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  1. Big '70s Lincolns, Cadillacs, Furies, Ninety Eights, Electras, that sort of thing. Do it promo style to save money. These would be niche offerings.
  2. Sounds interesting. What are you looking for? I'm mostly replica stock, don't have much racing stuff.
  3. What color is it molded in/painted?
  4. First, Yes, these are Robert Burns (except for the Monaco, that was stevswai-0 ) Second, I'd love to see your bodies when you get them. and finally, the 98 interior is all me except for a '76 Caprice interior pan minus the door panels. Thank you for your supportive words.
  5. I've been buying 3D printed bodies when I can afford them. They don't come with interiors (yet), so I'm making my own. First is the 1972 Monaco. The front of the body was much wider than the rear, so I pie cut the body so both ends were the same width. I also added a windshield area from a 1978 Monaco. It may not be entirely accurate, but I like using kit windshields, because it looks like the completed model came that way. Next is the 1976 Olds 98. I added a windshield from a 1973 ElDorado. Due to my botching the upload, The 98 body is pictured last, but the interior for it follows: 1973 Lincoln. Added windshield from 1970 Ford, added the "peak" to the back window. 1970 Fury. Added .045 to bottom of car all the way around to "thicken it up". Added windshield from 1/24 Yodel police car. Added "Plymouth" to hood from casting off 1967 Plymouth Fury. Scratchbuilt turn signal indicators. Next model to get an interior.
  6. Can't wait to see it. I need to build one, too. When I build trucks, they're almost always fleet trucks.
  7. I'm amazed at how well you've handled the foiling. I've used it almost since it came out, and I'm having adhesion and other difficulties as of late. Can you offer any insight or advice? Goes without saying, but I'll say it...Beautiful car!
  8. Hey, at least they're acknowledging the problem and trying to correct it. Good news finally.
  9. Read the thread. Really too bad, I find BMF an indispensable product. Well, at least I know it's not just me. Thanks for the link.
  10. I've been using this stuff almost since it came out, and I can't seem to make the stuff work any more. What happened? Is there a secret to using it I need to learn?
  11. First grille appears on eBay at 9:00 EST. I'm still considering other ways to sell them, but we'll see how it goes. I made the original grille for one of my own projects...hope I can start it soon!
  12. Interesting stuff, vincen47. I'm pretty familiar with the 4070 family, but the specifics you offered are new to me. It's always nice to learn something new. I assumed the grilles were available concurrently. Lesson learned.
  13. I haven't decided. I'll put some on eBay. I am banned from Facebook, so that's out. I don't know if I'm allowed to offer them here. Disclaimer: I'm not a resin caster per se, but these are nice castings from a one-piece mold. I'll post a picture of a casting soon. Also, while I'm happy to sell these to those who want them, I have a full-time job and little modeling time as it is...I don't want to become a slave to the (potential) business. I would listen to any advice pertaining to a possible solution. I get a real kick out of seeing parts I've made appear on built models in forums or contests.
  14. The master is ready. I hope there's at least some kind of market for this. I know I'm going to use a few myself! Feedback appreciated.
  15. I like the kit, and your build as well, but the lack of roof ribs and no interior door panels has always put me off a bit. Luckily, both are easily fixed. I like the white grille/bumper. Nice touch.
  16. He actually took the time to contact me...great guy! I'm fine waiting, I have a few projects ahead of the Coronet anyway. I do appreciate the communication, though!
  17. Just kicking around a few ideas...
  18. I vote for a filter mist coat to tone it down. If it's too stark, it looks too much like digital camouflage. The fact that you're going to the effort to have "accent panels" is very cool. I can already tell all the added detail is going to really pay off.
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