike. I used the '66 Chevelle wagon as a starting point.
  12. I wonder where they are. The shops I'm aware of all serve R/C guys with models and paints tucked in a corner, or serve railroad guys with no models cars at all. If you want to buy paint, they're OK, but if you do any serious scratch building, they are near useless. Hobbyland was my go-to until the revamp, now they have just the basics. I'm tired of driving all the way out there just to find they don't have what I'm after, anyway. I hate paying shipping costs, but at least online I can get what I wan't. I didn't abandon the local hobby shop...they abandoned me.
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