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  1. Nesco x2, no problems for me as well.
  2. 7 Muscle Cars I Hope Will Be Kitted Soon

    While I like the Scenicruiser, you would have to make it Greyhound. The GMC could be any of thousands of schemes, which is why I would prefer the GMC release to the Scenicruiser. Like you said, the likelihood of getting either one is nil.
  3. 7 Muscle Cars I Hope Will Be Kitted Soon

    Not a muscle car, but I've always hoped to see a 1/25 scale GMC fishbowl bus. A more iconic vehicle you will never find, and the livery possibilities are endless. I will add a "me too" to the colonnade cars...I'd love to build them.
  4. Never mind, someone already pointed this out.
  5. Now that I think about ti, didn't the formal roof Cutlass Supreme have a completely different grille and front end treatment than the Colonnade style JoHan kit?
  6. I think the B pillar needs to slant forward more as well.
  7. I guess what I mean is they are different sizes. The Monte Carlo has a 116" wheelbase and is 213" long, the Cutlass (2 door) has a 112" wheelbase and is 207" long. I don't think that top is a direct swap. If you line it up with the windshield, it will probably extend too far onto the trunk area. Having said that, I will admit I've never tried it!
  8. My problem is the Monte Carlo is scaled so much larger than the Cutlass. It'll take an artist to get that top to look right on the (in 1/25 scale) much smaller Cutlass.
  9. Old AMT Lennie Pond kit part

    This need has been met. I no longer need the part.
  10. Old AMT Lennie Pond kit part

    I need the front bumper from the old AMT Lennie Pond Malibu or equivalent. Can't use the Laguna style, has to be the regular Chevelle style. I butchered mine, I figured out a different approach that will work, I just need a second chance. Thanks in advance.
  11. '65 Chevelles: AMT vs Revell

    This is the kit he used. The top fit well.
  12. '65 Chevelles: AMT vs Revell

    A friend of mine has made a 4 door '66 Bonneville using the 1/24 '64 GTO top. Ended up looking real nice.
  13. FINALLY somebody built one! Thanks for the kind words, I was always frustrated that those nice 1/20 Econolines were not 1/25. Nice Econoline but that building is off the hook!
  14. Pontiac Resin Bonanza!

    Cancel that. I see these are 1/24.
  15. Pontiac Resin Bonanza!

    Not to be too picky, but MPC put the door handles in the wrong place. Too high on the door. Not a deal breaker, though.