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  1. 1968 Ford F 600

    This is the Missing Link cab built up. I mastered this one, and it has a few minor issues. The door handles on the real truck are old pull styles, not the flush pickup type like on this model. The dash is also from the previous generation on this size of truck (source it from Moebius Ford pickups). The dash for the AMT pickup is right for the pickup, but not this truck. I don't know when Kevin will start casting these again, I'm not aware of any damage to the master.
  2. Does this help? https://www.ebay.com/itm/1975-Dodge-Ram-Van/143035607483?hash=item214d9629bb:g:760AAOSwV3hb9Y7I:rk:5:pf:0&vxp=mtr Scroll down, lots of pictures.
  3. 1976/77 Ford Pickup Parts

    He wasn't at the Detroit show where I normally see him either. I'm not aware of any problems, but I believe he is moving his operation to another site. I'm not 100% sure about this, though.
  4. 1976/77 Ford Pickup Parts

    Morgan Automotive detail has the bed. It's not on their site, but E-mail them...it exists, I have four of them.
  5. AMT 1968 Mercury Cougar XR-7 GT, 390 4-speed.

    EVERY model has flaws. In this case, they must be extremely small flaws. I like them both!
  6. Revell 1968 Chevelle

    When I run into combative threads like this one, I usually just pass on participating. Since I'm nobody special, that's no great loss to the forum, but I know guys who could add so much to this forum,,,guys much more knowledgeable than I, and you'll never hear from them. It's really too bad. Civility, gentlemen...civility. I like models as much as the next guy, but if we're going to speak to/about each other like this, it's just not worth it. Reread the thread. Are we treating each other with respect?
  7. 1/25 AMT NYPD Chevy Police Van

    Once you get the roof ribs on, you'll have to make inner door panels for the cab area. The kit has no inner door panels at all.
  8. '73 Camaro (Replica)

    Very nice. It really reflects all the effort you put in to get it right. You must really enjoy the real car!
  9. 1978 Chevy Nova 4dr POLICE

    Is there any difference between the 1977 and 1978 Novas?
  10. I hear you. I'm an oldster too. I have some mobility issues, and sometimes I just don't feel like modeling. An hour at the bench is an hour away from my wife, and that also bothers me. It always takes me months, sometimes years to get things done, so believe me when I say I'm in no hurry. I'm sure it will be worth the wait. Looking forward to the Nova as well. Thanks for getting back with me on this, I wish you and Greg the best! By the way, I usually don't build anything newer than model year 1977, but this is so cool I'm making an exception.
  11. I believe I should be on your list. If not, count me in.
  12. You still have models built long ago?

    I've got a showcase full of builds from 40 to 45 years ago.
  13. 1978 Chevy Nova 4dr POLICE

    I'd like to join the list for one of these (possibly more).
  14. Holmes 750 wrecker plans or instructions

    The computer is running again, but everything on it is gone I'm told. I need this computer mostly for the AutoCad and compatibility with my ALPS printers, so I can draw and print decals when needed.
  15. Texaco station in 1977

    The real station was located a few blocks from where I grew up. It's in 1/25 scale. the walls are gatorboard covered with .060 styrene. It's hard to photograph white in normal room conditions, but here goes...
  16. Texaco station in 1977

    I've done a little work on the station in the form of a few accessories....
  17. Here's a Holmes 500 wrecker I've been working on for my Texaco station project. The white parts are scratchbuilt with Evergreen and Plastruct styrene. The dark parts are from the parts box or spare diecast parts.The Chevy (or will it be a GMC?) cab mockup shows where I'm going with this. Question: What should I use to rig this thing? Certainly not thread! Is there a product out there made for this kind of work?
  18. Holmes 750 wrecker plans or instructions

    I just amassed a large file of info by searching online. I always assume what I need is out there, it's just a matter of how hard i search. Sadly, I've gotten no further on that project since then. Worse, the computer on which I had the file died, and took everything with it. All I can offer you are the pics. Usually a Holmes 500 would be mounted on a medium duty truck, but there are plenty of pics of them installed on a heavy duty pickup chassis, as I intend to do. I look forward to watching your project come together!
  19. It's been 4 years now. Did you ever build your Holmes boom? I'd love to see it!
  20. Holmes 750 wrecker plans or instructions

    I made a Holmes 500 rig. Depending on the age of the Holmes 750 you wish to make, perhaps the pics in this thread could be of some help.
  21. (Ford) Pickup Truck Bed Length?

    Here you go...
  22. (Ford) Pickup Truck Bed Length?

    That is true, but it is available, I have three of them. I bought mine at shows, but I suppose you could contact him directly.
  23. (Ford) Pickup Truck Bed Length?

    It's not a good pic, but here's the Morgan Automotive detail Ford bed, dechromed.
  24. Square Quad Headlights

    Are you looking for a part that's exactly what you need or a part that can be modified into what you need?
  25. 1957 Ohio State Highway Patrol Car.

    Just need to find more striping. Looking good.