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  1. Too new for me, and wrong scale...and I still think it's cool!
  2. This is pretty much all the pics I have. I hope they can help you..
  3. Is this the one? If it helps, part of my siding is scribed, and part of it is cut from the Open Road camper. Can't wait to see the Ford done! I'll be following!
  4. First of all, thanks everyone for the positive comments. To answer the question, I found a discarded body in a friend's junkyard. I took pictures and measured dimensions, and made the model off of that. The cab choice is what I remember from our trash pickup service when I was a teen. i still remember my friends' family getting a Lincoln that cost over $10.000. I just couldn't grasp such an astronomical figure for a CAR! How times change.
  5. In honor of the upcoming Garwood refuse truck, I give you an old build of mine, a Heil garbage unit. I had heard of the "phantom" Garwood release years ago, and I was convinced it would never happen. I preferred the look of the Heil unit anyway, so I built my own. This build is at least 15 years old, but still survives in my showcase. Everything works...the doors open, the rear area scoops, the ram compacts, etc. The features are useless, of course, but nothing looks like an operating mechanism more than a mechanism that actually operates. I was going to weather the exterior more, but I didn't know how at the time, and just never revisited the project.
  6. I have a Rav4 myself. I'll drive anything if it's trouble-free. I can also get up to 43mpg on the freeway. I also hate the CVT. My Rav4 has an eight speed automatic. it does everything well I ask of it...except look good.
  7. My collection is mostly 1965 thru 1979. I have stacks and stacks of mostly unbuilt resin kits. I am now into collecting some of the 3D printed models (the master being 3D printed...some come as resin copies, others are actually 3D printed). Ebay's Modelerrob has (from time to time) a beautifully done Lincoln Mark V. I don't have enough life left to build the resin kits, much less the plastic models...I didn't buy with the idea of collecting, but that's what I've ended up doing. I'm also a scale bigot... 1/25 only.
  8. They're just an old pair that's been lying around forever. The jaws on them are undamaged. I have had piano wire damage other tools, as you have mentioned. There is clearly some risk to the cutting tool.
  9. I also use the piano wire. I can cut it with dykes, but it's not easy.
  10. ELO was my go-to until one of the bodies I was stripping crumbled away. It worked fine 'til then.
  11. Would you consider '70s Mercury Comets? I have lots of those. I'll check to see if I have a spare Maverick when I get home.
  12. Hey! My Ford Explorer found it's way into the pics. That was a fun show.
  13. https://hum3d.com/3d-models/jaguar-c-type-1951/
  14. That's OK. I already have a '66 Falcon...just wanted to help out.
  15. I've got some old Pinto kits, but they're not Pro Stock, they're just annuals.
  16. This is my favorite: https://www.ebay.com/itm/313446273276?hash=item48fada90fc:g:q9gAAMXQfvlSm6XU Looks really nice. I expect others will verify this choice.
  17. Items have arrived just as ordered. The label on the box verifies the claimed shipping date, so Papyhobby was truthful with me. It took six weeks for the package to navigate the postal system, apparently. Thus ends this saga.
  18. I had a '70 Torino Brougham. A bulletproof car, but not nearly the eye candy of yours. I always thought the dash design was kind of stodgy, but I love the cars as a whole. Having fun watching your progress.
  19. I just received an E-mail from Papyhobby assuring me the items have been shipped and should arrive any day now...cool!
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